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Store network Management. Production network Management = SCMSCM used to be called

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Store network Management Professor Stephen R. Lawrence Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309-0419

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Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management = SCM used to be called "coordinations" from the verb loger , "to cabin or quarter" "Multi-echelon Production Control" SCM is an amalgam of customary business and operations capacities: Inventory, coordinations, booking, total arranging, transportation, obtaining, …

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SCM Definitions The specialty of dealing with the stream of materials and items from source to client Set of methodologies used to productively incorporate providers, makers, stockrooms, and stores, so stock is created and conveyed at the correct amounts, to the correct areas, and at the ideal time, keeping in mind the end goal to limit framework wide expenses while fulfilling administration level necessities

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SCM Diagram Vendors Our Firm Customers adjusted from Porter, Competitive Advantage, Free Press, 1985

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SCM Information Flows

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Why an Interest in SCM? Profitability (cost decrease) Timeliness Flexibility Adapted from Professor Joe Geunes

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Key SCM Issues Distribution arrange configuration Determine plant and stockroom areas, limits, and creation/stockpiling levels Inventory Control The motivation behind stock is to abstain from interfering with a supply procedure , be it generation or end client request How would we be able to evade such interruptions at the base aggregate cost? Since we don't have a clue about the future we should depend on figures – how would we utilize these conjectures to set reorder levels and request amounts? Adjusted from Professor Joe Geunes

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Key SCM Issues Distribution technique How would we choose where to hold stock and how to productively transport it to clients? Send specifically from plant to clients in full truckloads? Keep up stocks in territorial stockrooms and disperse locally? Cross-docking procedures? Mix and key associations How included ought to a firm be with providers of both materials and administrations? What level of data sharing is proper? Adjusted from Professor Joe Geunes

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Key SCM Issues Product configuration issues What is the tradeoff between configuration changes and coordinations investment funds? Will outline procedures support against request instabilities? Data innovation What are the noteworthy information that are basic for offering to accomplices? What is the part of the Internet/online business in the majority of this? Client esteem How does production network administration add to client esteem? How do new patterns in client esteem influence inventory network administration? Adjusted from Professor Joe Geunes

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Global SCM Opportunities Trade hindrances declining Regional trans-national exchanging bunches NAFTA European Community Asia Improved transportation frameworks Improved data frameworks

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New Developments in SCM Third gathering coordinations "one-quit shopping" for coordinations administrations joining warehousing, transportation, arrange picking, ... Organizations non-ill-disposed participation between shippers, transporters, and distribution centers Cross-docking

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SCM and Technology Containerization Telecommunications & the Internet Bar-coding & RF following speeds up programmed item and request following Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through Internet PC to-PC arrange section correspondence