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Mindfulness raising and discussion Key components for successful usage Joe O\'Neill,Director of Services, Galway City Council. Galway and the Barcelona Declaration Galway and the Barcelona Declaration Why Galway? Meeting and Awareness Issues and Challenges ahead. Barcelona Declaration Adopted by Galway City Council - thirteenth May 2002 3 fundamental standards: Every individual

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THE BARCELONA DECLARATION PROJECT 2002-2004. Encouraging nearby experts in making a more comprehensive society

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Awareness raising and meeting Key components for powerful execution Joe O'Neill,Director of Services, Galway City Council

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Galway and the Barcelona Declaration Galway and the Barcelona Declaration Why Galway? Counsel and Awareness Issues and Challenges ahead

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Barcelona Declaration Adopted by Galway City Council - thirteenth May 2002 3 basic standards: Every individual has an esteem and a privilege to be treated with poise' This is an equity issue Focus on capacity!

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So why is Galway City Council required in this venture? Embraced by City Council Democratic Wish Demonstrate Leadership among Irish Local Authorities [pilot project], and other Local Agencies and Sectors in Galway Demonstrate that we can have any kind of effect - unmistakable reactions to distinguished neighborhood group needs Make our city a superior and more comprehensive place in which to live

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Included in the Galway City Strategy 2002 – 2012 – case of reconciliation into arrangement Build on existing work done at nearby level

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So what did this mean for Galway City Council in 2003? Pilot Project with Institute of Design and Disability - arranged foundation - Undertook preparing of Directors of Services and other Staff alongside Disability Advocates - Prepared Draft Implementation Plan - Consulted with individuals with an inability in regards to arrange - Modified and revised Draft Plan - Adopted Implementation Plan: Long Term Goals Specific Actions 2003

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Long Term Goals . To guarantee an abnormal state of mindfulness as for the necessities of individuals with a handicap among all staff. . To advance and guarantee support by crippled people/agents in basic leadership. . To guarantee access to data . To elevate widespread access to urban spaces, structures and administrations. . To urge and encourage access to lodging as per individual and financial conditions .To enhance versatility of impaired people all through the city, including traveler transport.

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Long Term Goals [contd.] . To advance co-appointment between specialist co-ops in Galway City by means of the Galway City Development Board. . To advance and genius effectively energize parallel open doors for individuals with a handicap to take an interest in the monetary, social and social existence of the City. . To advance the consideration of the widespread get to standards in people in general arrangement plan handle.

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Specific Actions 2003 To give preparing on inability attention to staff Disability-confirmation outline for Eyre Square redevelopment Communications procedure for city board - braille, sound, circle frameworks Sign dialect preparing Accessible site Accessibility review of open structures Street activity Enforcement of part M of the Building Regulations Pilot life-time versatile lodging plan in Knocknacarra

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Specific Actions 2003 [CONTD.] Housing plan with all inclusive get to standards in Merlin stop Upgrade flag intersections - Audio signals, material pavings, dished kerbs Disability mindfulness meeting Special Olympics Host Town program bolster Link with Access for All gathering Disabled stopping

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The Actions are executed by connecting to the yearly marketable strategies of every Department For instance: - Upgrade flag intersections - Audio signals, material pavings, dished kerbs - Disabled stopping - To give preparing on incapacity attention to staff are altogether fused into the Roads and movement strategy for success:

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Business Plans Housing Roads Environment Parks Culture Human Resources ICT Corporate Serv. Water Services Planning Finance Comm.& Ent. Barcelona Declaration extend group

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Project Team: Housing Architect Forward Planning ICT Corp Services HR Community and Enterprise Environment and Parks Roads and Traffic Internalizing THE PROCESS - AND PERIODIC FEEDBACK TO MEMBERS OF CITY COUNCIL

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