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Extend Invoicing utilizing ] extend open [ Version: 0.7 Date: May 12 th , 2009 Author: Frank Bergmann frank.bergmann@project-open.com

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Benefits Free and open-source, SaaS accessible Reduce authoritative overhead Don't free invoiceable hours any longer Separate amongst billable and non-billable time Integrated with timesheet administration, spending administration, excursion administration and venture following

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Features Elegant solicitations Invoice layouts adjustable by the client Management of client information, client contact and numerous charging addresses per client Project charging from exceptionally easy to extremely complex Ad-hoc invoicing – compose your receipt in 20 seconds Billing time and material undertakings Billing complex tasks – guarantee, rebates and non-billable time Billing wizard for charging logged hours Price records per client or default worldwide value list. Costs per "material" or administration sort Multi money. Programmed money redesigns accessible (extra) Powerful monetary reporting, including information distribution center (extra module) Configurable charging modes Material per assignment or per logged hour Force charging on sub-ventures

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Configuration & Parameters Log on super-ventures? Receipt sans preparation? Logging hours with spending control? Financial plan control exchanged on? Material per undertaking or material every hour?

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Overview We will control you through ]po[ invoicing in light of 4 genuine cases: "My First Invoice" – Invoicing a straightforward altered value contract "Fractioned Invoicing" – Writing all the more then one receipt for each venture "Guarantee and Presales" – Dealing with non-billable "Time and Material" – Invoicing timesheet hours

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My First Invoice The Case: You are a representative of "Tigerpond Inc.". Tigerpond offers counseling and IT administrations. We have quite recently gotten a request from "Enormous Customer" for 3 days of preparing administrations. Activities: Create a venture so you can log hours and different expenses Choose "Make Invoice from Scratch" to make a receipt physically

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Overview There are diverse sorts of undertakings: Fixed Price Time & Material Mixed Recurring (Service Contracts, … )

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Simple Fixed Price Invoicing Create a Project Write an Invoice Mark the receipt as paid

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Time & Material based Invoicing Create a Project Define various assignments Estimated, Billable and Logged Hours Material to depict the kind of administration Log a few hours on the venture Use the "New Customer Invoice from Timesheet Tasks" wizard to make a receipt

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Understanding Materials "Material" is a kind of administration Material is the connection into the client's value list Billable versus non-billable materials

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Understanding Timesheet Tasks depict an action of at least one people Task Characteristics Estimated, Billable and Logged Hours Material to portray the sort of administration Billable/Non-Billable time is per Task and not per logged hours. Every venture may have an errand for unbillable time.

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Understanding the Price List The value list maps materials to costs There is a default value list characterized in the "Inside" organization Specific value records can be characterized per client UoM is for the most part "hour" here. Alternate UoMs are utilized for basic invoicing and might be utilized as a part of future augmentations of the framework.

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Tracking the Project Progress Number of logged hours per assignment versus Assignment advance (not the same!) Compare errand advance with time logged for early signs of the venture being late

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Invoicing Monthly Activities UoM: Month Modeling: One anticipate with different sub-extends This way, the financials will collect Define this venture as a "SLA" to empower use for the helpdesk module

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Project Quoting utilizing ]po[ Create a timetable by means of GanttProject or OpenProj Define the materials in ]po[ Use the Wizard to make a quote

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Summary The Problem Project invoicing as often as possible speaks to an essential test Not every single billable hour are caught or invoiced High workload for senior administration to oversee invoicing Why? Extend administration is a nonstop arrangement handle Project scope changes amid the venture execution Negotiation results may reported casually or not archived at all Bug versus Include: It can be extremely testing to choose whether an administration is billable (element/augmentation) or non billable (bug/guarantee) The Solution ] po [ permits to catch casual transaction comes about ] po [ permits to model complex ventures and contracts ] po [ gives coordinated timesheet administration ] po [ adaptable invoicing wizards permit to make solicitations in view of caught data

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] extend open [ Billing Benefits Increases the quantity of billable hours Reduces the managerial overhead Reduces the senior administration's the ideal opportunity for invoicing Shortens the time from venture to money Provides exact benefit & misfortune per venture and client by joining with venture controlling Integration with travel costs administration permits to recognize billable and non-billable travel costs.

