Survey by Hon ble Prime Minister twentieth JUNE 2007

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National Rural Employment Guarantee Act informed in 330 regions Review by Hon'ble Prime Minister ( 20 th JUNE 2007 )

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Structure of Presentation Outcomes Critical Issues & Initiatives Constraints Road Ahead

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Demand for Employment met (until March 2007 ) Employment Demanded: 2.12 crore HHs Employment Provided: 2.10 crore HHs

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Significant Increase in Person-days Generated Person-days in crores

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Major Share of SC/ST HHs in Employment Share of ST & SC >61. 77% ST > 36.38%/SC > 25.39%

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At slightest 1/third of the recipients should be ladies who have enlisted and asked for work under the Scheme (NREGA ACT, Schedule II, Section 6) Actual accomplishment WOMEN 40% OTHERS 60% Better than target

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Significant Share of Women in Workforce National Average

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Highest Priority to Water Conservation in selection of works under NREGA ( 54 %) (10%) (21%) (11%) (4%)

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TAMIL NADU, Cuddalore

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Initial Positive Trends Field Reports yield beginning proof of: Reduction in trouble movement: Rajasthan, AP, Chattisgarh, Orissa Impact ashore profitability: Second product on SC/ST cultivates in Chattisgarh, MP, Rajasthan Increase in workforce's consciousness of least wages and errand rates Increase in Wage income of workforce in wage business program : AP,TN, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand. Wage transaction limit of workers creating versus private business: Rajasthan, TN, Haryana. Increment in Women workforce investment when contrasted with 26.24% in SGRY

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West Bengal, Purulia (Worksite )

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Initial Positive Trends Financial Inclusion: Savings records of breadwinners in Banks/Post Offices in a few States: AP( more than 20.00 lakh Post Office Accounts), Karnataka ( whole Gulbarga NREG workforce with Bank Accounts) , Jharkhand, TN Insurance of breadwinners in a few areas: Pakur, Gumla, Ranchi ( Jharkhand) Developing Literacy aptitudes among breadwinners (Raichur in Karnataka) Convergence with other advancement programs: Jetropha ( Chattisgarh, MP) Forest Nurseries ( Udaipur in Rajasthan, Khandwa in MP)

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MADHYA PRADESH, Sidhi (Jatropha Plantation - Nursery)

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(Self Help Group at Nursery under NREGS, Chattisgarh)

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Assessment of States' execution against basic program markers Ability to react to request and give business : All States. Rajasthan, MP, AP, Chattisgarh, could deal with huge scale request. Outreach Able to include ladies in the workforce: (At slightest 1/3 rd) ): All States. Special cases: Bihar, H.P, J&K, Jharkhand, Punjab Reach out to at any rate all BPL family units. All States. Special cases: Bihar, Maharashtra Transparency Using MIS to put basic data openly area: Exemplar States : Orissa, Andhra Pradesh lead. Taken after by Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal. States requiring more noteworthy exertion : UP, Punjab, HP. Social review and Muster Roll confirmation : Exemplar States: AP, Rajasthan lead. More prominent exertion required by different States:

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Assessment of States' Performance against Critical Program Indicators Focus on Works protection : Exemplar States: Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, MP,AP, Karnataka, Major States that need more noteworthy concentrate on water preservation: Bihar, UP Training: Exemplar States: AP, Rajasthan, MP, TN, W. Bengal, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, States that need more prominent exertion: Jharkhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, Assam Staffing : Critical staff set up: AP, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, W Bengal, Gujrat, Karnataka, TN Staffing in process: UP Major States that need to assist staffing: Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam Reporting: Most States give an account of time . Delay by Maharashtra, Bihar.

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What the Media needs to say… ..

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Hindu, July 13,2006 Savita Lahur, an Adivasi of Badli town (Udaipur), inquired as to whether she would in any case relocate to Gujarat if work at even Rs.40 a day were accessible in Badli itself said: " Yahan 40 mile to Gujarat jaane ka kya kaam hai? Bimaar ho jaate hain — phir kya karen? (On the off chance that I can get Rs.40 here, then why might I go to Gujarat? In the event that one falls sick there, what might one do?)" The Hindu10.9.006 Rural employment conspire palatable: NGOs ANANTAPUR( AP) The non-administrative associations which have partaken in the social review of NREGS in the locale have felt that the execution of the plan has been all around agreeable. Magsaysay grant victor Aruna Roy of Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan, working in Rajasthan, named the social review of NREGS a phenomenal practice . NREGA Work Report, AID-India, April 30, 2007, Gosani Block of Gajapati District, Orissa Prof. Dhanada Mishra of AID-Orissa reports the accomplishment of road plays - occupations are being given to candidates. In Gandahati Panchayat the NREGA works have started  at Adagawan,Gandahati, S.Laupur towns, which has utilized countless seekers who connected . The Street Theater had an effect on the villagers and they began asking work at the panchayat office in Gandahati Panchayat .

