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an interpretative bushwalking trail through the Adelaide Hills. ... Belair Railway Station to Eagle on the Hill. Falcon on the Hill to Summertown. Summertown to ...

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Building Connections: Bones – blocks – stones and bitumen Tanya Lehmann PhD Student Flinders University South Australia Tanya.Lehmann@flinders.edu.au

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Setting the scene Extension of the Yurrebilla Trail attainability report Cultural tourism center What was the fate of the examination Reflection three years after the fact

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Cultural Tourism Like "culture" hard to characterize People spots and ancient rarities Includes fairs, exhibition halls, displays, eateries, theaters, gardens, and art shops High and prevalent Niche yet a vital segment of the tourism business

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Interpretation Found at eco/social attractions A type of correspondence Used to illuminate, energize, make intrigue, alter conduct Stand alone, associated with a protest or part of a trail Information versus elucidation

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Yurrebilla Trail – situated on the customary terrains of the Kaurna individuals 12 km from Adelaide Belair National Park to Black Hill Conservation Park an interpretative bushwalking trail through the Adelaide Hills. a Class 3 (Australian Standard) National Trail, advertised and figured out how to worldwide standard. Parts AS4 because of slope Trail is around 54 km long (3 day walk) part of the Trail SA organize

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Connects straightforwardly with the Heysen Trail Divided into five areas Belair Railway Station to Eagle on the Hill Eagle on the Hill to Summertown to Norton Summit Norton Summit to Morialta to River Torrens

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With social tourism and elucidation at the top of the priority list the Yurrebilla Trail Feasibility Report was 'assaulted'. Approach: Feasibility report "tried" Walked the trail Built on existing thoughts and grew all the more Heavy concentrate on stock of what offices at present exist Incorporating the trail into neighborhood, state and government tourism arranges Historic research AND maybe shockingly, to get individuals off the trail

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Alice in Wonderland Corridor decisions… .

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The Yurrebilla Trail is a checked trail with its own understanding BUT There are likewise numerous attractions and offices off the trail which can build the allure of the Yurrebilla Trail Cultural Corridors are not a totally new idea Choose your own particular experience…

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The Yurrebilla Trail (YT) joins numerous tourism openings in the Adelaide Hills including wineries, bistros, eateries, exhibitions , lodgings and B&Bs. These connections are alluded to as 'social hallways'. Augmenting the Legend

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Positive angles Making the vast majority of what as of now exists, framework, for example, Crafers Park n' Ride, open toilets, open library Builds on what is as of now being advanced Fits with promoting plans, nearby, state and government Financial advantages, monetary effect, mimic speculation Integrated not enclave Increase in neighborhood pride Authentic experience

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A couple concerns Lack of control Quality Opening times Closing times Recommendations Carrying limit Integrated with the group Closure Transport 'Traveler town' feel

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Culture Corridor – Mt Lofty Summit illustration Diversity in European settlement: Copper, Gold and Real People. Social Clusters inside the Cultural Corridor Mt Lofty Crafers Stirling Aldgate and past, Bridgewater and Hahndorf

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Mt Lofty Summit Cleland Wildlife Park, transport stop, Flinders Column, bistro/eatery, open toilets, data focus, gifts, auto stop, TV aerials, Mt Lofty Golf Course, apparitions? also, memorable structures, St Michaels.

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Crafers Park n' ride Historic Hotel Café Historic Church Post Office Deli Petrol Station Physiotherapist Accommodation Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

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Stirling Banks Shopping focuses Library/web Doctor/healing center Chemist Public transport Accommodation Mt Lofty and Districts Historical Society accumulation and strolls Council 'Boutique shops' book shops/exhibitions Police station Linear Park

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Aldgate Note the name The Hut, people group data/web Supermarket Historic Pub Stangate House Café/eateries Chemist Doctors 'Gourmet nourishments' Bakery/butchers Hardware shop Florist

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Belair and Hahndorf Hans Heysen The Cedars Colebrook

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Cultural Corridors guide individuals to spots of enthusiasm, without expelling the revelation perspective urges individuals to wait longer highlights offices and attractions widens the advance of the trail by esteem including 80 page interpretive guide being created with data about administrations near the trail bundles created with visit administrators and convenience suppliers

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Title of the session ought to have ended up apparent Building associations – between the YT and the halls In the passages "trailers" will discover Bones – the living and past culture of the place – individuals Bricks – fabricated legacy – temples and houses Boulders – the common habitat – local vegetation Bitumen – streets – interfacing the trail to the passageways

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Points to finish up… It is now and again fitting to leave an assigned track Multiple hallways Multiple offer