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"ICON"oclastic Assessment: Enhancing Group Learning Through Real-Time, Web-Based Feedback A. Rosenfeld, W. Ham, C. Dede, R. Leffert, J. Quattrochi ICON Program for Multidisciplinary Learning Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138 Supported by the Harvard Provost Innovations in Instructional Technology Award

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What is the I nteractive C ase-Based O nline N etwork (ICON)? A stage for case-based discovering that permits specialists in a field to communicate with learners by means of an online reproduction of genuine occasions. In the present venture, ICON was utilized to instruct a neuroscience educational programs to little gatherings (n=8) of Harvard therapeutic understudies. Guided by a workforce coach, understudies assessed a "virtual" patient with the assistance of master clinicians and researchers who could be counseled through ICON.

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ICON Interface Left board: Communication Center For every case, the understudies select a group pioneer who is "accessible as needs be." The group pioneer is allocated a beeper for earnest patient upgrades. "Go Conference" is a texting highlight that considers live dialogs. Case characters (quiet, advisors), staff coach, and understudies are recorded. The green catch demonstrates ICON clients who are right now on the web. (Understudy names and photographs are obscured to secure secrecy.) A post box include accommodates inside regulatory correspondences. Focus board: Case and Discussion Modules Right board: Library Using the drop down menu on top ("Module"), the ICON client can get to the present case and correlated examinations. Symbol is sorted out into a few modules: "Case" contains basic data (tolerant foundation, history, starting clinical examinations) that is exhibited to the understudies toward the start of another case. "Virtual Contact" is the place understudies communicate with case characters. "Conceptualize" is the place understudies and the workforce tutor talk about new data, coordinate their reasoning, propel speculations, and create critical thinking procedures. "Foundations" is the place understudies exhibit combinations and examinations toward the end of the case. Assets are redesigned continuously. Toward the begin of every case, the Library is vacant. Personnel coaches include assets as the case advances, forming the understudies' structure of considering.

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Assets of ICON Facilitation of dynamic taking for: the situation goes on day in and day out and understudies turn out to be more drawn in with the practical case. Understudies ask and answer inquiries to and from the patient and their family (Virtual Contact module). Understudies call counsels to clinicians and scientists, from neurologists to radiologists to geneticists to medicinal services approach specialists, to help them in administering to the patient (Virtual Contact & Brainstorm modules). Understudies display significant research and make theoretical maps to enlarge each other's learning knowledge (Brainstorm, Library, & Cornerstones modules).

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More resources of ICON… Enhanced staff understudy organizations in exploring clinical parts of the case and spanning fundamental and clinical neuroscience ideas. A constant, synergistic learning environment that associates learning encounters all through the conventional classroom and permits continuous assessment and reshaping of the learning environment by the workforce guide utilizing ICONfb (input).

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What is ICONfb (input)? With a specific end goal to augment the learning advantages of the ICON environment, staff guides require an instrument to examine understudies' constant online communications continuously: To evaluate qualities and shortcomings in understudies' comprehension of key ideas in a way that encourages the modification of instructional exercise structure progressively. To permit course chiefs to alter case plan and learning destinations to better pass on key ideas.

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ICONfb is an online framework that permits workforce to rate and measure understudies " online commitments to the instructional exercise as the case advances. Online dialogs by the understudies for a case are exhibited in the Brainstorm and Virtual Contact modules of ICON. Every understudy discourse is arranged into a particular sub-class: the study of disease transmission, essential science, clinical science, persistent wellbeing, tolerant care, and cooperation.

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3. The personnel coach then uses a straightforward rating apparatus to assess every presenting for substance related on from the earlier learning goals and for the nature of such substance.

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RESULTS: The underlying assessment of ICONfb shows that understudies' online discourses of theory driven, differential findings and logical ideas can be sorted and scored to fulfill two beginning destinations:

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12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Assessment of instructional exercise scope of pre-indicated learning targets (L1-L4) utilizing a quantitative technique with reasonable general between rater unwavering quality (>0.5) L3 L2 Cumulative Score L1 L4 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat

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Assessment of understudies' concentrate on various territories of the therapeutic sciences all through a case

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Going Beyond Assessment The objective of ICONfb is not just appraisal, but rather more critically, understudy focused upgrade of the learning environment in light of evaluation results. Post-hoc examination recommends that by effectively changing case content, staff can move understudies' consideration regarding concentrate on particular subjects and topics.

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12 10 8 L3 L2 6 4 Cumulative Score L1 2 L4 0 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat In the case beneath, understudies' ICONfb scores for 4 learning goals (L1-L4) advance at various rates amid the week. Furnished with these information, the coach can see on Wednesday that L1 & L4 were ignored in understudy talks. This permits the mentor to divert understudies toward these subjects amid the case. Familiarity with dissimilarity of understudy scores on learning goals manages mentor the chance to divert understudy dialog to address the error.

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Instructional Feedback The information assembled with ICONfb exhibit understudy shortcomings, as well as make clear particular learning targets not met crosswise over instructional exercises. Along these lines, ICONfb incited change of the from the earlier case learning destinations and indicated crevices in understudy comprehension of key ideas that could be cured through addresses, lab work, or other educational modalities.

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Limitations Validity/unwavering quality of appraisal instrument not yet settled. Between rater unwavering quality: information propose between rater assention can be high, yet promote assessment of the ICONfb scoring metric is required. Relative evaluation with control instructional exercise (bunches not utilizing ICONfb) are wanted to decide the legitimacy and viability of ICONfb. ICONfb makes a lot of information. Information gathering and rating procedure to be streamlined and robotized where conceivable.

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Conclusions ICONfb permits workforce mentors to evaluate the substance regions and learning destinations secured by understudies in an instructional exercise, and giving a developmental measure of the nature of understudy investment and comprehension. Staff can utilize this data to effectively reshape the instructional exercise to guarantee satisfactory scope of critical points, a more adjusted case discourse, and exhibition of adequate comprehension of center ideas.

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