Supervision And Support: The Key To Program Success

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Supervision And Support: The Key To Program Success. Cautious consideration and guidanceContinual accessibility to companion counselorsOngoing backing. Who Should Coordinate And Manage Peer Counselors?. Most projects direct associate advocates at the nearby levelTime duty of a chief differs as indicated by number of companion instructors utilized and caseload.

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Supervision And Support: The Key To Program Success Careful consideration and direction Continual accessibility to associate advisors Ongoing backing

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Who Should Coordinate And Manage Peer Counselors? Most projects administer peer advocates at the neighborhood level Time duty of a manager changes as per number of companion advisors utilized and caseload

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Designated Supervisors Are Key

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Case Scenario #1

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Mentoring Role Mentoring versus boss part amid the initial six months Transition to "chief" part

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Ongoing Supervision Monthly workforce conferences Ongoing correspondences Weekly action reports

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Alaska WIC and different projects utilize electronic interchanges to keep staff associated. Electronic listservs can be utilized to share program data, work on guiding situations, and conceptualize approaches to oversee troublesome breastfeeding issues.

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Other Issues Religious convictions Language contrasts Cultural differing qualities Civil rights arrangements WIC center approaches

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Confidentiality Issues WIC and State secrecy strategies must be instructed and fortified Confidentiality understanding Scenarios at month to month staff gatherings

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Peer Counselor Monitoring Weekly/every other week telephone calls with staff Regular survey of contact logs Spot checks of week after week action reports

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Mississippi WIC incorporates peer guiding project observing as a component of its general sustenance training observing.

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Reasons To Dismiss Peer Counselors Not performing work obligations Fraud Inappropriate lead for a "good example" in the group

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Supporting Your Peer Counselors Making referrals to associate advocates Supporting a dynamic breastfeeding condition that advances the companion guiding project Ongoing correspondence through Monthly workforce gatherings and facility gatherings Access to lactation experts Regular contact with boss Affirmation

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"Associate instructors require bolster since they are supporting these moms. They are experiencing a great deal of troublesome changes and life circumstances, and they require a similar sort of supporting they are made a request to give to the customers." Peer Counselor Coordinator "They require parts and loads of certification. It's extremely discouraging to sit and call 25 ladies consecutively and have each one of those contacts be a terrible ordeal, either be told, 'She doesn't live here any longer' or 'No, I'm not going to do that,' or to leave a message, leave a message, leave a message… yet nobody ever gives back your call." Peer Counselor Coordinator

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Respecting And Empowering Peer Counselors Childcare troubles Can your facility permit little newborn children in arms to go with their mothers to the center setting? Can month to month peer instructor staff gatherings be held outside the center setting? Money related concerns Transportation issues