Survey of the Effectiveness of Communication in Relation to the Review's Implementation of Public Administration in

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Audit of the Effectiveness of Communication in Relation to the Implementation of the Review of Public Administration in Health and Social Care MARIE MALLON DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES BELFAST HSC TRUST TUESDAY 9 DECEMBER 2008

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Came into operation 1 April 2007 Was a merger of 6 particular and separate Trusts 22,500 staff £1 billion Serving populace of 340,000 or more provincial administrations for all of N.I. Includes essential and optional administrations Facts about the Belfast Trust

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First part of the Public Sector to be re-sorted out Time Constraints Management Capacity Financial Environment Vacancy Controls Business Continuity The Challenges

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Performance Targets Potential for point of reference No outline We were not our own lords Meaningful conference with our Trade Union associates Political Environment The Challenges

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HR Advisory Group Re-setup Board at the Department of Health Central Joint Forum PSC Guiding Principles HR Implementation Group Human Resources Framework Transfer Scheme Protection courses of action Early retirement and intentional excess plans Independent debate determination The Approach - External

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Communication/Engagement Early guarantees re Our People Creation of new structures – tranche by tranche Procedures for filling posts Reduction in Management and different costs Placement & Support Unit The Approach

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Career bearing workshops and meeting preparing Morale Issues Developing the new companion Letting go of the old Team Effectiveness The Approach While juggling

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The Approach Business Continuity Financial Control Challenges Targets Patient and Client Safety Creating a New Organization

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Face to Face -Chief Executive -Directors -Managers -with Trade Unions -Team Briefings -Service Group Meetings E-mail/Intranet Newsletters, Publications, Bulletins Open chance to e-mail all inquiries with a fast profit conveyed for Communication

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Hello and Goodbye letters Dedicated Placement and Support unit of every single new structure and who populated them Staff Counseling, Occupational Health Communication

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Must bolster association in meeting its destinations Cross cutting/not foundations Must concentrate on included esteem, master movement and demonstrable skill Performance administration culture Improve administration Must be reasonable/funds Involve those it impacts on General Principles re Structure No such thing as the "right structure "

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60,000 Health Service staff exchanged on 1 April 2007 Re-organizing and re-association proceeding with Structures composed and populated Staff uprooted being redeployed Exiting on willful repetition Vacancy Controls/Workforce controls The Result

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The Result Strategies for re-preparing Personal advancement arranging being set up Communication, eg pamphlets, email correspondence, eye to eye Managing the aftermath

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The Result Meeting targets Provision of administration Breakeven Commence OD Plan

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Creation of the new association A Structures B Policies C People D Culture and the excursion keeps on guaranteeing that both staff interests and the interests of the administration are assessed

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So what have we said so far HOW Staff Engagement Volunteers not recruits Communication and Recognition Staff Surveys Leadership Training and Development Team Development Individual Development Feedback, evaluation and brave discussions Reliance on groups Accountability

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So what have we done to date? Prepare began to set a vital bearing 5 THEMES

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Setting a Strategic Direction Purpose Improve wellbeing and prosperity and decrease wellbeing imbalances In association with others and by connecting with staff, convey protected, enhancing, modernizing, practical wellbeing and social care Business SAFETY Provide safe amazing compelling consideration Standards Outcomes Continuous Improvement Assurance MODERNISATION Reform and restore our wellbeing and social administrations Access "Restrict where conceivable, concentrate where vital" Service Reviews Aligned capital arrangements PARTNERSHIPS Improve wellbeing and prosperity through organization with clients, groups and accomplices Citizen focused Joint working Civic Leadership

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Setting a Strategic Direction STAFF Show authority and greatness through hierarchical and workforce advancement Staff engagement Leadership Learning and improvement Team adequacy RESOURCES Make best utilization of assets by enhancing execution and profitability Workforce diagnostics Process change Resource use VFM Performance Management MORE Values and Behaviors Respect and Dignity Openness and Trust Accountabilities Learning and Development

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They are all bury – related i.e. you need to depend on Staff as the shared factor to enhance wellbeing, accomplish modernisation, work in association and make best utilization of assets Key component of OD Plan

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And what else … Business Strategy - Developing the Vision - New Direction - Goals, Objectives, Performance Management Arrangements - Organizational Values - User Involvement and Engagement - Business Partnering Arrangements Learning and Development Strategy

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And what else … People Management Strategy -Improving Working Lives (Staff Survey) -Cycling Scheme -Summer Schemes -Discount Schemes -Family Friendly Policies -Widening Participation/Social Responsibility

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And what else … Leadership and Management Strategy -Medical Leadership -Clinical Leadership -Managerial Leadership -Personal authority -Leadership Events

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And what else … . Group Development Personal Contribution Framework Recognizing and esteeming commitments -eg Chairman's Awards

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Involvement in basic leadership Safer Patient Initiative including staff at all levels Partnership working with Trade Unions on eg control of disease Industrial Relations Machinery User Involvement and Engagement Strategy Internal Communication Strategy Trust Newspaper Team Briefings Internet Chief Executive Face to Face Leadership Visits And what else… … ..

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Some last considerations… … . Test of conveyance amid real change Communicate… Communicate… Communicate… Involve Users and Stakeholders No such thing as the "right" structure Appoint on premise of skill and qualities Community of pioneers

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Some last musings… … . Perceive flexibility is required Recognize the enthusiastic adventure Hold to account Manage equivocalness Acknowledge and commend achievement