States of mind Towards Religious Plurality: Exclusivism, Inclusivism Religious Pluralism

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States of mind Towards Religious Plurality: Exclusivism, Inclusivism & Religious Pluralism

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Web Resources for Writing Your Essay How to compose a decent exposition on my site at: Here are a few proposals for doing references: Both these connections can be found on my website:

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Some Basic Research Resources in Textbook Nancy S. Jecker, Joseph A. Carrese, and Robert A. Pearlman, "Caring for Patients in Cross-Cultural Settings," from Readings in Health Care Ethics . Elisabeth Boetzkes, "Integrity in Cross-Cultural Clinical Encounters," from Readings in Health Care Ethics .

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Two Conflicting Obligations for Health Care Providers The medicinal supplier "can't be required to damage basic individual qualities" (90) "The methods [of healthcare] utilized ought to be perfect with the patient's qualities" (90) "Supplier ought to step up with regards to recognizing elective commonly pleasing methodologies to meet [healthcare] objectives" (89)

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Resolving Conflicts Case 1 : Request for female circumcision—Doctor's objective: No—Patient's family: Yes—Resolution: None Case 2 : Mr Begay's Hypertension—Doctor's objective: Communicate honestly about dangers of horrible occasions—Mr Begay's objective: Help me yet don't "witch" me—Resolution: Doctor can embrace a less negative type of correspondence

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Case 3: Mrs Tsosie Admitted with history of Rheumatic coronary illness Allowed certain tests, however rejected lumbar cut to discount meningitis Distrusted obtrusive methodology and needed to be released to go to recuperating function Medical suppliers felt it is careless to release given the dangers of death and the possibility to treat meningitis

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Intractable Conflicts? On occasion "no down to earth quantify might be accessible that is steady with the qualities embraced by both sides." (95) How would it be a good idea for one to adhere to a meaningful boundary between case 1 and case 2? What is the degree and breaking points of the act of resilience?

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Foundations for Hope and the Ability to Cope Studies show that in times of emergency the capacity to adapt relates to the "people's capacity to have a religious or profound measurement in their lives" "respondents [typically] noticed the significance of the focal individuals throughout their life as of now of emergency, in particular family, companions and therapeutic individuals" (Meier, St. James O'Connor, VanKatwyk, 2005)

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Exclusivism The view that holds that one's religion alone is correct and different religions that vary from it are prohibited from being correct Roman Catholic position pre-1979: "outside the Church there is no salvation", yet then John Paul II expressed "each man with no exemption whatever—has been recovered by Christ, and . . . with each man with no special case whatever—Christ is in a way joined notwithstanding when man is ignorant of it"

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Inclusivism The view that one's religion alone can be correct, yet that different religions may take an interest in its rightness as are incorporated Thomas Aquinas contended that salvation was commenced on unequivocal convictions as well as "certain" (convictions communicated implicitly through practice) Karl Rahner is a Catholic Theologian of the twentieth c. who has developed this view with his idea of "unknown Christianity" Some Protestant & numerous Hindu and Buddhist gatherings embrace inclusivism

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Religious Pluralism The view that clashing religions of the world can all be correct John Hick is the principal 20 th c. advocate of this view Has establishes backpedaling in all the world religions Most celebrated expression is the Indian story of the visually impaired men and the elephant

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Hick's Religious Pluralism