The Army Equal Opportunity Program

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´╗┐The Army Equal Opportunity Program

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OVERVIEW strategy and idea agreed activities conduct qualities effect of individual & institutional segregation distinguishing & countering sexual harrassment

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OVERVIEW Legal results taking part in sexual harrassment program segments Individual obligations of EO and Sexual Harassment significance of genuineness and open interpersonal comunications

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POLICY rise to treatment without respect to race, national birthplace, shading, sex, or religion applies both on/off post applies to working, living and recreational situations no arrangements for age or physical handicap.

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CONCEPT obligation of authority guarantee reasonable treatment of all officers in view of legitimacy, wellness, and ability amplify human potential adds to unit attachment and is a preparation issue

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COMPONENTS order bolster & pioneer duty unmistakably expressed strategy consecutive & dynamic preparing

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COMPONENTS compelling and responsive protest framework visit atmosphere appraisals fair authorization of assents

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IMPLEMENTATION approach direction counteractive action of lewd behavior staffing on-post exercises

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IMPLEMENTATION off-post exercises grievance methodology governmental policy regarding minorities in society arrange rise to circumstance preparing

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RELATED ELEMENTS fanatic associations Army dialect arrangement pleasing religious practices

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EXTREMIST ORGANIZATIONS conflicting with duties of military administration investment is restricted section 4, para 4-12, AR 600-20

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LANGUAGE POLICY operational dialect is English is required while performing military capacities individual discussion not managed part 4, AR 600-20

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RELIGIOUS PRACTICES It is the Army's arrangement to favor demands for convenience of religious practices when they won't adversy affect military status, unit union, measures, wellbeing, security, or teach, or generally meddle with the execution of military obligations. DA Pam 600-75

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT definition sorts of inappropriate behavior practices subject to UCMJ

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DEFINITION A type of sex segregation that includes unwelcome lewd gestures, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal, or physical contact of a sexual nature when: accommodation to lead is made unequivocally or verifiably a term or state of occupation, pay or vocation, OR accommodation or dismissal of direct is made as a reason for profession or work choices, OR lead meddles with an individual's execution or makes a scary, unfriendly or hostile environment.

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QUID PRO QUO "this for that" illustrations: requesting sexual supports in return for an advancement or raise training or terminating a subordinate who rejects lewd gestures dangers of poor assessment for declining a relationship

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HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT hostile, undesirable, and spontaneous remarks and conduct cases: disdainful sex based terms remarks about body parts suggestive pictures, notices, or schedules express jokes of sexual or sexist nature ambush or assault

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UCMJ ACTIONS Article 89 affront toward a prevalent officer Article 91 rebellious lead toward a NCO or WO Article 117 inciting discourse or signals Article 134 gift and unite, revolting attack, or imparting a risk Article 127 coercion Article 133 direct unbecoming an officer Article 93 cold-bloodedness and abuse

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INFORMAL not in composing determined at most minimal level could possibly include leader no tension/not reportable no less imperative than a formal protestation

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FORMAL might be recorded with different offices sworn articulation on DA Form 7279-R subject to courses of events requires a subsequent appraisal grievances documented with the IG are prepared IAW AR 20-1

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RESPONSIBILITIES Commander Individual Equal Opportunity Representative Equal Opportunity Advisor

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