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Overview Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Device Requirements Past Survey Methodology WaterTool Reasons for Development System Components Field Experience Benefits Summary

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Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Device Requirements Must take after Federal, State, Local, and Air Force Regulations Federal, State, and Local Regulations in light of Safe Drinking Water Act Water purveyor obligation Enforced by nearby wellbeing organization

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Requirements – cont. AFI 32-1066 - Framework for Air Force BPD Program Requires review like clockwork Adopts Technical Guidance Defines Responsibilities of Air Force Personnel Establishes Recordkeeping for BPD Program Recommends Testing and Inspection Intervals Requires Training and Certification of Plumbers

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Past Survey Methodology Survey Team – Contractors, CES, BEF Existing AF Forms 845 and 848 found CC/BPD information transcribed on AF Form 845 Location, measure, producer, serial number, level of peril Device area draws Data hand-exchanged to AF Form 848 CC/BPD information put away in 3-ring fasteners

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Reasons for Development of Water Tool Manage the huge amounts of information Hundreds of structures Thousands of gadgets and information things More proficient overviews More effective overhauls More precise information gathering More proficient cost gauges Databases exist however are not connected to PocketPC's

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Water Tool System Components Desktop Master Database Microsoft Access DoD, Industry Standard Open framework can interface with different databases PocketPC Database Visual CE by Syware ODBC consistent Supports Rapid Application Development (RAD)

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Water Tool System Setup Install Forms Sync Data Desktop, or Network Share Drive

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Desktop Master Database - Main Menu

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Desktop Master Database – Facilities Screen

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Desktop Master Database – Devices Screen

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Desktop Master Database – Devices Screen

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Desktop Master Database – Test Results Screen

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Desktop Master Database - Reports Menu

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AF Form 845

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AF Form 848

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PocketPC – Main Menu FEATURES Tap the catches to go to various screens Tap Close to leave application

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PocketPC – Facilities Screen FEATURES Tap the More catch to see more office Data can be entered straightforwardly into fields Or information can be chosen from draw down records

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PocketPC – Facilities Screen FEATURES Ease of Use Features Show list perspectives of the Data and go specifically to that chose data

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PocketPC – Facilities Screen FEATURES Tap Add New Device to include a gadget Tap gadget lattice to go to the gadget screen

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PocketPC – Device Screen FEATURES Tap Device Details to see more data Tap Loc. /Sketch to enter the area and outline the site Tap Comments/Recommendations to enter that data Tap Close to come back to the Facilities screen

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PocketPC – Device Screen FEATURES Enter portrayals to supplement Information can be entered from appear keypads Tap Back to Top to come back to the primary gadget screen Tap Close to come back to the Facilities screen

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PocketPC – Device Screen FEATURES Flexible Data Entry Comment fields can be worked from choices in an expression list New expressions can be added to the rundown from the remark field

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PocketPC – Test Results Screen FEATURES Tap on the distinctive Valves to enter test data Tap Close to come back to the Main Menu screen

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PocketPC – Other Screens

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PocketPC – Database Tools FEATURES Expunge – erase information tables Backup – reinforcement information tables Index CDB – make lists

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Water Tool Field Experience Survey Team – MACTEC (2), CES, BEF For every expanding on base: Review existing AF 848 structures Identify cross associations and gadgets Enter information and draws on PocketPC Take computerized photo Assign need in light of danger level

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WaterTool Field Experience – cont. Audit and alter information Link photos to gadgets Print AF Forms 845 and 848 Sync information

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Water Tool Benefits Reduce add up to study time Eliminates information exchange from frame to shape Eliminates information exchange from frame to PC Single information info lessens overview blunders Reduce future study time Device data is ebb and flow Only changes must be entered Management Tool effectively prints review information DOD Developed programming – its Free to you.

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Future Enhancements Take Pictures with PocketPC Camera Attachment Memory Cards Wireless Database Access ODBC Connections Exist Infrastructure Must Be In Place GPS Capabilities Integration with GeoBase/ACES Systems

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Where Used MACTEC has utilized at 3 AF Bases and 11 ANG Bases Independently executed at a few other AF Bases utilize the Water Tool to: Meet administrative prerequisites Update studies and keep up test outcomes Manage their CC/BPD review and testing program Prepare RFQ for BPD testing contracts

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Water Tool System Summary Desktop and PocketPC Components Supports basic upkeep and upkeep of CC/BPD Program Allows Quick and effective field information accumulation Management of all gadgets Printing of required structures Software is free