Supporting Students in the 21st Century John McCarthy john.mccarthy20 Justin Miller uel_justin Fay

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Supporting Students in the 21 st Century! John McCarthy (john.mccarthy20) Justin Miller (uel_justin) Fay Kalapoda (uel_fay) Rute Soares (ruteuel)

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Agenda Who are we? What do we do? What's innovation got the opportunity to do with it? Content Skype Blogs

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Stratford Campus

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Docklands Campus

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Student Health & WellBeing Team ISC CRITICAL INCIDENT TEAM

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Wellbeing: What do we do? Beginning Support Consultations ('ISC') Critical Incident Team ('CIT') Time-Limited Counseling ('TLC') Student Workshops Referrals (Internal/External) Staff Training Staff Consultations Information Gathering/Sharing

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Booking an ISC In-Person Phone Student Services: Docklands: x7611 Stratford: x4440 Email Text "ISC" to 07624804918 (only writings, no voice calls) Skype uel_wellbeing uel_isc uel_counsellor

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Txttools Overview: What is it? To content or not to content? Arrangement Reminders Advertising Workshops Check-in System Some other potential employments?

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Overview: what is it? "Virtual" cell phone that works like email 07624804918 (content just no voice) Browser based application ( ) Send/Receive messages anyplace on the planet for same cost Schedule messages promptly or plan for conveyance Texts can be sent to email/cell phone Create leads by catchphrases/portable numbers ISC Exam

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To content or not to content… Booking arrangements Students content "ISC" Appointment suggestions To bring down no-demonstrate rates Advertising Workshops Exam Stress; Staff WellBeing Mass correspondence with specific gatherings Students influenced by quake in China Check-in System for TLC @ UEL Protects obscurity Saves important time

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Some other potential employments? Intuitive segment of gatherings Healthy Eating: Text a sustenance journal; work out; troubles Anxiety/Depression: Thought Logs Assigning "homework" Writing prompts, Inspirational quotes Receiving inquiries amid addresses Late arriving understudies Text LATE to ???

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Case Study-Late Students

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Skype What is Skype? Skype or Hype? Skype 4 Staff/Skype 4 Students

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What is Skype? Propelled in 2003 It is a shared (P2P) interchanges programming application Video: 1 2 1 Audio: up to 10 at any given moment Chat: up to 50 at any given moment Available in 28 dialects A Skype record is totally free

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Skype or Hype? Free overall voice/video calls between Skype clients Easy multi-individual conferencing Easy document sharing Skype on your "3" telephone/iphone (wifi)

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Skype 4 Staff @ UEL Confidential correspondence in an open-arrangement office by means of visit Video gatherings crosswise over grounds Reduce messages definitely Synchronous Communication Panic Button and/or Critical Incident Team (CIT) warning Video Supervision/Consultation for Counselor

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Skype 4 Students @ UEL ISCs for Distance Learners Video/Chat Counseling (or both!) Enabling access for incapacitated understudies

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Use of Technologies to convey exhortation Interactive solid way of life module Blog

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Interactive UELPlus Module UELPlus

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Our Blog!...

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...and to trade thoughts with associates... Ü WBI University WellBeing Initiative Join us! In the event that intrigued, send an email to:

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Thank you! Any Questions?