Taking On the planet and Building a Feeling of Group

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.The film celebration gives individuals something in like manner, a typical experience. ... Cites from 2008 Peterborough Film Festival

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Taking in the World & Building a Sense of Community Education through Documentary Film Festivals

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A couple numbers…

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The Disenchanted Forest Orphans orangutans reintroduction extend Borneo rainforest

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Street Nurse Cathy Crowe works with the destitute in Toronto

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Stolen Spirits of Haida Gwaii Haida repatriate the remaining parts of predecessors from a US gallery & make another function for this event

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Continuous Journey The historical backdrop of bigotry inside Canada's migration law

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A Tribe of His Own: The Journalism of P. Sainath Ist beneficiary of Amnesty Human Rights Journalist of the Year (2000) "Journalism is for individuals, not shareholders."

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Shock Waves Journalists at Radio Okapi continually hazard their lives to reprove the extraordinary misuse of force in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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¡Salud! Cuba & the Quest for Health Cuban people group based therapeutic instruction & its commitment to impeded nations

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The Power of Community How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Cuba lost half of its oil from previous USSR and created group based natural horticulture

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Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, Mining Small town in Peru wins against a Canadian mining organization & ensures its farming

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An Evergreen Island Courage, inventiveness, survival, and trust. Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. They shut a substantial copper mine and survived 9 years of war by reexamining a practical culture.

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Favela Rising From medications & viciousness to AfroReggae music-Favelas are likewise places of trust & inventiveness

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Tocar Y Luchar (To Play and To Fight) 250,000 youth are individuals from the Venezuala youth symphony — an anecdote about the force of music in instruction and group building

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"I need to see whatever remains of the movies in light of how enabling and honest they have been." "Makes me need to accomplish more about world issues." "It gives you new thoughts, it's enormously motivating. It can make you sufficiently furious perhaps to make some move. . . .The film celebration gives individuals something in like manner, a typical experience. We're during a time of absence of trust, period of despondency, and we have to see ourselves out on a film. We have to see what we can do and be helped to remember what we can, be propelled to do these things." Quotes from 2008 Peterborough Film Festival

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"To be confident in terrible times is not simply stupidly sentimental. It depends on the way that mankind's history is a history of savagery, as well as of sympathy, give up, boldness, consideration... Furthermore, on the off chance that we do act, in however little a way, we don't need to sit tight for some fabulous idealistic future. What's to come is a vast progression of presents, and to live now as we think people ought to live, in rebellion of all that is awful around us, is itself a heavenly victory." Howard Zinn