Step by step instructions to make a Chinese Dragon

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´╗┐Instructions to make a Chinese Dragon By 3A and Mrs Lim

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Step 1 To make the mythical serpent we required a crate, some wire, scissors, yarn,Spray paint, stick, chimes, polystyrene balls,glitter, daily paper, 2m of material , scrap material and a sewing pack.

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step 2 Use the case as the set out toward the winged serpent. Utilizing the wire you make the ears, horns, and the mouth. Fill these with daily paper then append them to the crate. Paper mache the case utilizing portions of daily paper.

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Step 3 Cut the scrap material into strips to put in favor of the huge bit of material. Utilize alternate scraps to return on the of the winged serpent. Sew it into place.

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Step 4 We needed to put numerous layers of paper mache to make the head exceptionally solid. Following a couple days we began laying white paper once again the news paper.

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Step 5 After the head was extremely solid, we began painting the highest point of the head blue. After it was dry we painted the lower half of the head.

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Step 6 We painted all the head with the exception of the teeth and the eyes. This is with the goal that we could paint them exceptional hues to make the head look more reasonable.

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Step 7 We painted the teeth yellow and the eyes white with dark understudies. We painted the inward mouth dark and put a little sparkle in it.

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Step 8 We put little openings in the side of the make a beeline for make it simpler for the individual inside to hold it up. Behind our winged serpent is another mythical serpent made by an alternate school.

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Step 9 We made the polystyrene balls as the nostrils and put a little sparkle on them. We likewise appended them with wire.

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Step 10 This is a side on perspective of the monster's head. We painted the side gold and green with a little glitter.Then we added chimes to the mouth.

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completed mythical beast Using some wire to append the back to the head. This is a photo of the completed monster.

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Finished This is the mythical serpent completed with individuals in it.