Telling the Birth Story

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Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW . Essential Prevention.

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Recounting the Birth Story The part of a mother's care group in the distinguishing proof and improvement of high hazard considers baby blues ladies Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Primary Prevention "… Prevention is the immense test of postnatal ailment since this is one of only a handful couple of regions of psychiatry in which essential aversion is plausible… " Hamilton & Harberger (1992) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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The Obstetric Network It is fundamental to incorporate a psychiatric measurement into this system to break the endless loop of temperament issue that ladies encounter amid pregnancy and parenthood -Harris, Bryan (2002) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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The viability of baby blues bolster amasses A psychoeducation assemble for ladies with low baby blues inclination can altogether lessen depressive side effects Honey, J.L, Bennett, P, Morgan M. (2002) A program of strong gathering treatment for baby blues moms can essentially lower or take out depressive scenes Lane, B., Roufeil, M.M., Williams, S., Tweedie, R..(2001) Post partum moms going to a gathering coordinating steady instructive and psychological behavioral segments yielded critical decreases in side effect recurrence and force following 4 – a month and a half. Chabrol, H., Teissedre, F., Saint Jean, M., Teisseyre, N., Sistac, C, Michaud, C., Roge, B.(2002) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Undetected depressive sickness in spite of antenatal screening endeavors Premorbid undiscovered disposition issue Inaccurate self-report Fear of association of youngster assurance organizations Ability to veil side effects particularly if profoundly utilitarian Motherhood myth Severe life occasions Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Post Partum Continuum Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Who goes to a mother's care group - hazard variables Post Partum Continuum Difficult origination/amniotomy Caesarian/birth injury Multiple birth moms Isolated, absence of support/multifaceted weights Marital issues/money related troubles/closeness Breastfeeding issues Difficult kid/holding issues Unexpressed sentiments/outrage/feeling of deficiency/anguish Sense of self/expert mothers/parenthood myth Nutritional concerns Histories of mishandle Self or guardian recognized despondency Substance Abuse Psychiatric History Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Additional issues Adoptive parent Gay parent Single parent Premature infants Multiple youthful kids Unwanted pregnancy Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Difficult origination Unsuccessful endeavors to consider are joined by huge mental pain Little, B.B.; Yonkers, K.A.(2001) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Caesarian moms used to remain in the clinic up to ten days Recovery from significant surgery Support of nursing staff Longer time of demonstrating Not readied/lingering outrage If mother stayed in healing facility longer, partitions from infant more improbable amid this imperative maternal delicate period Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Birth Trauma Protracted sudden conveyance encounters amid work Severe pregnancy intricacies may expand the seriousness of postnatal depressive side effects by going about as intense or ceaseless stressors . - Veroux, H., Sutter, A., Glatigny, E., Minisini A. (2002) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Premature or sick infants May not be accessible to mother amid maternal delicate period Ill/untimely children more at hazard for maternal dismissal, inability to flourish and battering. Grieving the glorified youngster Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Multiple births Associated high hazard calculate for PPD Trauma identified with troublesome origination Raised probability of low birth weight/medical issues Heightened depletion for care Difficulty bosom encouraging Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Isolation Woman's view of self as not upheld Family lives far away/multifaceted issues Cut off from companions, no longer has shared characteristics with companions Difficulties with mate Afraid of judgments Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Marital issues "… Many patients report that conjugal anxiety is an essential part of their ailment. By and by, in the standard patient arranged and kid situated administrations of treatment the spouse (accomplice) gets meager consideration… " Hamilton & Harbinger, (1992 ) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Support for accomplices Ongoing requests to run the house, tend to the new infant the mother and other kids Jealousy "… Marital issues which seem to have radiated from PPD regularly hold on long after side effects are decreased… " -Hickman, (1982) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Family bolster "… I know I could have and ought to have accomplished more. We as a family did not have any desire to acknowledge dysfunctional behavior in our lives. In view of this disgrace, Sharon stifled her sentiments after Garrett's introduction to the world. Had we ever envisioned child murder or suicide