Stockholm third November 2008

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Stockholm third November 2008 Social Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) 2009 Work Program Dr Ian PERRY Research in the monetary, sociologies and humanitites – forthcoming DG Research - European Commission

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European Research Area – Lisbon and Barcelona Freedom of learning: The fifth EU flexibility New perspectives: Ljubljana handle RTD: Third EU arrangement in budgetary terms (after CAP and Structural assets) FP7: Major motivating force for joint effort among European analysts and their foundations More than EUR 50 billion for 2007-2013 European Research

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Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in FP7 "Limits" Program: Infrastructures Science in Society ERC - "Thoughts" Program: Five SSH Panels "Collaboration" Program: Theme 8: SSH in different Themes "Individuals" Program: Marie Curie

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Socio-financial Sciences and Humanities: In numerous Cooperation "Topics" like sustenance, horticulture, condition, vitality, transport… In Theme 8 : particular program SSH with a generous increment of the financial plan EUR 623 millions (2007-2013) "Participation" Program

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Addressing real difficulties confronting EU and the World : Growth, business, intensity, information society Combining monetary, social and natural goals: vitality, farming, provincial and urban issues Major patterns in Society: demography, personal satisfaction, social connections Global associations and relationship; clashes and peace Participation, popular government, administration; European diversities and shared traits Structure of SSH in FP7

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Addressing cross cutting exercises: Socio-financial and logical markers Foresight exercises (key difficulties for the group and research frameworks and approaches) Communication and abuse of results Structure of SSH in FP7

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2009 Work Program Funding plans Collaborative ventures (Call A) Research for the advantage of Specific Groups – Civil Society Organizations (Call A) Collaborative undertakings for Specific International Cooperation Actions – SICA (Call B) Coordination and Support Actions (Call C)

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2009 Work Program Overview Three Calls for proposition: SSH-2009-An (EUR 55 M) SSH-2009-B (EUR 6 M) SSH-2009-C (EUR 6.2 M) Call distribution: 3 September 2008 Call Closure: 13 January 2009 at 17.00

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2009 WP Funding plans Eligibility criteria (least) CP: 3 MS and AC BSG–CSO: 3 MS and AC, no less than one CSO CSA–CA: 3 MS and AC CSA–SA: 1 legitimate element CP–SICA: 4 lawful elements – 2 from MS or AC and 2 from ICPC CP: Collaborative venture (little or medium-scale centered research extend) BSG-CSO: Research for Benefit of Specific Groups – Civil Society Organizations CSA-CA: Coordination and Support Action – Coordinating CSA-SA: Coordination and Support Action – Supporting CP-SICA: Collaborative venture – Specific International Cooperation Action

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2009 WP Funding plans and qualification Eligibility Criteria – Financial Thresholds Maximum EC Requested Contribution Call A: Collaborative tasks EUR 2.7 M Call A: BSG–CSO EUR 1 M Call B: CP–SICA EUR 3 M Call C: CSA–CA and CSA–SA no money related breaking points characterized as qualification criteria Proposals outside these budgetary cutoff points will be viewed as ineligible.

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2009 WP Evaluation Criteria Scientific as well as innovative perfection Quality and effectiveness of the usage and administration Potential effect through the advancement, spread and utilization of venture results For Call A, the primary assessment foundation will incorporate the accompanying extra sub-measure: "proper similar point of view and the biggest conceivable European scope in connection to the proposed inquire about"

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Main perspectives Work Program 2009 is a rationale supplement of the principal Call 2007 – 2008: reliable with the Specific Program, comparing to critical logical and future arrangement needs . Every one of the Activities are secured; the difficulties are multidisciplinary and they ask for incorporation of the considerable number of orders balancedly (monetary, social, social, political); quantitative and subjective methodologies are asked. Accentuation on : the universal/worldwide measurement, humanities, techniques for investigation and appraisal, premonition.

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Main viewpoints Support to EU Policies: ERA, Lisbon, Sustainable Development, Renewed Social Agenda, Cohesion, Security, Cultural Interactions, European Citizenship… International collaboration is reinforced. Correspondence is subject of escalated endeavors.

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Activity 8.1 : Growth, work and intensity in an information society – the European case Area 8.1.1: Changing part of learning all through the economy Topic SSH-2009-1.1.1 Education in an European learning society Modern aptitudes for youngsters in an information society, commitment of SSH to the advancement of such abilities, diminishment of imbalances, part of performing artists (understudies, educators, unions, managers, and so forth.) in transforming the instruction frameworks.

