Sunlight based Vitality Advancement in Washington State

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what's more, circuit testers. all over Washington. Alpha, Outback Power, and Xantrex ... Around the world, the wind business introduced more than $14 billion worth of new ...

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Sun oriented Energy Development in Washington State Jim White Chelan County Public Utility District

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Why advance sun powered in Washington? Employments, occupations, employments and occupations New clean renewable power

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Solar industry occupations in Washington Purified Silicon Wafer & Cell Glass & Modules DC to AC Inverters Installers REC-Silicon plant in Moses Lake, Washington SolarWorld Vancouver, Washington SSB 5101 go in 2005 Outback Power Wenatchee, Washington? Alpha, Outback Power, & Xantrex in Arlington and Bellingham Washington Local sun based installers and circuit testers all over Washington

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Question Which worldwide industry is bigger? Wind industry Solar power industry Answer: Both are about equivalent, yet in 2006 sun oriented is surpassing wind control. Around the world, the wind business introduced more than $14 billion worth of new producing hardware in 2005, a 25% expansion more than 2004 as per figures discharged by the Global Wind Energy Council.

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Question Which worldwide industry is bigger? Web look promoting (Google, Yahoo, and so forth..) Solar power industry Answer: Both are about equivalent The overall sun oriented industry came to $14 billion in 2005. Web publicizing incomes outperformed 12.5 billion in 2005. Source: According to a gauge from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and sunlight based industry figures from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

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Question What is the normal yearly development rate of the sunlight based industry in the course of recent years? 17% 27% 37% 47% Answer: C, The normal development rate has been 37%. In 2004-05 the development rate was 47%.

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Historical Growth of Solar

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Projected Solar Market

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Washington State's Approach Production motivating forces Payments to sun based power makers in light of measured yield Used by Germany with colossal achievement NOT refunds Rebates depend on cost of framework, not how well the framework performs Rebates are mainstream in US, yet not in Europe

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Washington Production Incentive Unanimously endorsed by lawmaking body in 2005 Utility pays a premium to clients that create sun based vitality. $0.15 per kWh for sun powered vitality created utilizing prepare. produced outside of Washington. $0.54 per kWh for sun based vitality produced utilizing prepare. made in Washington. No Washington module maker yet, yet three booked for 2007. Utilities get a kudos for this installment on their utility-utilize assess.

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Other Washington Solar Policies Sales charge exception for sunlight based power hardware through 2011 Reduction in state B&O charges for sun powered module producers

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What more can Washington do to advance the sun based industry? Set up motivations for business offices Facilitate vast scale era Create motivators for growing silicon fabricating alongside wafer and cell generation

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Oil has been the fuel of decision, yet look what's coming soon?

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Wind turbine sharp edges going through Wenatchee

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How a Hybrid Car Works 1.2 kWh 50

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What is a PHEV? (PHEV = Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) 5-10 kWh 100+

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Question How expansive of a sunlight based exhibit would it take to give 90% of a PHEV's aggregate vitality to drive 15,000 miles for every year. Cover the surface of vehicle Cover the top of the carport ½ section of land of land 10 sections of land of land Answer: B It just takes 350 square feet of sun based electric modules to give the yearly power devoured by a module half breed electric vehicle.

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Thank you Jim White, P.E. Chelan County Public Utility District 327 Wenatchee Ave. (509) 661-4829