The Call of the Spouse

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The Bridal Picture. Old Testament Israel is imagined, as the unfaithful wife of Yahweh who ... Countries will see your magnificence ... Rulers blinded by your grandness. A New ...

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The Call of the Bride Revelation 19:7 Let us cheer and be happy and give him greatness! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his lady of the hour has made herself prepared.

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Introduction : Who are we? Satan is continually endeavoring to take the Bride's character The congregation has an Image issue… both all around Christian companion as of late… "Ron, I cherish the Lord yet I'm not very partial to His congregation." A non-Christian who states, "I think Jesus is chill yet the congregation is the graphs tricky"

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Discovering God's thoughts over His congregation. Deut 7:6 For you are a people sacred to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has picked you out of the considerable number of people groups on the substance of the earth to be his kin, his loved ownership. Bunches of perplexity in our World today To Understand God's arrangement for us To Define for us our obligations and our identity in Christ

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Text: Revelation 19:1-9 After this I heard what seemed like the thunder of an awesome huge number in paradise yelling: "Glory be! Salvation and wonderfulness and power have a place with our God, 2 for genuine and simply are his judgments. He has denounced the considerable whore who debased the earth by her infidelities. He has vindicated on her the blood of his workers ."

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3 And again they yelled: "Glory be! The smoke from her goes up for ever and ever." 4 The twenty-four seniors and the four living animals tumbled down and worshiped God, who was situated on the position of authority. What's more, they cried: "So be it, Hallelujah!" 5 Then a voice originated from the position of royalty, saying: "Acclaim our God, all you his hirelings, you who fear him, both little and incredible!" Revelation 19:3-5

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6 Then I heard what seemed like an awesome huge number, similar to the thunder of surging waters and like noisy chimes of thunder, yelling: "Thank heaven! (4 Th Hallelujah) For our Lord God Almighty rules . 7 Let us celebrate and be happy and give him greatness! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his lady of the hour has made herself prepared. Disclosure 19:6-7

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8 Fine cloth, brilliant and clean, was offered her to wear." ( Fine material stands for the honest demonstrations of the holy people.) 9 Then the holy messenger said to me, "Compose: 'Favored are the individuals who are welcome to the wedding dinner of the Lamb!'" And he included, "These are the genuine expressions of God." Revelation 19:8-9

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The Bridal Picture Old Testament Israel is imagined, as the unfaithful spouse of Yahweh who is bound to be reestablished later on kingdom. In the New Testament, marriage is additionally used to portray the relationship amongst Christ and the congregation , the Church is viewed as a Virgin Bride Waiting the Coming of her Heavenly Bridegroom .

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Key Passages on the Bride of Christ Ephesians 5:23-33 II Cor. 11:2 Isaiah 62:4-5 Hosea 2:1-16 Revelation 19:7-9 Revelation 22:17

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What does this intend to us? Talks about a developing affection and closeness with Jesus our Bride prepare. Talks about the relationship of accommodation/collaboration that we ought to provide for Christ our husband. Addresses the dedication that Christ is calling to His congregation to make toward Him

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I. The Bride picture paralyzes us with His violated Heart! Isaiah 62:2-4 NLT 2 The countries will see your nobility. Lords will be blinded by your radiance. Also, the Lord will give you another name. 3 The Lord will grasp you for all to see—a wonderful crown in the hands of God. 4 Never again will you be known as the God neglected City or the Desolate Land. Your New Name will be the City of God's Delight and the Bride of God , for the Lord takes pleasure in you and will guarantee you as his own.

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"Violated" is the word that is utilized of Isaac's heart toward Rebekah's, in their relationship. Gen. 24:67 Nations will see your magnificence … Kings blinded by your wonderfulness A New Name The Lord will show you as His valuable crown Your New Name … City of God's Delight … Bride of God The King of the Universe has a violated heart for His kin!

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#1. The Legal Agreement and the Payment of the Bride cost. /His own Blood … shed #2. The Coming of the Bridegroom for the Bride to assume her to the position that is set up for their Marriage Consummation and following decision together. (Delight of the Church) #3. The Celebration of the Marriage with a numerous days long, fantastic devour, together called the Marriage Supper. (Disclosure 19:7-9 The Fourth Hallelujah!) The Phases of a Middle Eastern Wedding.

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When I see His kindness: it liquefies my dread . it gives a strong place to stand it gives my heart trust and recovers my potential it makes me as striking as a Lion, and as Strong as a mountain in His Love The Stunning Impact of God's violated heart for us

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II. The Bride Picture, Draws us with His Incredible Rescue! Hosea 2:14-16 "Along these lines I am presently going to charm her; I will lead her into the forsake and talk softly to her. 15 There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor (inconvenience) an entryway of trust. There she will sing as in the times of her childhood, as in the day she came up out of Egypt. 16 "In that day," announces the Lord, "you will call me 'my better half'; you will no longer call me 'my lord.

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The Story of Gomer and Hosea. 2. Go get her back! Hosea 3:1-3 Hosea went to the slave market and discovered her, beaten, manhandled and disrespected. What's more, He got me. Just His cost was a Cross the Full installment of my transgression. The Truth about us, in Living Color.

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I Love Him all the More. I look for those things that make Love Wane. I look for Him with a urgency that is birthed out of Understanding my Own Lack of Strength. I Cherish, His Voice and Rejoice in His Security. My Response: The Call of the Bride…

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Ephesians 5:22-24 Wives, submit to your spouses with regards to the Lord. 23 For the spouse is the leader of the wife as Christ is the leader of the congregation, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the congregation submits to Christ, so likewise spouses ought to submit to their husbands in everything. The Bride's Call in Light of His affection

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A call to willing surrender and participation A call to ensuring the Newly framed Union by regarding our Head A call to esteeming the cost and uniqueness of this union versus 25-28 The Call in light of His affection

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The Bride Picture, Affirms us by His Acceptance and Identity! Disclosure 19:7-8 Let us cheer and be happy and give him grandness! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his lady of the hour has made herself prepared. 8 Fine cloth, brilliant and clean, was offered her to wear." (Fine material stands for the upright demonstrations of the holy people.)

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I know my predetermination and my future. Since I am the Bride of Christ I see now my personality. Since I am the Bride I am making myself prepared Rev. 19:7-9 Since I am the Bride I have One center … My Bridegroom My Shockingly Exalted Future!

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Conclusion: The Call of a Bride's heart A congregation who aches for closeness and discovers it in our love A congregation which needs to satisfy her darling and lives in light of this relationship. A congregation who expects the "Eye to eye" as a Waiting Bride does her dearest. A congregation who is celebrating in her Bridegroom, Telling everybody she thinks about Him! A congregation who lives in the everyday… with great partnership in supplication and fellowship.