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Activity 8.1 : Growth, work and aggressiveness in a learning society – the European case Area 8.1.2: Structural changes in the European knowledge economy and society Topic: SSH-2009-1.2.1 Growth and administration enterprises Empirical investigation of administration businesses in Europe; concentrate on efficiency, internationalization, and so forth.; adequacy of strategy instruments.

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Activity 8.1: Growth, business and aggressiveness in a learning society – the European case Area 8.1.3: Strengthening arrangement intelligibility and coordination in Europe Topic: SSH-2009-1.3.1 Public monetary approach for development Quality and viability of open intercession in getting satisfactory development (tax assessment government consumption, open establishment and control, and so forth.); arrangement alternatives to bolster the Lisbon Strategy.

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Activity 8.2: Combining monetary, social and natural targets in an European viewpoint – Paths towards SD Area 8.2.1: Socio-financial advancement directions Topic: SSH-2009-2.1.1 New financial ideas, outlook change and regional progression in a long haul point of view New models, 2030-2050, vitality transport-condition land-utilize, adjustment to worldwide changes. Theme: SSH-2009-2.1.3 Impacts of corporate social obligation Empirical prove required: apparatuses & estimation on CSR affect at organization/sectoral or spatial levels.

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Activity 8.2 : Combining financial, social and ecological destinations in an European viewpoint: ways towards SD Area 8.2.1: Socio-monetary improvement directions Topic: SSH-2009-2.1.2 Cities and practical advancement Key issues for manageable advancement issues in creating nations (more than 1 M tenants); financial, social, social, natural, administration perspectives (China, India, Mexico, Brazil and African nations).

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Activity 8.2: Combining financial, social and ecological goals in an European point of view – Paths towards SD Area 8.2.2: Regional, regional and social union Topic: SSH-2009-2.2.1 Social disparities, their suggestions and arrangement choices Increased or new social imbalances: social, social and political effect in the long(er) term.

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Activity 8.3: Major patterns in the public arena and their suggestions Area 8.3.2: Societal patterns and ways of life Topic: SSH-2009-3.2.1 Changes in utilization and purchaser advertises New patterns in buyers' practices, social and social ramifications, variables affecting buyers' decision, connection to SD . Theme: SSH-2009-3.2.2 Social stage on research for families and family approaches Stock-taking => societal & strategy needs + partner interest => future research plan

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Activity 8.3 : Major patterns in the public arena and their suggestions Topic: SSH-2009-3.2.3 Quality of work and effect on personal satisfaction and economy Better occupations (Lisbon): contrary + constructive working patterns => cooperative energies conceivable?

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Activity 8.3: Major patterns in the public arena and their suggestions Area 8.3.3: Cultural collaborations in a global perspective Topic: SSH-2009-3.3.1 Tolerance and social differing qualities Normative and reasonable methodologies; recorded and contemporary models; part of instructive frameworks. Theme: SSH-2009-3.3.2 Religion and secularism crosswise over Europe Interaction of religious and common qualities, convictions, practices and its results for strategy detailing.

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Activity 8.4: Europe and the world Area 8.4.1: Interactions and relationships between world regions and their suggestions Topic: SSH-2009-4.1.1 Competition and joint effort in access to oil, gas and mineral assets Role of business sectors, innovation, global direction, and so on in molding rivalry and coordinated effort; interface between proficiency, equity and reasonableness crosswise over eras (time scale up to newt 20-30 years).

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Activity 8.4 : Europe in the World Area 8.4.1: Interactions and associations amongst world regions and their suggestions Topic: SSH-2009-4.1.2 Geopolitics and the part of Europe in a changing world Support to "Range examines" groups and organizations represented considerable authority in Asian, African, Latin America, Middle East, Mediterranean, Russian reviews; change in geopolitics with respect to political influence, dispersion of riches and assets, visitor clashes.

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Activity 8.4 : Europe and the world Area 8.4.2: Conflicts, peace and human rights Topic: SSH-2009-4.2.1 Climate incited changes in water assets in southern Europe and neighboring nations as a danger to security Coordinated with the ENVIRONMENT Research Program: center here is around financial institutional parts of relief, adjustment, strife Prevention. Center in ENV is around territorial displaying. ( Applicants ought to see both Calls, and pick where to apply)

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