" (Stomach muscle) Utilizing ICANN's Methodology as an Approach to minimize Spam"

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Bounce Bruen Garth Bruen. “ (Ab) Using ICANN’s Procedures as a Way to minimize Spam”. Standard Approaches. Channel and Block Identify Spammers Blacklist Criminal Prosecution Civil Litigation Challenge/Response Reputation Protection. Definition: Infrastructure The Front End . ICANN

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Sway Bruen Garth Bruen " (Ab) Using ICANN's Procedures as a Way to minimize Spam"

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Standard Approaches Filter & Block Identify Spammers Blacklist Criminal Prosecution Civil Litigation Challenge/Response Reputation Protection

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Definition: Infrastructure The Front End ICANN Top Level Registrars Retail Registrars ISPs Policies and Procedures Resources Capacity

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Front End Problems Because of: Weak methods Policies not took after Inadequate assets Consquences are : Target rich environment Spam stage Enhances botnets, malware, and so on

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Whois Data Problem Report System WDPRS Whois information precision REQUIRED 15 days to settle whois record Created for simply these grievances One at once grumblings Designed for little numbers

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Modern Complaint Process Match spammers ability Employ expansive scale operations Automate everything Processing spam entries Filing of objections Follow ups

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KnujOn Delivers Massively Scalable Automated Spam Handling Strict Use of ICANN Procedures Once Detected Front End Spam Prevention Compliments Spam Detection & Elimination

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What Is Different Not a honeypot – genuine individuals Spam gathering traverses years Targeting exchange destinations Apply ICANN strategy implementation Scale of dissensions documented ICANN Report 2006: ~45% was Project KnujOn

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250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0 '06 '07 '08 '09 Volume of KnujOn Reports KnujOn Complaint Volume Through ICANN WDPR 2008 foreseen will be 4 times that of 2007

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KnujOn – Key Processes "Take after the cash" User submitted spam (ftp or email) ‏ Spam broke down for Transaction site Whois information gained & checked Automated protestation recorded if not exact Follow up

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MetaData Large Database We can associate Scam locales & people Sites & criminal gatherings Groups, ISPs, Registrars Analyze patterns

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Scale Problem 50,000,000 Registrations in 2007 50,000 Complaints - Apparent Limit Off by three requests of extent Shutdown 55,000+ (PoC) 20,000-25,000/day entries

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93% of Complaints at 10 Registrars All different enlistment centers 10 Registrars "Enormous" Problem Actually Small

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Repairing the Infrastructure Evaluate recorder administrations Rate recorders Rate ISPs Challenge Privacy Protection Test Whois Services Identifying Fake DNS servers

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Registrar Evaluation Number of grievances Filed & add up to Acknowledgment/convenience Action taken Rot days Engaged

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Rot Days "Spoil days" = Suspend date – document date Should be shorter than: Tasting days = 5 days (Add Grace Period) ‏ Average life time = 5 days (UCSD paper) ‏ Unfortunately expanding

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Rot Days

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Sample Registrar Rating Caveats Only uses our recorded protests Relative appraisals matter Small specimen n = 9 (~1000 enlistment centers) ‏ Better & more regrettable enlistment centers exist Only .com numbers

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Example Rating Table Registrar Total Domains Complaints Filed Complaints rate MONIKER 1,956,780 29,855 1.53% directnfo 1,064,697 9,201 0.86% ENOM 6,179,440 39,609 0.64% BIZCN 223,728 815 0.36% NETSOL 5,046,746 15,397 0.31% Markmon 206,593 594 0.29% TUCOWS 4,552,986 7,646 0.17% nameking 788,110 713 0.09% GODADDY 15,295,392 12,036 0.08% Sorted by Rate – Smaller is better

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Goals Fix the WDPRS Enforce the guidelines Audit the Registrars Terminate the awful enlistment centers

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Thank You Bob Bruen bob.bruen@coldrain.net http://www.coldrain.net Garth Bruen garth.bruen@coldrain.net http://www.knujon.com