The Business Case for Maintainability July 2008

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The Business Case for Sustainability July 2008

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Sustainability on the Rise The business issue of the 21st century 68% of Fortune 250 organizations now freely report their social and natural activities (KPMG review, 2005) 79% of CEOs concurred that supportability is key to the gainfulness of any organization (PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global CEO Survey, 2003) 71% of CEOs said they would give up fleeting gainfulness in return for long haul shareholder esteem while actualizing a maintainability program (PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global CEO Survey, 2003)

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Smart Business Decision " Business can profit by seeking after reasonable advancement in two essential routes – by driving cost efficiencies and by creating top-line development " - World Business Council on Sustainable Development

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Driving Down Costs Cost reserve funds from enhanced operational execution and efficiencies Process streamlining - Potential investment funds equal to 1 - 3% on income from diminished utility, materials and waste cost Improved item quality and lessened blunder rates Expedited allowing and enhanced relations with controllers

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Driving Down Costs stayed away from by minimizing business chances and enhancing security Corporate Responsibility (CR) gives a methods by which organizations can better comprehend and oversee hazard - Establishing a complete CR arrangement and methodology can counterbalance these dangers, spreading over legitimate, monetary, ecological and societal dangers Avoids suit, lawful cases, and mishap costs

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Driving Down Costs Cost investment funds from enhanced enlistment and maintenance of skilled representatives Reducing enrollment and preparing Costs a firm 2-3 times the yearly pay of a supervisor to supplant (expenses of enrollment, procuring, preparing and work interruption) 71% of workers need to work for organizations focused on social and group concerns (Conference Board of Canada, 2000) 70% of utilized Canadians would consider changing occupations if their managers did not work in a dependable way (Scotiabank, 2007) Attracting the best and brightest, particularly among graduates Improved access to new, neighborhood pools of work

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Driving Down Costs Cost funds and pay delivered through enhanced worker confidence and profitability Better prepared staff from the use of higher working environment and work principles Higher long haul profitability levels from a more roused, drew in and propelled workforce - 2% expansion in worker efficiency from enhanced all inclusive joining around basic manageability issues that rise above departmental limits Boosted worker fulfillment and execution prompts to expanded consumer loyalty

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Generating Growth Increased income through learning and advancement Identifies new markets and cost premium open doors - 80% of Canadians concur they would pay more for an item if created in a socially and earth capable way (Globescan's CSR Monitor overview, 2003) New items through the utilization of new advances and enhanced comprehension of shopper needs Stakeholder engagement an impetus for corporate development

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Generating Growth Increased piece of the overall industry from upgraded acknowledgment and notoriety Sustainability (Corporate Responsibility) is an elusive resource that can improve corporate notoriety and separate a brand - Founded on qualities, for example, trust, validity, unwavering quality, quality and consistency 89% of Canadians have more regard for an organization when the CEO talks for CSR (Globescan's 2002 CSR Monitor) - More than 66% ( 68% ) of Canadians take an organization's CSR execution into thought when they make ordinary buys (Scotiabank 2007)

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Generating Growth Increased income from enhanced client dependability Aligning corporate qualities and exercises with partner desires 91% of U.S. purchasers who find out about an association's negative corporate citizenship practices would consider changing to another organization; 85% would pass the data to family and companions; 76% would blacklist that organization's items (Cone Communications, 2007) Globally, Canada is the third most requesting business sector for corporate qualities to reach out past monetary benefit and are the destined to rebuff those organizations they consider to be socially flighty (Globescan's CSR Monitor, 2003)

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Generating Growth Increased development from enhanced access to capital Enhanced credit value and lower cost of capital because of more prominent speculator trust in the organization's capacity to oversee change Small yet developing pattern of utilizing natural, social variables to assess an organization's reasonableness for venture 90% of Canadian shareholders needed store supervisors to consider ecological, social execution when esteeming organizations (Environics, 2003) $503 billion of Canadian money related resources ( 20% of all advantages under administration) were put resources into SRI budgetary items as of June 2006 – an expansion of very nearly ten times in 2 years (SIO, 2008)

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Generating Growth Increased development from enhanced inventory network administration Improved capacity to pull in and fabricate compelling and effective production network connections - Firm is powerless against the weakest connection in its store network Profitable long haul business connections shaped by enhancing benchmarks, and in this manner diminishing dangers

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Generating Growth Increased income and piece of the pie from upgraded capacity to deliberately get ready for the more drawn out term Better envision and comprehend inclines in the public arena to proactively get ready for the more extended term - New directions, elevated societal desires and enhanced logical information First mover advantage by reckoning the effects of social weights

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