Step by step instructions to Interpret CAP Proficiency Testing Evaluations

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The most effective method to Interpret CAP Proficiency Testing Evaluations Elaine Staley, MT(ASCP) Compliance Officer St. Luke's Hospital – Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

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Objectives Identify execution issues by assessing information gave on the PT assessment and Participant Summary List investigational systems for reacting to Proficiency Testing Exception Summary (PTES) Assemble a quarterly audit of PT scores by utilizing the All Analyte Scorecard

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e-Lab Solutions The most ideal approach to view CAP assessments is to utilize e-Lab Solutions Request access from your organization's manager

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CAP Evaluations 101 Printed Evaluation Exception Codes Interactive Evaluation Participant Summary

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CAP Evaluation What Should You Review? Assess each analyte and example for negative/positive inclination, patterns or moves Evaluate ungraded difficulties If an assessment criteria is not recorded in the Participant Summary you can utilize data gave by producer or utilize Rhoads

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Education Challenges Code 26 POC.03275 Phase II N/A YES NO Is there confirmation of assessment and, if showed, remedial activity because of "unacceptable" results on the capability testing reports and aftereffects of the option execution appraisal framework? Take note of: The assessment must archive the particular reason(s) for the "unacceptable" result(s) and moves made to decrease the likelihood of repeat. This must be done inside one month after the POCT program gets its assessment. What's more, each ungraded test, each instructive test, and each scene of nonparticipation must be assessed and corrective activity established as fitting.

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Review Results to Prevent Failure

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First Instrument

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Second Instrument

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Evaluation Review Is There Something Wrong?

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Reviewing Ungraded/Educational Challenges

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Reviewing Ungraded/Educational Challenges Continued

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Reviewing Ungraded/Educational Challenges Continued

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Proficiency Testing Exception Summary (PTES) Unsatisfactory PT execution Failure to achieve the base tasteful score for an analyte, test, subspecialty, or claim to fame for a testing occasion. Unsuccessful PT execution (2 of 3 testing occasions) Failure to accomplish the base agreeable score for an analyte, test, subspecialty, or claim to fame for two continuous or two of three successive testing occasions. Basic PT execution (3 of 4 testing occasions) Failure to achieve the base attractive score for an analyte, test, subspecialty, or claim to fame for three back to back or three of four sequential testing occasions. A research center should quickly stop testing for that analyte or the train.

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PTES Response College of American Pathologists How to Respond to Unsatisfactory Proficiency Testing Events Example

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Reasons for Failure

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Review Images On-Line

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Use Images for Training Example

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All Analyte Score Card What is it and How Can it Help? The all analyte score card can be sifted different ways Results can be downloaded into PDF or Excel organize Provides a total rundown for quality group

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Example of All Analyte Score Card

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CAP Accepted PT Providers AccuTest (Healthmetrx Digital PT) American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) American Proficiency Institute (API) American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) College of American Pathologists (CAP) Control Laboratory PT Program South-Eastern Organ Procurement Foundation (SEOPF) Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Proficiency Testing Program (WSLH)

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CAP LAP Audioconference POCT and CAP Accreditation Selwyn J. Baptist, MD, FCAP September 20, 2006 1:00 – 2:00 pm Free enlistment to foundations authorize by CAP

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AACC Southeast POC Chapter Point-of-Care-Testing: Evidenced Based Practices and Regulatory Issues November 2-4, 2006 Francis Marion Hotel Charleston, South Carolina

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Central Florida POC Network sixth Annual Health First Point-of-Care Conference and Exhibition Friday, November seventeenth, 2006 Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach, FL

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References GP27-A Using Proficiency Testing (PT) to Improve the Clinical Laboratory College of American Pathologists How to Respond to Unsatisfactory Proficiency Testing Events What to do With PT Providers – 2004 LAP Audioconference – Gerald Hoeltge, MD CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program Manual

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Thank You Contact Information Elaine Staley, MT(ASCP) E-mail –