Test: Securing Routing Protocols

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´╗┐Challenge: Securing Routing Protocols Adrian Perrig perrig@cmu.edu

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Why Secure Routing? Conveyed steering conventions accept a trusted situation! Indeed, even misconfigurations can seriously disturb steering conventions Secure directing properties Reduce misconfiguration affect Robust against traded off hubs (Byzantine disappointments) Only honest to goodness hubs take an interest in sending Prevent aggressors from infusing sham courses

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Secure Routing Illustration C J G An A D S E I B H F

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Secure Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols SEAD: Secure Efficient Ad hoc Distance vector directing convention [WMCSA 2002] Ariadne: secure on-request directing convention [Mobicom 2002] New steering assaults Wormhole assault [Infocom 2003] Rushing assault Joint work with Yih-Chun Hu and David Johnson

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Secure Sensor Network Routing Challenges Energy requirements welcome DoS assaults Memory and transfer speed imperatives forestall utilizing advanced directing conventions Compromised hubs may infuse pernicious messages or drop information movement Current approach: consolidate probabilistic directing with multi-way directing

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Secure Internet Routing Challenges Legacy frameworks Untrusted spaces, convoluted trust connections Even misconfigurations can altogether irritate Internet steering Current venture: utilize productive cryptographic systems to confirm BGP directing redesigns

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Research Directions Today we specify assaults and ensure against them To begin securing BGP, RPsec IETF working gathering is building up a rundown of BGP vulnerabilities We have to set up measurements Allows examination of conventions Study security properties versus execution Measure viability of DoS assaults E.g., in sensor systems: assailant vitality/organize vitality