The Adventures of Walter the Water Drop

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The Adventures of… Walter the Water Drop Watch as Walter meanders through the Water Cycle... Science SOL 3.8

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One overcast day in early spring, Walter, a cheerful water drop, was swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

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without warning, the mists started to move and Mrs. Sun left covering up.

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Walter started to get warm, and feel exceptionally unusual.

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Oh, NOOO! He was transforming into… WATER VAPOR!

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As Walter rose high into the sky, he was frightened! Yowser!

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Suddenly, it started to get very nippy. Walter started to transform once more into his old self once more. I'm Condensing!

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As the wind pushed him over the sky, he kept running into some old water drop companions, Wanda and Willy, and met some new companions.

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They chose to stick together and see what sort of enterprise they would have.

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Together they held hands and framed a cloud.

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They floated over the United States, the Atlantic Ocean, and Europe.

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More companions joined en route, and they giggled and discussed past experiences they'd had.

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Soon, there were an excessive number of water drops and they started to fall.

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They continued falling and falling...

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… directly into the Tiber River in Rome!

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As they drifted along, they understood they needed to state farewell until further notice, knowing they would one day meet again for another experience.