Supported by: U.S. Branch of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Administered by: Institute of Interna

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Support. U.S. Branch of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural AffairsFor General Fulbright Program Information: http://fulbright.state.govFor Information about different U.S. Government International Exchange Program Opportunities: . What is the Goal of Fulbright?.

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Supported by: U.S. Division of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Administered by: Institute of International Education (IIE)

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Sponsor U.S. Division of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs For General Fulbright Program Information: For Information about different U.S. Government International Exchange Program Opportunities:

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What is the Goal of Fulbright? Made by the U.S. Congress in 1946 under enactment presented by Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas Administered abroad by U.S. International safe havens and bi-national Fulbright Commissions and Foundations About the Fulbright Program To increment shared comprehension between the general population of the U.S. furthermore, the general population of different nations through worldwide instructive trade programs

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Fulbright U.S. Understudy Program Two Types of Grants Research/Study Grant ~1,000 grants 8-12 months Independent research, contemplate, or inventive and performing expressions extends abroad English Teaching Assistantships : ~600 grants 8-12 months 20-30 hours seven days showing English and U.S. culture in the classroom Remaining time spent on a group centered venture

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Application Timeline Design Project, Seek Affiliations, Prepare App. May-Sept Campus Deadline Sept/Oct IIE Application Deadline October 18 National Screening Committees Nov/Dec Commissions/Embassies Foreign Scholarship Board Jan-May Final Notification Mar-June

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Eligibility U.S. Citizenship Hold no less than a Bachelor's degree or proportionate (no PhDs) by the begin of the concede Proficiency in composed & talked dialect of host nation ( differs by nation )

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General Qualifications High level of scholastic and additionally proficient accomplishment A very much created extend Demonstrated authority capacity Sufficient dialect capability ( fluctuates by nation ) Focus on expanding common comprehension through group engagement Research/Study Grants

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English Teaching Assistantship New nations included every year! Help enhance outside understudies comprehension of English dialect & U.S. culture Assistant educator 20-30 hrs/wk K-12 or college/school Side venture accentuating group engagement Often, less dialect capability required at application, yet plans to learn dialect accommodating

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Grant Benefits Round-trek Airfare Monthly Stipend * Health & Accident Insurance Other Possible Benefits * Support For Dependents Research Allowance Tuition Language Lessons Enhancement Activities * Varies: reliant on concede and host nation

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Critical Language Enhancement Award Provides extra subsidizing for dialect think about for qualified Fulbright Grantees who expect to utilize a basic dialect for their venture Goal to develop larger amounts of dialect capability before, amid and past the general Fulbright give period Application for CLEA is made in conjunction with the Fulbright Program application

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Critical Language Enhancement Award

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Application Components Basic Personal Data Statement of Purpose Essay Research/Study – 2 pages max ETA – 1 page max Personal Statement (1 page max ) Language Report Three (3) References Campus Committee Evaluation Letter(s) of Affiliation (Research/Study ONLY) Supplementary Materials (Arts applications ONLY)

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How to Apply ALL Online – NO PAPER COPIES!! References & Lang. Report put together by your referrers Letters of connection examined & transferred by you Transcripts (informal) transferred by you Currently-Enrolled Applicants Must apply through grounds Fulbright Program Advisor Campus meet required Campus Committee Evaluation transferred and submitted

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Letters of Affiliation From a host nation contact willing to prompt/coach you Can be: proficient at a college, lab, library, group association, and so on. Marked letter demonstrating support (on letterhead) Check the nation synopsis before asking for letter ETAs DO NOT require affiliations and will be allocated to their host foundation

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Contact Information Topic Area/World Region General Inquiries East Asia and Pacific Europe and Eurasia (with the exception of Germany) Germany; South & Central Asia Africa and the Middle East Canada, Mexico, and South America Central America & the Caribbean; Critical Language Enhancement Awards Relevant Program Managers Walter Jackson ( ) Jonathan Akeley ( ) Rachel Holskin ( ) Cara Doble ( ) Jermaine Jones ( ) Jody Dudderar ( ) Cara Wolinsky ( )

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UF Fulbright Advisors Dr. Workmanship Sandeen 308 Yon Hall Mr. John Denny 343 Infirmary Bldg. 352.392.1519 Skype: Fulbright_at_UF

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Connect YouTube Podcasts and iTunes Webinars Fulbright U.S. Understudy Applicant Blog Facebook OR "fan fulbright" to 32665  *std. txt msg rates apply On Twitter @FulbrightPrgrm

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UF NGO/PVO Day: Extending International Collaboration and Networking Friday, November 19 8:30am – 5:00pm (enlistment begins at 8) JWRU Grand Ballroom & Auditorium Great chance to create affiliations for those inspired by improvement openings