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Symbols OF THE HEART Learning to Long for God Alone by Elyse Fitzpatrick Presented by Elder Wendie G. Trott

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Chapter 4: The Heart Changer Luke 7:36-50: "A Pharisee welcomed Jesus to eat with him. So Jesus went to the Pharisee's home and prepared to eat. At the point when a corrupt lady in that town discovered that Jesus was there, she purchased a costly jug of aroma. At that point she came and remained behind Jesus. She cried and began washing His feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. The lady kissed His feet and poured the aroma on them.

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The Pharisee who had welcomed Jesus saw this and said to himself, 'If this man truly were a prophet, He would recognize what sort of lady is touching Him! He would realize that she is a heathen.' Jesus said to the Pharisee, 'Simon, I have something to state to you.' 'Instructor, what is it?' Simon answered. Jesus let him know, 'Two individuals were paying off debtors to a cash bank. One of them owed him five hundred silver coins, and the other owed him fifty.

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Since neither of them could pay him back, the cash loan specialist said that they didn't need to pay him anything. Which one of them will like him more?' Simon replied, 'I assume it would be the person who had owed increasingly and didn't need to pay it back.' 'You are correct,' Jesus said. He moved in the direction of the lady and said to Simon, 'Have you seen this lady?

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When I came into your home, you didn't give me any water so I could wash my feet. In any case, she has washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. You didn't welcome me with a kiss, however from the time I came in she has not quit kissing my feet. You didn't pour olive oil on my head, yet she has poured costly fragrance on my feet. So I let you know that every one of her transgressions are excused, and that is the reason she has demonstrated extraordinary love. However, any individual who has been excused for just a little will demonstrate just a little love.'

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Then Jesus said to the lady, 'Your wrongdoings are pardoned.' Some different visitors began saying to each other, 'Who is this who sets out to pardon sins?' But Jesus told the lady, 'In light of your confidence, you are presently spared. May God give you peace."

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Her eyes were opened to His value [TRUE VALUE], and love streamed out of her. Are our eyes as open? Do we think about the endorsement of others over God?

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IDOLATRY is: worshiping, loving, respecting, reverencing, or cherishing false divine beings.

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Incomprehensible Power The Power of the Holy Spirit = the main groundbreaking force on the planet! His extraordinary work produces heavenliness. In our own particular quality, we don't have the ability to make us a blessed God-admirer, however God is focused on evolving us!

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How the Spirit Makes Us Holy Teaching Us the Glories of Christ: John 16:14: "The Spirit will convey brilliance to Me by taking My message and instructing it to you." Showing Us the Cross: John 16:8-11 says that the Holy Spirit's task is to: 1. Convict the universe of transgression The world has no confidence in the Lord! [NO FAITH = Can't please God!] 2. Convict the world about Righteousness Christ's uprightness [HIS PERFECT NATURE] is uninhibitedly accessible to every one of God's kids. 3. Convict the world about Judgment God's blessedness requests that transgression be devastated!

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Writing His Word on Our Hearts: John 16:13: "The Spirit indicates what is valid and will come and guide you into full truth." Psalm 119:11: "I prize Your Word most importantly else; it keeps me from erring against You." [CEV] Inclining Our Hearts to Worship Him: Bend Down, Listen With Your Heart, and Love On Him! I Kings 8:57-58: "May the Lord our God be with us… that He may slant our hearts to Himself, to stroll in all His courses and to keep His decrees and statutes and His mandates." The Spirit Convinces Us That We Are God's Children: Romans 8:15-16: "God's Spirit doesn't make us slaves who fear Him. Rather, we turn into His youngsters and call Him our Father. God's Spirit ensures that we are His kids." The Spirit Teaches Us to Pray: Romans 8:26-27- - The Spirit supplicates through us when we don't recognize what to state to God.

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God Is Faithful 1 Corinthians 10:13-14: "You are enticed similarly that others is enticed. Be that as it may, God can be trusted not to give you a chance to be enticed excessively, and He will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to escape from your allurements. My companions, you should avoid symbols."

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The Certainty of Our Ultimate Glorification Romans 8:29-30—Speaks of fate = PRE (before/as of now), (destiny/divine intercession/outer conditions), DESTINATION (reason/end/target/point/objective/objective/aim) [Msg] "God comprehended what He was doing from the earliest starting point. He chose from the beginning to shape the lives of the individuals who adore Him similarly as the life of His Son. The Son stands first in the line of mankind He reestablished. We see the first and expected state of our lives there in Him. After God settled on that choice of what His kids ought to resemble, He tailed it up by calling individuals by name. After He called them by name, He set them on a strong premise with Himself. And after that, subsequent to getting them built up, He remained with them to the end, grandly finishing what He had started."

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Chapter 5: Better Than Life "On the grounds that Your adoring graciousness is superior to life, my lips will commend You."— Psalm 63:3

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The Worth of God's Love How significant is God's affection to you? Is the affection amongst you and Him more esteemed than everything else in your life?

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Man's Happiness Is God Himself Happiness implies : satisfaction, joy, energy, merriment, charm As God's kids, it is God Himself who ought to be the Source of our bliss. Knowing Him, worshiping Him, being adored by Him, and cherishing Him consequently ought to be the focal point of our reality and our happiness. Hymn 16:11 says: "You have demonstrated to me the way to life, and You make me happy by being close to me. Sitting at Your right side, I will dependably be happy!" [CEV]

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Delighting to Do God's Will Psalm 40:8: "I enjoyment to do Thy will, O God! Thy Law is inside my heart." Delighting to do God's will implies: turning from the misleading that euphoria lies outside respectful association with God . Accomplishes something else appear to be more appealing? It's a duplicity! Matthew 6:21 says: "Your heart will dependably be the place your fortune is."

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Eve's Unhappy Choice Genesis 3:6: Eve defied God by eating from the tree that: was useful for nourishment was a joy to the eyes was alluring to make one astute Running after Happiness Pursue THE joy of knowing and adoring Christ and you will find that your sacredness and love will develop.

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Why Do We Choose the Way We Do? On the off chance that you will sin with a specific end goal to be glad, you are a worshiper of another god! Satisfaction turns into a divine being if and when your quest for it is done in spite of the offense to God!

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Your History and Happiness We are all results of what we have persevered. The force of God is more noteworthy than our history, or some other power, however , inability to concede we have been influenced, and need mending, can make us erect false divine beings in our lives.

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The uplifting news is that the Holy Spirit can light up your heart and make you develop in your regard of Christ and despise the charms of the world . He does this by slanting you to serve Him and showing you the genuine delights of paradise .

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So proceed! Seek after bliss! Characterize it the way that God does and you'll never be disillusioned. Keep in mind you will likely say with David, "Nothing, not in any case life, brings me more bliss than Your affection!"