TeleMorph and TeleTuras: Data transmission decided Portable MultiModal Presentation

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MUltimodal multilingual data Services for little versatile Terminals ... A Mobile Intelligent MultiModal Presentation Architecture called TeleMorph will ...

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´╗┐IntelliMedia TeleMorph & TeleTuras: Bandwidth decided Mobile MultiModal Presentation Student: Anthony J. Solon Supervisors: Prof. Paul Mc Kevitt Kevin Curran School of Computing and Intelligent Systems Faculty of Engineering University of Ulster, Magee

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Aims of Research To build up a design, TeleMorph, that powerfully transforms between yield modalities relying upon accessible system transfer speed: Mobile gadget's yield presentation (unimodal/multimodal) contingent upon accessible system data transfer capacity organize dormancy and bit mistake rate cell phone show, accessible yield capacities, memory, CPU client methodology inclinations, cost brought about client's subjective load controlled by Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) Utilize Causal Probabilistic Networks (CPNs) for examining union of imperatives giving ideal multimodal yield presentation Implement TeleTuras, a vacationer data manage for city of Derry

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Objectives of Research Receive and translate questions from client Map inquiries to multimodal semantic representation Match multimodal representation to information base to recover answer Map answers to multimodal semantic representation Monitor client inclination or customer side decision varieties Query transmission capacity status Detect customer gadget requirements and restrictions Combine influence of all limitations forced on framework utilizing CPNs Generate ideal multimodal presentation in view of data transfer capacity requirement information

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Wireless Telecommunications Generations of Mobile systems: 1G - Analog voice benefit without any information administrations 2G - C ircuit-based, advanced systems, equipped for information transmission speeds averaging around 9.6K bps 2.5G (GPRS) - T echnology moves up to 2G, boosting information transmission velocities to around 56K bps. Permits bundle based "dependably on" availability 3G (UMTS) - advanced mixed media, distinctive foundation required, information transmission speeds from 144K-384K-2M bps 4G - IP based portable/remote systems, Wireless Personal Area Networks (PANs), 'anyplace and at whatever time' universal administrations. Accelerates to 100Mbps Network-versatile sight and sound models: Transcoding intermediaries End-to-end approach Combination approach Mobile/Nomadic figuring Active systems

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Please select a stopping place from the Map Mobile Intelligent MultiMedia Systems SmartKom (Wahlster, 2003) Mobile, Public, Home/office Saarbr ├╝ cken, Germany Combines discourse, signal and outward appearances on info & yield Integrated trek arranging, Internet get to, correspondence applications, individual sorting out VoiceLog (BBN, 2002) BBN advances in Cambridge, Massachusettes V iews/graphs of military vehicles and direct association with bolster Damage distinguished & requesting of parts utilizing charts MUST (Almeida et al., 2002) MUltimodal multilingual data Services for little portable Terminals EURESCOM, Heidelberg, Germany Future multimodal and multilingual administrations on versatile systems

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Intelligent MultiMedia Presentation Flexibly produce different presentations to meet individual necessities of: 1) clients, 2) circumstances, 3) spaces Intelligent MultiMedia Presentation can be separated into taking after procedures: assurance of open plan content determination organizing and requesting allotment to specific media acknowledgment in particular media coordination crosswise over media format outline Key research issues: Semantic Representation Fusion, incorporation & coordination

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Semantic representation - speaks to importance of media data Frame-based representations: - CHAMELEON - REA XML-based representations: - M3L (SmartKom) - MXML (MUST) - SMIL - MPEG-7 Fusion, joining & coordination of modalities Integrating diverse media in a predictable and reasonable way Multimedia coordination prompts to powerful incorporated numerous media in yield Synchronizing modalities Time edge between modalities E.g. Input - " What building is this? " , Output - " This is the Millenium gathering " Not synchronized => reaction can be disagreement SMIL methodology synchronization and timing components

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Intelligent MultiMedia Presentation Systems Automatically produce facilitated insightful sight and sound presentations User-decided presentation: COMET (Feiner & McKeown, 1991) COordinated Multimedia Explanation Testbed Generates directions for m aintenance and repair of military radio beneficiary transmitters Coordinates content and 3D illustrations of mechanical gadgets WIP (Wahlster et al., 1992) I ntelligent mixed media writing framework presents guidelines for amassing/utilizing/keeping up/repairing gadgets (e.g. coffee machines, garden cutters, modems) IMPROVISE (Zhou & Feiner, 1998) G raphics era framework useful/parameterised design era approaches Uses an extensible formalism to speak to a visual vocabulary for representation era

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Intelligent MultiMedia Interfaces & Agents Intelligent interactive media interfaces P arse incorporated information and create composed yield XTRA Interface to a specialist framework giving tax document help Generates & translates common dialect message and guiding signals consequently; depends on pre-put away illustrations Displays pertinent tax document and characteristic dialect input/yield sheets Intelligent sight and sound operators Embodied Conversational Agents (e.g. MS Agent, REA) Natural human face-confront correspondence - discourse, outward appearances, hand motions & body position MS Agent Set of programmable administrations for intuitive presentation Speech, motion, sound & content yield; discourse & haptic info

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Project Proposal Research and actualize versatile savvy sight and sound presentation engineering called TeleMorph Dynamically creates mixed media presentation dictated by transfer speed accessible; additionally different requirements: Network idleness, bit mistake rate Mobile gadget show, accessible yield capacities, memory, CPU client methodology inclinations, cost acquired Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) Causal Probabilistic Networks (CPNs) for breaking down union of limitations giving ideal multimodal yield presentation

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Implement TeleTuras, a vacationer data manage for city of Derry giving testbed to TeleMorph joining: course arranging, maps, talked presentations, representation of purposes of intrigue & activitys Output modalities utilized & viability of correspondence TeleTuras cases: "Where is the Millenium gathering?" "How would I get to the GuildHall?" "What structures are of enthusiasm for this territory?" "Is there a Chinese eatery around there?"

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Architecture of TeleMorph

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Data stream of TeleMorph High level : Media Analysis :

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Comparison of Mobile Intelligent MultiMedia Systems

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Comparison of Intelligent MultiMedia Systems

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Software Analysis Client yield: SMIL media player (InterObject) Java Speech API Markup Language (JSML) Autonomous specialist (MSAgent) Client input: Java Speech API Grammar Format (JSGF) J2ME illustrations APIs J2ME organizing Client gadget status: SysInfo MIDlet - (sort/memory/screen/conventions/input capacities/CPU speed) TeleMorph server devices: SMIL & MPEG-7 HUGIN (CPNs) JATLite/OAA

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Project Schedule

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Conclusion A Mobile Intelligent MultiModal Presentation Architecture called TeleMorph will be produced Dynamically transforming between yield modalities relying upon accessible system transmission capacity in conjunction with other important imperatives CPNs for dissecting union of requirements giving ideal multimodal yield presentation TeleTuras will be utilized as testbed for TeleMorph Corpora of inquiries to test TeleTuras (imminent clients/sightseers)