The Art of Fengshui Aligning the Human and

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The Art of Fengshui Aligning the Human and Natural Realms Stephen L. Field, Trinity University

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Introduction The Correlative Worldview… … is the conviction that the world is a framework where everything is identified with everything else. Correlative intuition was the all inclusive perspective until supplanted by the logical technique. It is the premise of figurative dialect and is in this manner hardwired in the human cerebrum. Take superstitions for instance. In old China, the response to the ontological question of what constituted the universe was replied by a confounded correlative cosmology and a few intriguing cosmogonies. A standout amongst the most popular starting point myths was the account of Pangu… .

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Greek Elemental Theory of the Cosmos Chinese Five Element Correlations

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The Chinese Correlative Universe 1. Paradise The Astrophysical Environment (the birthplace of fengshui speculations) 2. Earth The Geophysical Environment (the premise of Form School fengshui ) 3. Man The Metaphysical Environment (the premise of Compass School fengshui )

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Part I. The Astrophysical Environment Note the type of the tomb… … and the assumes that exist inside its dividers.

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A: The roundabout Heaven covers the square Earth 1. KANYU , the first name of the divinatory workmanship now known as FENGSHUI , signifies: "Shelter of Heaven and Chariot of Earth" 2. A Han line divining instrument called the Cosmograph was developed of an arch formed Heaven circle that sat upon a square Earth plate

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B. The Heavenly bodies circle the stationary Earth 1. A Han tradition depressing mid-section with heavenly ornamentation

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2. The Chinese Zodiac

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3. The Northern Ladle, or Big Dipper A perspective of the northern sky The cosmographic see.

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C. The round Heaven tumbles to Earth 1. The Water Lord fights the Fire Lord 2. The Flight of the Dragon

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D. Searching for Heaven on Earth Dragon Veins

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Part II: The Geophysical Environment A. What is Qi ? The Dao started in the Nebulous Void. The Nebulous Void delivered spacetime; Spacetime created the primordial qi . . . . That which was immaculate and splendid spread out to frame Heaven; The overwhelming and turbid hardened to shape Earth. . . . The conjoined forces of Heaven and Earth delivered yin and yang . The supercessive substances of yin and yang brought about the four seasons. * Huainanzi. See John Major, tr., Heaven and Earth in Early Han Thought, The Treatise on the Patterns of Heaven, p. 62

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B. Where is Qi? 1. Astrophysical Qi: The six qi of paradise - chilly, warm, wind, rain, dim and light- - "descend and create the five tastes," however "produce the six sicknesses when they are in overabundance." Zuozhuan, Duke Zhao, first year (540 BCE) 2. Geophysical Qi: "Water is the base for goodness' sake and the wellspring of all life. . . . Water is the blood and breath [ qi ] of the earth , working in comparative mold to the dissemination of blood and breath in the ligaments and veins." The Book of Guanzi (fifth century BCE) " Earth is the assortment of qi - where there is earth there is qi . Qi is the mother of water- - where there is qi there is water." The Book of Burial (third century CE) 3. Physiological Qi: "Man's life is the collecting of qi . The gathering is considered birth, the dispersal is regarded death." The Book of Zhuangzi (fourth century BCE)

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C. What does Qi need to do with fengshui ? 1. Geophysical qi revives physiological qi : "Truly, life is gathered qi . It sets into bone, which alone stays after death. Internment returns qi to the bones, which is the way the living are endowed." The Book of Burial 2. Geophysical qi can be saddled: "The Classic says, qi rides the wind and dissipates, yet is held when experiencing water. The people of old gathered it to keep its scattering, and guided it to guarantee its maintenance. Subsequently it was called fengshui [wind/water]. As indicated by the laws of fengshui, the site that pulls in water is ideal, trailed by the site that gets wind." The Book of Burial

