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Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) Catalog Information Systems Vendor (CISV) Presented by Margaret Longest Programs Coordinator

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CMBL – Active Vendor Benefits The CMBL is utilized by state organizations and political subdivisions to create mailing records for merchants to get offers in view of the class or potentially/things for the items as well as administrations that can be given to chose Texas Highway Districts. Enlistment is valuable for producers, providers and sellers for receipt of offer open doors.

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CMBL – Registration/Renewal Annual enlistment/restoration and installment on line. Installment might be submitted on line by a charge or Visa or by financial records charge. On-line enlistment/reestablishment actuates the profile with 15-30 minutes. Application and installment might be sent to the Texas Building and Procurement Commission however will cause a more drawn out preparing time for document initiation.

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CMBL Registration/Renewal – (Cont.) Vendor oversaw framework. Permits sellers to redesign profile data. Redesign special cases – Tax recognizable proof number and business name. Government managed savings numbers may not be utilized in view of the security demonstration. Changes in duty distinguishing proof number or business name must be faxed on organization letter go to the CMBL/CISV fax number 512-236-6163 and marked by a proprietor, accomplice or corporate officer. Merchants who are endorsed as Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) will have a current profile in the framework. On the off chance that a message shows up amid the enlistment, it demonstrates a comparative document in the framework. Contact the CMBL/CISV Help Desk at 512-463-3459 for help and course to deal with the profile to redesign to dynamic status as a CMBL seller .

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CMBL and Information Links http://www.tbpc.state.tx.us/cmbl/index.html Search the CMBL – Search device for dynamic/inert merchants. NIGP Commodity Code Book – administrations. Things with a " * " going before the thing code show a CISV thing and must be recorded on the CISV URL notwithstanding the CMBL profile. See URL necessities. The CMBL profile can reflect things that are CISV and non-CISV. New Vendor CMBL Registration – On-line enlistment.; Modify/Renew CMBL profile – Changes, redesigns as well as reestablishments.; State Agency Address List – Click on the organization name for office data for showcasing. Agreeable Purchasing Member List – Click on the Category to see the Member names. Tap on the name for data for showcasing. ESBD - Electronic State Business Daily – Posting of offers over $25,000 for survey and merchant demand of receipt. CMBL Frequently Asked Questions – Helpful data. Merchant Advocacy Committee (VAC) – Lists individuals from the Vendor Advocacy Committee that speak to the Vendor Community .

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CMBL Texas Government Code Texas Administrative Code Texas Government Code (TGC), Section 2155.267 references the principles and strategies to the Commission with respect to the Master Bidders List. Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 1 Administration, Part 5 – Texas Building and Procurement Commission, Chapter, 113, Procurement Division Subchapter A – Purchasing, Rule 113.4, Centralized Master Bidders List.

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CISV Benefits Requirements for Approval as a CISV seller permits qualified elements (state offices and political subdivisions) to buy mechanized data framework (AIS) items as well as administrations in a productive, savvy, and focused acquisition technique. Requires proceeded with dynamic status on the CMBL. http://www.tbpc.state.tx.us/groups/acquisition/prog/cmbl/faq Requires accommodation and proceeded with consistence of a URL facilitated by the merchant to maintain a strategic distance from expulsion of CISV dynamic status. http://www.tbpc.state.tx.us/groups/acquisition/prog/cisv/cisv.html

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TBPC CISV URL Audits TBPC CISV staff review merchant inventories for consistence to the necessities posted on the site. Seller inventory URL's that don't show will bring about the merchant being expelled from dynamic CISV status and will stay dormant until an agreeable URL has been submitted. URL's that show will be looked into, merchants told if not agreeable and permitted 30 business days to redesign the URL or dynamic CISV status taken to latent. TBPC will tell DIR of CISV merchants expelled from dynamic status because of resistance of the CISV URL. DIR will expel the merchant business name from show on the contract(s) as posted on the DIR site. The merchant won't be expelled from the genuine contract. DIR will be told when the merchant is agreeable and the business will again be referenced on the agreement posted on the DIR site.

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CISV Texas Government Code Texas Administrative Code Texas Government Code (TGC), Section 2157.001 references the guidelines and methodology to the Commission in regards to the Catalog Information System Vendor Program. Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 1 Administration, Part 5 – Texas Building and Procurement Commission, Chapter, 113, Procurement Division Subchapter A – Purchasing, Rule 113.19 Catalog Information System Vendor Program.

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TBPC/DIR Relationship The Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) and the Department of Information Resources (DIR) are two separate state organizations. Both organizations are responsible by Government Code, Texas Administrative Code and inward methodology to take after specific procedures to guarantee the best esteem to the state for items as well as administrations gave. To direct business with DIR and be considered as a member of a built up or future contract opportunity, sellers must be endorsed as a Catalog Information Systems Vendor.

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CMBL/CISV Program Staff Margaret Longest Program Coordinator 512-475-2378 Gloria Lopez Customer Service Support Daniel Martinez Customer Service Support CMBL/CISV Help Desk 512-463-3459 e.cmbl@tbpc.state.tx.us cisv@tbpc.state.tx.us