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How to be Cyclist Friendly Welcome cyclists as equivalent clients of streets Pass great cycling laws Run a viable instruction program Train police Deter street seethe Build fitting bicycle offices Test, settle & check vehicle indicators Fix/Avoid street dangers Encourage bike transportation Cyclists passage best when they act and are dealt with as drivers of vehicles Fred Oswald May 2008

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Why a Cyclist Friendly Program? Beat Misinformation Authority figure "instructors" with no preparation or experience "Lessons" are "a word of wisdom", not arranged educational programs Teaching in view of dread, not appropriate strategy Belief that cyclists are sub-par clients of streets Prevent Errors Having risky & unfair activity laws Confusing cyclists with people on foot Building improper isolated offices Violating principles of the street Indifference to provocation & attack Ignoring street dangers Cyclist Friendly means advancing best practices and treating cyclists reasonably Fred Oswald 10/2004

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1. Welcome cyclists as equivalent clients of streets Publicly declare that cyclists have a place out and about Inform residents that walkways are for people on foot Enforce movement laws decently Have open authorities and police set great illustration Consider cyclists outline clients of streets  Every activity path is a bicycle lane!  Fred Oswald May 2008

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2. Pass Good Cycling Laws Promote best and most secure practices Expect cyclists to take after same activity laws Make principles of the street uniform Eliminate unfair bicycle rules OBF 'Great Cycling Laws Award' to Brook Park Cyclists merit rise to assurance under the law Fred Oswald May 2003

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Traffic Laws are critical in light of the fact that Traffic laws shape - How cyclists are instructed to ride How the police treat cyclists What the motoring open anticipates from cyclists What happens in court or with protection adjustor if a cyclist has a crash Uniform movement laws advance safe, & productive go for all. Paul Schimak Jan 2003 Fred Oswald May 2008

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Typical Invalid Bicycle Ordinances These are additionally conflicting with Ohio Law Ordinances contradictory with safe operation and uniform principles 373.15 (b) Wherever an assigned way for bikes has been given neighboring a road, bike riders should utilize such way and might not utilize the road. (c) … At no time might a bicyclist less than eight years old years work a bike on a road. (f) No individual might ride a bike crosswise over or through a convergence when crossing a through road. Such convergences are to be crossed by strolling the bike crosswise over or through the convergence. These disregard ORC §4511.07(A)(8) Fred Oswald Aug 2006

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3. Run a successful instruction program Use broad communications for general data Flyers, gifts & publications spread message Sponsor 'Ride the Right Way Day' Work with scouts, youth bunches, schools, guardians Teach engineers & organizers about 'bike driving' Run workshops & classes for nitty gritty preparing Don't rehash awful exhortation! Fred Oswald Jun 2004

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Break the cycle of falsehood Misinformed grown-ups "Teach" Grow up Photo demonstrates youngster riding incorrectly path from front of "Safe Routes to School" DOT HS 809 497, Sep 2002. Youngsters Fred Oswald Sep 2006

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Beware of " GOOD" ADVICE "Remain off the beaten path of autos" "Dependably ride on the walkway" "Ride as far all right" "You could be dead right" "Ride as if different drivers can't see you" Don't rehash awful counsel since it "sounds great" Fred Oswald Mar 2005

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Teach your children: 'Drive your Bike!' A bicycle is not a toy. It's a kid's first vehicle. Bikes are vehicles Operate by principles of the street. Show kids the correct way. There is a great deal more to learn and instruct about cycling than what we were educated as children. Fred Oswald Sep 2002

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4. Prepare Police must acknowledge cyclists as drivers Police must comprehend appropriate path position IPMBA trains bike police Reach all individuals from dept., not simply bicycle watch Encourage 'best practices' Police must set a decent case by riding on street An all around prepared cop is the cyclist's companion. A misled officer can ruin your day. Fred Oswald Apr 2003

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5. Prevent street seethe Publicly express that badgering (strike) is a wrongdoing Have formally dressed police seen riding in occupied activity Establish approach to respond to dependable reports Make record of all episodes Tell culprit: 'Don't attempt it once more.' Use covert police if necessary (and advance) Establish instructive "redirection" program for violators Take street seethe genuinely! Fred Oswald Apr 2003

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6. Manufacture fitting bicycle offices Well-composed streets are as of now useful for cycling Wide control paths lessen strain between clients Fix openings, splits, deplete grates, and so on. Secure stopping, not 'wheel drinking sprees' Avoid perilous parallel offices Multi-utilize way OK for "alternate way" or entertainment Don't mistake diversion for transportation  Every activity path is a bicycle lane!  Fred Oswald Sep 2004

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Door zone bicycle path "Don't put a hindrance before the visually impaired" Leviticus 19:14 Avoid improper bike "settlement" "Considerate disregard" might be a superior approach "Casket corner" Wrong way bicycle course Fred Oswald Dec 2007

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Understand Issues: Narrow Lane Cyclists have lawful right and wellbeing commitment to utilize the full path if excessively tight, making it impossible to impart to engine vehicles Properly-set Share the Lane marker (does not energize riding in entryway zone). Fred Oswald Aug 2008

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7. Test, settle & stamp vehicle finders Most work by means of attractive inductance Test for affectability & change Mark 'sweet spot' Teach open how to utilize Nonworking indicators support wilderness Video identifier Detector "sweet spots" Type A circle straightforward dipole (little target) Type Q circle quadrupole (bigger target) Sweet spot set apart with stencil Fred Oswald Sep 2006 Diagrams from Dan Gutierrez

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8. Alter street perils Fix openings, splits & grates that cause falls Establish risk "hotline" or page Add crevices to thunder strips Beware of hazardous separate offices Train authorities about bike driving Safer mesh establishment 'Bicycle Safe' mesh (But at Unsafe carport area) Fred Oswald Aug 2006

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9. Energize bike transportation Publicize 'bicycle to work' & ride for errands Distribute 'how to' information. Support secure bicycle stopping Promote 'ensured ride home' at businesses Recommend shower & changing offices City authorities set case (chairman's ride, and so forth.) (Set a decent case with such rides.) For extra data, see the Cyclist Friendly Cities "Toolbox" in the backing segment at  Every activity path is a bicycle lane!  Fred Oswald Apr 2003

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