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D. Step by step instructions to find the Dragon Lair 1. Search for the Dragon Veins: "Arteries spring from swamp territory; bones spring from mountain landscape. They twist crookedly from east to west and from south to north. A huge number of feet high is called powers [ shi ]; many feet high is called highlights [ xing ]. Powers progress and complete in elements… . Where the earth comes to fruition, qi streams in like manner; in this manner things are conceived. For qi courses inside the ground, its stream takes after the form of the ground, and its amassing comes about because of the stop of landscape. For entombment, look for the source and ride it to its terminus." The Book of Burial

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2. The Four Heavenly Deities turn into the Four Terrestrial Palaces. "Where strengths stop and components take off high, with a stream in front and a slope behind, here conceals the leader of the dragon." The Book of Burial A. White Tiger, B. Dull Warrior (Turtle), C. Green Dragon, D. Red Bird

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Part III: The Metaphysical Environment 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物。老子 Dao sheng yi, yi sheng er, er sheng san, san sheng wanwu . The Dao conceived the One, One generated the Two, Two sired the third, Three sired the Ten-thousand things. - Laozi Daodejing

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A. The Evolution of Qi

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B. 五行 Wu Xing : the Five Elements 1. "Paradise has the three lights; Earth has the five developments." [ Zuozhuan ] In its first appearance in the philosophical custom, the wuxing were comprehended as common procedures, for example, water sinking, fire rising, wood twisting, metal trim, and soil developing. By the Han line the wuxing had ended up five states or periods of qi , practically equivalent to the three conditions of water: strong, fluid, and gas. 2. Creation and Destruction Orders. These stages were persistently changing into each other as per the accompanying two laws of nature:

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C. 八卦 Ba Gua : the Eight Trigrams The Eight Trigrams are the typical premise of the 易经 Yijing , or Book of Changes , which is made out of 64 "hexagrams," or multiplied trigrams. F or case, the trigram for "earth" over the trigram for "wood" frames hexagram 46, "Pushing Upward" (on the grounds that plants push up through soil). A remarkable normal for Compass School fengshui is its dependence on an uncommon design of the eight trigrams to decide great and terrible fortune. This figure is known as the "Enchantment Square," on the grounds that every line, section, and corner to corner signifies 15.

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Center Earth Courtyard D. The Palace of Nine Halls 2. The Four Eastern Halls are perfect with each other on the grounds that every corridor delivers the other: North lobby Water East lobby Wood Southeast lobby Wood South lobby Fire Water sustains Wood encourages fire 1. The Four Western Halls are good with each other on the grounds that every corridor delivers the other: Southwest lobby Earth West hall Metal Northwest lobby Metal Northeast lobby Earth harbors metal However, Eastern Halls are not perfect with Western Halls on the grounds that each devastates the other: Wood burrows earth Fire dissolves Metal cuts wood Earth dams water

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E. 1948 Natal Guardian Stars 1983 Find your year of birth in the segment of your sexual orientation ( 1951 male ). Take note of your Star and Element ( 4 green wood ). Find your star in the Palace of Nine Halls ( SE of eastern corridors ). These are your fortunate bearings (N, E, SE, S). The rest of the headings are unfortunate for you (SW, W, NW, NE) *If your star is 5 yellow, you are 2 dark if female, and 8 white if male .

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F. The most effective method to cure the unsafe stream of qi . Crush the hurtful component by upgrading the earth with the component that demolishes it in the Mutual Destruction Order. [Example: your Natal Star is Wood, yet you're family room is toward West, which has a place with the component Metal. Metal cuts Wood, so the qi of that bearing is hurtful. To balance the unsafe qi, you ought to improve the parlor with the component Fire (candles, lights, mirrors, precious stones, etc.)] Produce a greater amount of the gainful component to recharge what is crushed by the destructive component. [Example: your Natal Star is Earth, however your library is in the Eastern bit of the house which has a place with the component Wood. Wood saps Earth, so the qi of that bearing is hurtful. To balance the unsafe qi, you can upgrade the library with the component Earth (terrarium, earthenware pots, etc.)]

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