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TABLE TOP Activity CHEMICAL(INDUSTRIAL) Fiasco BANGALORE (Rustic), KARNATAKA 20 December 2008. Situation 1.

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SCENARIO 1. IOCL LPG packaging plant is putting away fluid LPG in three even slugs and two Horton circles under environment temperature. At around 4.15 hrs on 20 December 2008, a hole of LPG was seen because of disappointment of one of the spines (a building issue) of Horton Sphere by the operational staff on obligation. Because of spilling of the LPG outside the limit of IOC LPG plant, the gas left the plant limit and burst into flames because of start from one of the truck going outside the plant limit and before long this fire prompted to BLEVE in the one of the Horton circles: (a) Inside Plant –3 executed and 12 harmed. (b) Outside Plant– 5 murdered and 37 injured.

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REQUIREMENTS Your response as operational staff on obligation at the site. Response of supervisory and basic leadership administration of IOCL and Mutual Aid Group. On affirmation of the 'off site' crisis, the moves to be made by the Bangluru Rural District Administration, Fire & Emergency Services, Police, Medical Services, Bengluru Municipal Corporation, Public Relation Officer, NGOs, NDRF/Army & different Stakeholders.

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SITUATION 1. IOCL terminal stores, handles and procedures various perilous inflammable petroleum items at climate temperature and weight. At around 5.45 hrs on 20 December 2008, there was a cataclysmic disappointment of a tank putting away MS and got fire because of effect of BLEVE at neighboring LPG Bottling Plant, as falling impact. Because of flame in the MS tank, the effect is as per the following: (a) Inside IOCL terminal – 2 murdered and 10 harmed. (b) Outside Terminal - 2 executed and 28 harmed. Live stock – slaughtered 28 and affacted – 35. Over the top harm to edit close-by. Because of BLEVE at IOCL LPG plant the Tankers stopped outside close to mass stockpiling terminal likewise burst into flames and the effect is takes after: (a) Three Tanker Trucks burst into flames (b) 5 executed and 22 harmed due flame

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REQUIREMENTS Action taken by the operational & supervisory staff at the IOCL terminal Response of the IOCL Terminal Management. Reaction of District Administration, Fire & Emergency Services, Police, Medical Services, different Stakeholders.

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SITUATION 3 BPCL terminal stores, handles and procedures various unsafe inflammable petroleum items at environment temperature and weight. At around 6.00 hrs on 20 December 2008, two people were tested by the security staff in the channeling and pumps zone in the BPCL terminal. They were wearing the BPCL staff dress. One of them evacuated his jacket and abruptly there was an uproarious impact, murdering the suicide aircraft to pieces. While individuals hurried towards the episode site, the second individual discharged from his AK 47 rifle, killing 3 security faculty & harming 8 staff individuals from BPCL. The impact influenced the funnels cracking various them bringing on spillage . The terminating by the second fear based oppressor brought on pool fire which spread to the MS and Diesel tanks.

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REQUIREMENTS As security staff, operational staff, fire administrations and the administration of BPCL, moves to be made. Move to be made by region organization after'off site' crisis is proclaimed. Part of Fire & Emergency Services, Police, Medical Services, NGOs, Civil Defense, different Stakeholders. Where will the ICP be found and will's identity the general Commander. Where will be the Relief Camp set up?

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SUGGESTED DETAILMENT OF NODALOFFICERS & OBSERVER FOR MOCK EXERCISE CHEMICAL (INDUSTRIAL) DISASTER Safety Officer: - ADC/DCP Bangalore (Urban) Nodal Officer (State) - Chief Inspector of Factories & Boilers. Nodal Officer (District) - DC, Bangalore (Rural) Search, Rescue & Fire Fighting: Nodal Officer - District Fire OfficerBangaloret Observer - Fire Officer from neighboring region. 5 Medical & Trauma Counseling : Nodal Officer - DMO, Bangalore (Rural) Observer - Medical Officer from neighboring District. Law & Order & Evacuation : a) Nodal Officer - DCP, Bangalore. b) Observer - Police Officer/ADM/SDM from neighbouring area.