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Financial Express May 24,2007: Chattisgarh. In Bilaspur, they've begun imagining once more. Signposts of the Gramin Vikas Yojana (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) possess large amounts of this region, about 150 km from state capital Raipur. What's more, day by day bet Sadho Ram gives off an impression of being the hero of a piece that the Center's yearning rustic employments plan is attempting to re-compose. Smash is confident of getting some trench building work under the NREGA, as occupations are occurring. "I know I'll get work," he says Financial Express: May 28 2007 Dungarpur (Rajasthan) They don't trust private employments any longer. " Until NREGA happened, we needed to guarantee just the consistency of easygoing specialists. In any case, now, since they are given occupations under the plan, we think that its hard to convey them to our plant," joint overseeing chief of Sri Rajasthan Syntex Vikash Ladiya told FE. This is notwithstanding the organization offering them twofold of what is being offered under the administration plot

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CRITICAL ISSUES & Initiatives to address them

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New methodologies for Generating Awareness (2007-2008) One day introduction of all Sarpanches at the Block level Gram Sabhas Use of neighborhood vernacular daily papers, radio, TV, movies & Local social structures Leaflets, pamphlets in straightforward nearby dialect with a greater amount of Graphics Fixing one day as Rozgar Diwas in a fortnight. Town Camps by District groups Information/Publicity Centers in Local Weekly Markets (Hats) Village Information Wall NGOs/SHGs interest in mindfulness era

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200000 58016 28071

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Improving Planning & Execution of Works Shelf of undertakings in every town with specialized and managerial endorsements. Directions to show plot quantities of the locales Precise area personality for each worksite Outcomes anticipated from the attempts to be shown - Estimated benefits as far as individual days - Physical change imagined ( arrive/water protection and so on) Pre-Mid-Post Project condition to be recorded Asset enlist at GP

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Ensuring Quality of works Facilitating Technical aptitude in outlining and overseeing works at District, Block levels Prototype Works Manual/preparing movies created on Watershed and Natural Resource Management . Far reaching Rural Works Manual arranged Impact Assessment of incremental advantages through remote detecting systems being considered

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Transparency and Vigilance

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Maximum Transparency Ensured Comprehensive Web-based MIS puts all information out in the open area Workers' qualifications: Registration, work cards, gather moves, Employment requested and gave Work information: authorized rack of works, work gauges, work in advance, estimation. Money related markers: reserves accessible/spent, sum paid as wages, materials and regulatory costs. Information programming built, for cross confirmation of records and report era.

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Further Improvements being used of MIS Computerisation of the Blocks Computers Personnel Training Connectivity. Information Analysis for consistency and Alerts for District/State functionaries A Geographic Information System being made arrangements for NREGS: Plotting exact area Planning

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Special Focus & Key Concerns for Vigilance Muster Rolls: - Campaign for 100% Verification of assemble moves from June1st, 2007 in all areas - All gather moves to be on the NREGA site - Enlisting common society associations for summon move check Works: Putting up a Citizen Information Board on every work site with the points of interest of works taken up Wages paid: Constant cautiousness of the normal measure of wages paid through field visits to work locales and surveys with State Secretaries. States coordinated that undertaking rates material to NREGA are to be consistently relevant to all comparative work escalated works executed without contractual worker/hardware .

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Monitoring and Evaluation Field check by outer and inner organizations Field visits of Central Employment Guarantee Council individuals to various States combined with social review. National Level Monitors' visit to all Phase One NREG regions. Booked to visit new ones from end June Five Independent Concurrent Studies finished &shared with States. Region Visits by Area Officers of Ministry States to attempt 100%, 10%, 2% check at Block, District, State levels District and Village level Vigilance & Monitoring Committees for better straightforwardness. Extensive Evaluation ( WB ) under thought to survey Socio Economic Impact at h