may come about, something would have been done… " Glenn Comitz, spouse of a lady detained for child murder (Comitz, 1988, Beyond the Blues) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Financial Difficulties The cost of labor and aftercare officially high, yet psychiatric intercessions might be avoided because of cost Find reasonable exercises trips for families Financial weights tumble to working accomplice Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Restoration of Intimacy "Sex and warmth were missing amid that time. Not today evening time, not tomorrow night, not one week from now, not ever!" A baby blues spouse whines In Post Partum Psychiatric Illness (R. Hickman, 1992) Persistent distress Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Breastfeeding Difficulties Sense of disappointment Caesarian moms more at hazard Convenience and blame Psychotropic pharmaceuticals Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Motherhood – the desire Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Difficult Child/Bonding Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Technology and Attachment Theory Literature Ultrasounds Mother's ability to shape connections Baby's ability to react Early partitions Sensitive/basic period Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Unexpressed Feelings Anger – in conjunction with or independent of discouraged state of mind Graham, J.E., Lobel, M. DeLuca, R.S. Dissatisfaction Helplessness Fear Guilt Grief Anxiety Embarrassment Exhaustion Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Lack of sentiments "… Mothers should love their children! I don't have any sentiments toward mine. I simply feel numb. What's the matter with me?..." bolster aggregate member (Harberger P.N, Berchtold, N.G. & Honikman, J.I.(1992) Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Sense of self/expert mothers versus remain at home Motherhood Myth Sandwich era Multi-entrusting Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Nutritional Concerns – Eating Disorders Baby health Return to pre-pregnancy weight Nutritional counsels for the mother The part of eating routine/practice in easing mellow side effects of PPD Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Eating Disorders Negative Body Image Patient's posterity might be genuinely at hazard May appear to be ordinary; frequently ignored Binging and cleansing not as apparent, could be viewed as "pregnancy yearnings" or morning infection Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Histories of manhandle Shame Fear Breaking the cycle Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Self or parental figure recognized despondency/tension Can't "wake up" Constant feelings of dread about infant/self Unrealistic attributions Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Case Stories Linda more seasoned mother with past fruitful vocation, trouble considering, first youngster, diverse issues Paula mother of twins, money related challenges, conjugal issues, mishandle history, poor association with mother Laura troublesome origination and birth antenatal gloom, little birth weight, holding issues Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Goals of a mother/infant bolster gather Information clearing house Professional criticism/pretending Non judgmental emotionally supportive network Observational and clinical survey of maternal/tyke relationship Relaxation Dispel parenthood myth of the maternal intuition Strengthen conjugal bolster Mobilize extra emotionally supportive networks Reduce ecological anxiety Rearrange needs Encourage organizing/socialization Amelioration of indications Identify requirements for extra treatment Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Engaging the moms Referrals from doctor's workplaces or in doctor's facility after birth: Inviting another mother Visiting in rooms before release Emphasizing the socialization part of the gathering Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Group Format Convenient Facility, stopping Ease of get to, timing Confidentiality guaranteed Sliding scale to build access to assist however might be charged to insurance agency Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Postpartum Group Psychotherapy Format Group meets for one hour week by week Facilitated by authorized proficient social specialist with preparing in antenatal mind-set issue If required, members might be alluded for individual guiding or prescription administration Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Community Referrals The significance of setting up antenatal organization together Encourage participation ASAP Extension of your region Obstetrical Team Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Mother-child assemble Marketed as socialization gathering Women more prone to go to if no disgrace Opportunity to eye-ball new moms May offer interdisciplinary cooperation Meets week by week for one hour Day care might be given Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW

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Excerpts from "Her Eyes are Wild" -William Wordsworth 1798 "… Sweet darling, they say that I am distraught But nay, my heart is dreadfully happy And I am cheerful when I sing Full numerous a miserable and doleful thing… A fire was once inside my cerebrum And in my mind, a dull, dull torment And naughty confronts, one, two, three Hung at my bosom and pulled at me Suck little angel, goodness suck again It cools my blood, it cools my mind Th