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´╗┐STEP SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION AND EDUCATIONAL PROSPERITY ANNUAL REPORT 2006 In 2006, Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity-STEP, went into 6th year of its group economical Development. There are part of exposures reestablishments are drawn nearer Through people group based exercises. The inner and outside assessments The sharing of group of neighborhood STEP Members encounters The interest with the Local and national gatherings. Collaboration and participatory exercises with grassroots associations. The systems administration with nearby and national associations. STEP is independent in human potential by volunteers and neighborhood Community cooperation. The Team of STEP and Local people group is resolved to encourage the grassroots group for the Education and social Transformation for the ecological Prosperity Starting from the self recognizing, self bolstered formative exercises and projects. The principle goal of this report is to keep individuals and supporters mindful of STEP exercises, issues experienced, targets, and neighborhood exercises with the groups. STEP might want to thank the Team of STEP and Community day and night endeavors, every one of the individuals who contribute and give Finical and good support to the advancement of denied group of the Society. Foundation:- Social Transformation & Educational thriving STEP is a little association working with grassroots groups of Faisalabad ghetto , urban and remote provincial territories. For manageable advancement. STEP began work with the group in 2000.All the individuals made their aspiration to create groups by coordination and investment. Social Transformation &Educational Prosperity-STEP did not grow enormous exercises but rather executed little communit y based exercises. STEP accepts on participatory work so every one of the exercises that we have composed public support are the principle component. Either by their material commitment or by Human Resources. Goals: To build up the group in their current assets. To advance grass root level group based formative exercises. To work for the diminishment of sexual orientation segregation To bolster the denied ladies of the general public To work for the better wellbeing, peace & concordance and instructive limited time exercises.

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Contents of STEP Activities:- Local Activities with group Health Activities Education and Training Capacity Building Work shops and Training National and International days Celebration Youth Women Collaboration with nearby NGOs and CBOs Environment/Agriculture (Meeting with ranchers (Kisan) Peace and Harmony Activities Old Age mind Center Work get ready for the Rehabilitation for incapacitates Failures/Problems experienced amid this year Future Evaluation and Plans Resources of STEP Organizational Structure STEP President amid Local Community meeting Community month meeting with STEP. Group gatherings with nearby Community:- STEP has proceed with month to month gatherings with the neighborhood level group for the advancement and improvement Activities recognized by the group

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Community gatherings with nearby Community:- STEP has proceed with month to month gatherings with the neighborhood level group for the advancement and advancement Activities distinguished by the group. In this month to month meeting, there are a few issues which are talked about and planed for their aggregate Development. There were primary issues for the year of 2006.Community Awareness gatherings on month to month premise Advantages of Education and future plansHow sports make constructive intuition , youthfuture Youth individual prepping arranging and their Tendency.Christmas Celebration with Community Summary:- STEP is working with the distinctive regions and group of Faisalabad at grass root level. With the month to month meeting with old individuals, youth and kids. There were numerous issues talked about and assigned issues and issues.Thecommunitysharedtheirideasandfinally those issues acquired the, Seminars, rally, Sportsand in Exhibitions.Thecommunity examined their issues that how they are inadequate in EducationalOpportunitiesEmployment openings Girls/Boys Skilled trainingsHealthfacilitiesLeadershiptrainings Peace and Harmony Social and Economic issues Results:- The people group themselves Finalized that their solidarity and ceaselessly gatherings with STEP Organization Contribution and endeavors will change the fate from dimness to light.