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] extend open [ is Open-Source Software Cost productive Flexible and versatile Low in advance hazard No merchant secure

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Functional Description

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Sample Scenario Costs Revenues Provider and client consent to an underlying venture arrange with various stages and deliverables After completing the primary venture stage, supplier charges client for part of the work. Be that as it may: The venture group has as of now began undertakings of the following stage Not all deliverable of the first stage have been done Additional deliverables have been added to both the first and second stage. A 2 nd receipt depends on an adjusted venture arrange. It needs to incorporate the hours that have been conveyed before issuing the 1 st receipt. 1 Project Plan Initial Quote Sales first stage second Phase Support External Provider Bills Travel Expenses 2 1 st Partial Invoice Billable Hours Project Plan Sales Change Request first stage second Phase Support 3 2 nd Invoice External Provider Bills Travel Expenses Billable Hours

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Sample Scenario Schema The Customer Invoice Change Request Specs Quote Order eMail The Project Sales/Planning Execution Milestone second Phase Sign-Off Support Purchase Order Travel Expen. Receipt Timesheet Logging by Employees External Providers

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Supported Contract Types Overview "Perfect" Contract Types Fixed value Customer and supplier close an altered value extend. Altered cost with fractional/numerous invoicing The settled value extend comprises of a few autonomously invoiced stages. Time and material Provider charges client for time and outside expenses, in addition to a characterized edge. Intermittent Recurring solicitations for bolster contracts and so forth. "Many Small Projects" Invoicing of autonomous helpdesk tickets or little however rehashing tasks, for example, interpretation. "Certifiable" Contract Types Fixed cost + guarantee Provider needs to give extra support of settle blunders or errors Fixed cost + change asks for An altered value contract shapes the base of the venture, however extra components are included amid the venture amid "change demands" or while redressing insufficiencies. Upkeep contract + additional time Customer and supplier have concurred on a month to month support charge, however additional administrations surpass the secured measure of administrations and must be charged moreover

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Additional Use-Cases Employees may rectify hours previously. How to receipt these hours?

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"Altered Price" Without Project Schedule ] po [ can make receipt archives "physically": Go to the your venture's money related page and tap on "New Customer Invoice from Scratch" You get a vacant receipt shape where you can enter your venture points of interest A format renders your receipt prepared to be sent to the client 1 2 3

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Fixed Price with Project Schedule 1 The PM makes a venture plan utilizing GanttProject The PM can include the data "assessed" and "billable" hours for every undertaking. The PM begins the wizard "New Customer Invoice from Timesheet Tasks" The Invoicing Wizard permits to choose "arranged" or "billable" units to make the… … receipt 2 3 5 4

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"Time and Material" Contracts "New Customer Invoice from Timesheet Tasks" gives you a chance to make a receipt in light of a venture plan From the calendar you can choose singular 1 2

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Mixed "Settled Prices" with "Time and Material" It is best practice for "Time and Material" contracts to determine extend errands as indicated by the charging kind of various assignments. Here is an illustration: Sales and Presales: Not billable Implementation and preparing: Fully billable Travel Time: Billable half of the time, with a most extreme of 8hours/excursion Warranty Support: Clear item lacks are not billable Paid Support: Product upgrades are completely billable

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"Time and Material" Contracts "New Customer Invoice from Timesheet Tasks" gives you a chance to make a receipt in light of a venture plan From the calendar you can choose singular 1 2

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"Time and Material" Contracts This charging mode permits you to Planned Units Billable Units All Reported Units Reported Units in Interval All Unbilled Units 1 2

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Tools Overview The ] extend open [ arrangement comprises of various building pieces to catch extend charging data in addition to various instruments to handle the caught data: Capturing Financial Information Project Plan/Schedule: Defines the venture stages and their undertakings and deliverables. Costs are characterized by means of "Administration Types" (i.e. "Senior Developer Hour", … ) per errand. Timesheet Logging: Allows workers to log hours on activities and assignments Travel Expenses: This module catches travel costs, in