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Help Line, NGOs & Information Dissemination: a) Nodal Officer - PRO, Bangaluru. b) Observer - Information Officer from neighboring district. 8. Relief: Food & Shelter: a) Nodal Officer - District Supply Officer, b) Observer - Supply Officer from neighboring district. Gear Support & Sanitation Provision: a) Nodal Officer - Addl Commissioner, Bangalore Municipal Corporation. b) Observer - EE PHED from neighboring regions. Correspondence: a) Nodal Officer - GM, BSNL, Bangaluru. b) Observer - Communication Officer from neighbouring region.

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11. Transport: a) Nodal Officer - RTO, Bangluru b) Observer - RTO from neighboring district. 12. Water & Electricity Supply: a) Nodal Officer - CE, Water Deptt Municipal Corporation. b) Observer - EE from neighboring locale.

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LOGISTIC ARRANGEMENT FOR MOCK EXERCISE Ambulance & Structures CMO Bangalore and healing centers earmarked by him. Correspondence Eqpt (Telephone, Collector/Revenue Deptt. Officer, Communication Cordless, Bangalore Mobile Phone, Search Lights, Walky Talky Sets, Computer, Printer and so on. Transport (a) Two Busses RTO, BangaloreSurat. (b) Specialist Transport Municipal Coorporation, Bangalore.

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LOGISTIC ARRANGEMENT FOR MOCK EXERCISE 4. Foundation of ICP DC. 5. Arrangements in ICP (a) Seating Arrangements DC. (b) Tents ( if in open) 105 (c) Chairs 100 (d) Tables 30 (e) Public Address System One (Audible in the ICP Complex)

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6. Water Tankers - Two Bangalore Municipal Corporation( one for ICP and one for Relief Camp 7. Media Coverage State Information Officer and PRO,Bangalore 8. Electricity Supply Bangalore Municipal Corporation. 9. Fire battling Vehicle and District Fire Officer, Equipments Bangalore(Rural)t Distt. 10. Accessories DC (Pens, Name Plates, Sketch Pens, , Board ,Banners, Flags, L-formed documents( organizer) and tops/arm groups stamped Bangalore Mock Drill Optional)

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11. Documentation DC, Bangalore (Rural). - Filming the Mock Exercise -Still Photography -Final Report > By all partners > By Observers > By DC to NDMA by fifteenth th Feb 2009(inclusive of film of aggregate exercise and finish documentation) > By DMI, Bhopal to NDMA by 15 th Feb 2009. > NDMA will finish Report by 28 th Feb 2009 and impart to all Stakeholders

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FORMAT FOR SELF ASSESSMENT BY THE STAKEHOLDERS . Name of the Organization. Kind of Support Function. (Eg. Restorative, Relief, Search & Rescue) Name of Team Leader. Assignment in Parent Organization. Substance of First Message about Incident received and Communication mode. Wellspring of Information. (Who sent it) Time Information got. Beginning Time from the Base Station/Organization. Time of landing in ICP/Disaster Site. Remove between Base Station and ICP/Disaster Site (in Km).

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FORMAT FOR SELF ASSESSMENT BY THE STAKE HOLDERS. 11. Manpower Resources accessible and how much labor conveyed. 12. Hardware conveyed. 13. Material brought. 14. Vehicle brought (Give sort) (a) For utilization of ICP. (b) Self utilize. 15. Challenges confronted. 16. Bolster Agencies Available. 17. What was your Contribution in the Mock Drill? 18. Learning from Mock Drill. 19. Suggestions for Improvement. 20. Any other data, you might want to pass on.

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FORMAT FOR REPORT BY OBSERVER 1. Emergency Support Function (e.g Search & Rescue, Medical) 2. Nodal Officer (Name) 3. Observer (Name, Address and Tel. No.) 5. Immediate Response (Give brief subtle elements) 6. Duties embraced by the Team Leader/s. (Give points of interest of obligations) 7. Resources Available (All assets made accessible) 8. Utilization of Resources 9. Observers Comments (Frank Opinion, Good practices and shortcoming/deficiencies noticed)

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