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Health Activities:- Participants of the tyke avoidance day STEP has begun Awareness Programs in the neighborhoods there Poor wellbeing, less salary, less space to live and more youngsters. Venture amid kid avoidance daySTEP has Started Seminars, Door to entryway Campaign and rally for awareness.One day Seminar about the mindfulness and safety measures upon Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever at nearby level.Themes were the way individuals can keep their home clean, cover drinking water, and clean the growth (Plants-bottles) under the plants. Sorted out by STEP on Saturday 28th 2006. The principle thought process was to give data about the mosquitoes and Dengue fever and give direction how they can spare their self from this infection. Venture amid youngster counteractive action day Participant of kid aversion

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HIV/AIDS Awareness program with Local Community of Faisalabad Pakistan. (Human Immune Virus) mindfulness and general Precautions. The intentions: - on 1 st of December 2006 Introduction of HIV/AIDS Awareness and precautionary measures. To Provide Facts and figures of AIDS patients International, National and at neighborhood level. Inspiration to used nearby assets for better wellbeing. Support of neighborhood NGO's CBOs and new Generation people group bunches. Wellbeing safety measures mindfulness for the better strength of the new Generation. Mindfulness program for the ladies against some deadly Diseases. Family arranging and Awareness Poor wellbeing Infant passings and handicap Door to entryway mindfulness volunteers gatherings. The number of inhabitants in Pakistan is 165,803,560 (as indicated by the July 2006 gauge). Populace development rate is 2.09%. HIV/AIDS-Adult Prevalence rate 0.1% (as per the 2001 evaluated) People are living with HIV/AIDS 74,000 (as indicated by the 2001 assessed) HIV/AIDS-passings 4,900(according to the 2003 assessed now there will be all the more then this). There are around 40 million individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

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Globally just 1.3 million individuals have admittance to treatment HIV/AIDS is expanding in each locale on the planet. Member of various nearby association amid limit building program Capacity Building Work shop Collaboration with Local association. STEP took an interest Capacity building programs with AWARD Association Faisalabad with various work shops. Extend Proposal & report composing Basic book keep Community association Evaluation and Monitoring

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The president of STEP, General Secretary and Finance Secretary took an interest in Capacity building one year program. Destinations of the Program: To orchestrate work search for neighborhood youth gatherings and NGOs To give plat frame to direction To give essential commonsense practice To open up the concealed qualities in social gatherings and underscored on collaboration. Instructive Activities:- STEP is extremely dynamic in Formal training the school (Mashal-e-Rah show school) has turned out to be exceptionally famous in the nearby community.People of the range felt change and changing in their children. We couldn't build up more classes because of absence of assets for the school There was change in Adult training more young ladies have begun to come at night time to start with there were 13 young ladies yet now there are 23 young ladies and young men. There is likewise data instruction for the school dropouts and working young men. We have our underscored upon talented instruction soon PC training Beauty cantina Education and courses. National and International Days Celebration:- Motives of the International Days Celebration:- The fundamental concentration of the STEP to persuade the general population. To give Facts and figure to the Local people group.

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NGOs and CBOs investments Arrangement of sharing campaigning, To organize the plat frame for the nearby Impacts of the Programs:- People know the estimation of nowadays in their neighborhood dialect They impart to each other their qualities They know each other in the better way They know their essential rights. Work for the Women and youth: STEP has primary concentrate on youth of which is tomorrow's future Deprived ladies of the general public are likewise getting the upside of getting grown-up instruction and others gifted Trainings. Coordinated effort with Local NGOs:- STEP has Joint the bunch of the neighborhood Organization for the diverse Activities Combine. Venture in the Field of Agriculture:- STEP utilizing the neighborhood sources with Kissan in the farming field. If seed to the poor rancher to begin their work Trees for the manor to make free our nation from Pollution. Peace and Harmony Activities:- STEP has orchestrated distinctive peace energizes among various religions and Sects. Disappointments/Problems experienced:- In 2006 STEP has made part of progress with it there are issues experienced Could not work to enhance the essential medical issues because of assets. Couldn't set up free dispensary because of assets. Couldn't stay in contact with various towns ladies because of absence of transport office. Couldn't begin HIV/AIDS mindfulness because of assets. Couldn't give the more office at mashal-e-Rah demonstrate school because of assets. Couldn't begin salary producing work with nearby ladies and young ladies because of specialized machines. Couldn't proceed with alleviation endeavors for the earth shudder casualties because of absence of assets. Future Evaluation and arrangements:- Women s day member composed by STEP part having bunch practice amid ladies day workshop