Step by step instructions to be a Distinguished Club

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Twin Oaks Toastmasters Goals Are

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Instructions to be a Distinguished Club by Jackie Basa, President 2006-07 March 14, 2007 The Successful Club Series

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Twin Oaks Toastmasters Goals Are… Two CCs Two more CCs One AC-B, AC-S or AC-G One more AC-B, AC-S or AC-G One CL, AL or DTM One more CL, AL or DTM

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Twin Oaks Toastmasters Goals Are… Four new individuals Four all the more new individuals Minimum of four Club officers prepared for each term One semi-yearly report and one club officer list submitted on-time Membership necessity: At slightest 20 individuals OR net development of no less than five new individuals at June 30.

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When we… Achieve five of 10 objectives Achieve seven of 10 objectives Achieve nine of 10 objectives We are a… Distinguished Club Select Distinguished Club President's Distinguished Club! Grants

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Our Key is the Club Success Plan… List 10 objectives Helps decide how to meet objectives Allows us to set more objectives Outlines methodologies Identifies assets Has extra space for assignments, timetables, following