Stress Management Standards or a Quality of Working Life Act

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Push Management Standards or a Quality of Working Life Act ? Simon Pickvance Institute for Employment Rights

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Outline What is the present condition of the psychosocial workplace ? Will the Stress Management Standards work ? What is stretch in any case Existing law identifying with push Proposals for law A QWLA

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HSE Psychosocial WE overview Very little change more than 4 years (2004-7) 14% to a great degree focused on No progressions expected as a consequence of strategy yet (18 mo delay) ? Changes in administration and associate bolster Asks about outrage and dread

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European patterns Rapid patterns: PCs Slow decay: power, self-sufficiency, adapting new things, fulfillment Some zones of change: WLB, segregation, hours, wellbeing and security Differing nation methodologies show there is no certainty about bearing of progress

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Demands, Control, Support Relationships Role, Change Audit based Standard polls National overviews Priority ranges picked: Health, Education, Finance, Public administrator Stress Management Standards

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What is push ? Does (despite everything it) exist ? Terrible stretch/great push Silent stretch Social, mental, physical Knowing, considering, feeling Why now ? An endeavor to impart ?

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Fear Anger Frustration Care and social bond Tend and become friends with Lack of "play" Meaning Status What individuals say in regards to push at work

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Fairness Security Influence and control Care Freedom of affiliation Negotiated rewards, lawful least systems Vulnerable specialists Contracts, preparing Freedom from badgering Consultation/Co-assurance rules FWA, Rehabilitation Time-off Prevention administrations Representation rights Mediation

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A QWLA ? Needs to handle Fairness – procedural, distributive Security – professional stability, physical security Influence and control Care: bolster, acknowledgment of necessities Freedom of relationship at work

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Existing enactment Working time Provision of Work Equipment Pregnancy and Work Management of Health and Safety at Work DSE Regs Dispute determination Equal treatment/Discrimination enactment Harassment Act (proposition: Temporary Workers, and so forth., Employment law: Role of ACAS)

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Previous recommendations for law Dignity at Work Bill Right to Learn Right to Flexible Working Arrangements Duty of care Extending ICE Equal rights for all (vagrant, organization, home –workers) Trade Union Freedom Bill

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A Quality of Working Life Act Duty of Care Employers' obligations Attention to representatives' work-life adjust, wellbeing, restoration Freedom from provocation and weakness (fear) Control - codetermination Fairness Rights to partner, be spoken to, intervene Inspection

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Weighing up our choices What are the advantages of utilizing wellbeing contentions? Should we combine QWL with Trade Union Freedom requests ? Is it better to go for little changes in a few arrangements of directions ? What help may we get from EU enactment ?