The African American Oral Convention

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Stories and Songs went on verbally, rather than in composed structure ... Stories with an ethical reason; stories that instruct a lesson. Regularly assess manor life ...

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The African American Oral Tradition In Review…

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What is the Oral Tradition? Stories and Songs passed on verbally, rather than in composed shape Slaves passed on stories from era to era—parent to tyke

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Why is there an African American Oral Tradition? Until after the Civil War, it was unlawful to instruct slaves to peruse & compose If slaves could read & compose, experts dreaded they would produce goes to escape to flexibility in the North

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Where was the oral custom most grounded? The southern conditions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Where a large number of slaves toiled on cotton, rice, and tobacco manors Large isolated slave quarters A southern tobacco estate (Library of Congress)

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Types of Oral Traditions… Proverbs Stories with an ethical reason; stories that instruct a lesson Often assess ranch life Example: "Don't say more with your mouth than your back can stand" This precept cautions slaves about whippings that regularly result from slave challenge

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Types of Oral Traditions… Folk Cries, Hollers, and Shouts A route for slaves to convey over short separations Purpose: Calls for help, nourishment, or water Cries of dejection, distress, or bliss Warning different slaves that an ace or manager is drawing nearer

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Types of Oral Traditions… Work Songs Rhythmic backup to slave work like cotton-picking and cornhusking Elements of Work Songs: Plantation feedback Praise Ridicule Gossip Protest

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Types of Oral Traditions… Spirituals Religious, in view of scriptural stories Many detail Moses and the Israelites' trip from Egypt to opportunity Reflect the slaves' every day educational encounters ��  their distresses, inconveniences, exhaustion, dreams, and any desires for flexibility Purpose: Anti-bondage messages Codes for escape Lamenting the state of servitude Expressing any expectation of opportunity

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Listening to African American Spirituals…

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Types of Oral Traditions… Folktales Stories that clarify how current conditions have advanced Generally showing slave youngsters how to survive the mistreatment of subjection Types: Animal cheat stories Tales of Flying Africans Conjure (enchantment) stories Purpose: Sharing good values Set cases of appropriate direct Explain common wonders ENTERTAIN!

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THE topic in African American Oral Tradition Slaves must attest themselves against their oppressors (in particular, white experts) in light of the fact that, despite the fact that white bosses may control the slaves' external world, that power is neither lasting nor unchangeable .

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