The Act of Clinical Wellbeing Brain science Robin Perkins, Ph.D. Clinical Analyst and Project Chief Archbold Integrative

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... caseload comprises of patients whose restorative diseases are essentially identified with mental elements. ... Transformation Disorder/Pseudoseizures. Full of feeling Disorders. Identity ...

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´╗┐The Practice of Clinical Health Psychology Robin Perkins, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Program Director Archbold Integrative Medicine Center

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Health Psychology : The total of particular instructive, logical, and proficient commitments of the teach of brain research to the advancement and support of wellbeing, the counteractive action of ailment, and ID of etiologic and symptomatic corresponds of wellbeing, ailment, and related dysfunctions.

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Titles: Behavioral Medicine Medical Psychology Psychosomatic Medicine Health Psychology

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Requirements: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology Prefer Specific graduate preparing and graduate clinical entry level position in Health Psychology State License in Psychology

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Areas of Work: Academic Institutions Medical Centers/Hospitals Research Institutions Private Practice Primary Care Practices

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Top Three Professional Activities: Clinical Practice 65% Research 55% Teaching/Supervision half

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Primary Employment Settings: Educational 55% Service Delivery 42% Industry/Government 9% (Houston, 1988 Health Psychology Survey)

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Primary Care Practices Between half and 70% of a doctor's typical caseload comprises of patients whose medicinal diseases are fundamentally identified with mental components.

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Primary Care Practices Anxiety and wretchedness were among the 6 most regular conditions found in family hone.

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Mental wellbeing patients regularly over-use therapeutic administrations.

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Clinical Focus: Individual Psychotherapy Coping Skills Treatment Compliance Issues Behavior Change Affective Disorders Grieving/Loss Issues

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Group Psychotherapy Support Groups Pain Management Groups Behavior Change Groups Coping Skills, and so on

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Psychological Evaluation Testing Neuropsychological Evaluations Conversion Disorder/Pseudoseizures Affective Disorders Personality Evaluations Transplantation Pain Evaluations

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Psycho-instructive Teaching Stress Management Groups Lifestyle Changes: smoking, eat less carbs, safe sex, and so forth.

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Family Therapy Education

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Specific Areas of Clinical Focus Cardiology Lifestyle Change CABG Surgery Pain Management Anxiety connected with interior cardiovascular defibrillators

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Neurology Traumatic Brain Injury Dementia Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Chronic Terminal Disease

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Pain Management Candidates for Opiates Coping Skills Depression Lifestyle Changes Family System

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Smoking Cessation Lifestyle Changes Lifestyle Maintenance Stress Management Lifestyle Changes Covers Every Diagnostic Category

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Organ Transplantation Coping Skills Treatment Compliance Support Systems Anxiety/Depression Cancer Pain Management Anticipatory Nausea Lifestyle Changes Body Disfigurement Social Support End of Life Issues

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Diabetes Treatment Compliance Developmental Issues Dementia Lifestyle Changes Loss Issues Pulmonary Diseases Treatment Compliance Lifestyle Changes Depression/Anxiety