The Acquisition and Loss of the American Dream

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. What do we consider when we hear the expression

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The Acquisition and Loss of the American Dream

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What do we consider when we hear the expression "the American Dream?" What are some key parts of the American Dream?

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In the Beginning Early concentration was on diligent work and thrift Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac "Ahead of schedule to Bed, and right on time to rise, makes a Man solid, well off, and savvy." "Industry pays obligations."

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Next Step From industry to "work belief system" Abraham Lincoln concentrated on the benefits of buckling down Focus was on " monetary autonomy and open door for social headway through monetary profit" Anyone can get to be distinctly rich on the off chance that they buckle sufficiently down

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Rise of Industry When America experienced its Industrial Revolution after the Civil War, Americans got to be distinctly fixated on the "clothes to newfound wealth" stories. Horatio Alger Wrote stories about individuals ascending from the lower class in the late 1800s Achieve accomplishment through diligent work, assurance, and fearlessness

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Coining the Phrase James Truslow Adams 1931 book Epic of America "The American Dream is that fantasy of a land in which life ought to be better and wealthier and more full for each man, with open door for each as indicated by capacity or accomplishment… It is not a fantasy of engine autos and high wages just, yet a fantasy of social request in which each man and every lady should have the capacity to achieve the fullest stature of which they are naturally able, and be perceived by others for what they are, paying little respect to the random conditions of birth or position." What does this quote say in regards to what Americans craved?

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Change of qualities Consumer-driven society post WW-II Americans lost their hard working attitude in the 1960s Despite the adjustment in hard working attitude, it has expanded the craving for the American Dream What has the Dream ended up now? Not something earned Something we are altogether qualified for We search for the alternate ways to the Dream

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What are a few cases in the previous decade of the easy route to the Dream? American Idol Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire? Powerball and the Lottery

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The Loss of the Dream Great Depression 1929-1933 Lots of obligation, absence of high-development enterprises, and developing inconsistencies between the classes FDR and the New Deal Economy returned 1934 Until the Recession of 1937

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MLK's Dream of Racial Equality "We will win our flexibility in light of the fact that the consecrated legacy of our country and the interminable will of God are encapsulated in our resounding requests. . . at the point when these excluded offspring of God sat down at lunch counters they were as a general rule defending what is best in the American dream and for the most sacrosanct values in our Judeo-Christian legacy, along these lines taking our country back to those awesome wells of majority rule government which were burrowed profound by the establishing fathers in their definition of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence."

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When the open doors for accomplishing the American Dream begin vanishing, what have Americans ordinarily done previously? Changed their occupation Gone back to class

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The American Dream used to be about diligent work and being free. What is our American Dream today? What is your American Dream?

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History of the Dream: Group Work Groups 1 and 4: Thomas Paine's "[From] Crisis No. 1" - Textbook p. 101 Groups 2 and 5: Patrick Henry's "Discourse to the Virginia Convention" – p. 37 of The Holt Reader Groups 3 and 6: Thomas Jefferson's "[From] The Autobiography: The Declaration of Independence" – p. 45 of The Holt Reader

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History of the Dream: Group Work Group Member Assignments Leader – keep bunch on undertaking Time Keeper – ensure work completes in time dispensed and keep SPACE going Secretary – record notes Presenter – display data to class We'll check. At that point, get in your gatherings and play a minute to allot parts.

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Questions for Group Work As you read the determination, finish the SPACE procedure. After each section, have a part react to the readings with S, P, A, C, or E. Finish SPACE in a sorted out manner (how you partition the perusing is your call). What is your creator's impression of the American Dream? What is your creator's comprehension of opportunity? How does this section identify with the present day Dream? Discover three sentences that emerge to your gathering, and record why these are critical.

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