State Server farm Light Sparing Time Venture February 15, 2007

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange directors must introduce ... BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise heads must alter the ...

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State Data Center Daylight Saving Time Project February 15, 2007

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What is the (DST) Change? U.S. Vitality Act of 2005 expands Daylight Saving Time for 4 weeks First change in 20 years Intended to diminish vitality utilization Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time begins second Sunday in March and finishes first Sunday in November What areas are influenced? U.S. Canada and Bermuda (fitting in with U.S. DST change) Other nations that have time/date subordinate exchanges, applications or bolster administrations with nations that are changing DST broad Issue Required framework changes might be far reaching

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What Should Each Enterprise Do? Evaluate their surroundings for probability and potential effect All Information Technology frameworks might be affected so appraisal ought to incorporate programming, equipment and working frameworks from any provider Remember that the effect might be much more extensive than just Information Technology frameworks Determine which key business procedures are time touchy Develop venture particular activity arranges Determine where item changes should be made Decide where Java apparatus ought to be utilized ColdFusion suggestions Match item change accessibility with support windows to moderate effect

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What is the Potential Impact - Enterprise? Affect exists in undertakings that Use robotized timetable or planning capacities Utilize date and time stamps Process or control dates or times Software, Operating Systems and Firmware may oblige changes to DST rules Examples of cases in which changes might be expected to apply the new DST decides Enterprises that have frameworks anyplace on the planet that bolster clients, exchanges or applications associating with frameworks in nations changing DST might be affected Systems subject to precise sequencing of exchanges Systems/applications with inherent principles about DST Custom applications that have implanted DST decides Standardized code libraries that keep DST rules Calendar/mail applications that consequently change for DST rules

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Things to consider It's not about NTP, it about Time Zones. Try not to trust the "no reboot required" explanation. Keep in mind the DST end date, November fourth, with the goal that you are legitimately setting up your framework to handle the end and in addition the begin of DST. While there are numerous zones of your IT framework that should be investigated, a few issues to give careful consideration to include: Batch forms Backup windows Messaging frameworks time stamps and work process Applications utilizing hard coded schedules Global applications outside of the US which US clients utilize

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Tips to help you begin Create an agenda of equipment, programming, applications and other IT frameworks merchants utilized by your association. Be in contact with every one to get the most cutting-edge data. Keep a running rundown with the goal that you'll know which things are dealt with and which you'll have to physically upgrade. Inform your line staff of the DST issue, with the goal that they will be set up for any minor glitches that may happen on March eleventh. Test your framework ahead of time of March tenth so you know in which glitches you may face, and which you can unravel before the DST change . Work with your gathering to make emergency courses of action if any interruptions may happen. Subsequent to applying patches or manual fixes, direct tests to check that the best possible times and dates are created. Audit all applications and their collaborations with different applications for DST change consistence. Check with outside administration suppliers to guarantee that they are adjusting their own particular frameworks to consent to the progressions so your frameworks are not adversely influenced . Have IT faculty booked to be accessible amid the DST change on March 11 so they can repair any issues that emerge, and give them all around characterized acceleration methodology to manage any conditions.

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Helpful insights to Minimize Impact When arranging a meeting amid the Extended DST period, compose the right meeting time in the title or body of the message. For instance, incorporate the accompanying content in the title or body of the message: Project arranging meeting – 8:30 a.m. Consider any arrangements in the Extended DST period to be suspect. If all else fails, confirm the right time with the coordinator. Consider printing out your week by week timetables amid the Extended DST period.

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What about Blackberry? Hazards notwithstanding the show time on the BlackBerry gadget not transitioning effectively when the new DST begin and closures dates happen, there is an effect to the schedule includes on the BlackBerry gadget. The way a logbook arrangement is influenced relies on upon whether it was made utilizing an old DST table (i.e. no fix connected) with chronicled DST data or utilizing another DST table (i.e. after fix is connected) with the upgraded 2007 DST data. Stages – Enterprise Servers Microsoft Exchange Novell GroupWise IBM Lotus Domino Devices Desktop Software

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Risks of not overhauling the BlackBerry Scenarios Scenario #1: Any single case or repeating arrangements that were made utilizing the new DST table, begin in the predefined windows, and show utilizing an old DST table, show up 1 hour early. Situation #2: Any single example or repeating arrangements that were made utilizing the old DST table and begin in the predetermined windows, and show utilizing the new DST table , show up 1 hour late.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange No patches to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange are required from Research In Motion BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange directors must introduce the most recent Microsoft CDO DST upgrade. Visit for more data and to download a trial rendition of this redesign. Adaptation 6.5 of CDO, which is incorporated with the DST upgrade, is proposed for use with Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Manager. Edge suggests that chairmen redesign the BlackBerry Enterprise Server PC to utilize the Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Manager. Edge is right now testing the effect of running this Microsoft CDO upgrade on other informing and joint effort servers. NOTE : When the DST 2007 Hot Fix is connected to the Microsoft Exchange server this will likewise incorporate the "Send As" consents change. See "KB04707" for more data at

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell resolutions/enterpriseserver/groupwise No patches to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise are required from Research In Motion. BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise chairmen must alter the GroupWise time zone definitions kept up by ConsoleOne with the new DST rules. See for more data.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM Lotus Enterprise Server v4.0.6 Administrators can at present alter the DST table in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0.6 utilizing the Sync Server table. The head can likewise physically change the DST values in the table and synchronize the new DST qualities to BlackBerry gadgets that bolster this usefulness. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server utilizes a SQL script to add redesigned time zone passages to the SyncDeviceConfig table. The BlackBerry Synchronization Service peruses this information and synchronizes time zone data in like manner on BlackBerry® gadgets. – RIM will disperse the script toward the beginning of February. – Run the script 1. At the charge provoke, change to the organizer in which the script dwells. 2. Sort osql - E - d databasename - i LoadDSTData.sql BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 SP1 and v4.1 SP2 RIM will give a hot settle to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP1 and Version 4.1 SP2 to overhaul the interior DST table in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These hotfixes will be discharged as 4.1 SP1 Hot Fix 3 and 4.1 SP2 Hot Fix 3. There are right now no hot fixes got ready for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0.5 or prior.

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Patches for BlackBerry Devices BlackBerry® Device Software Versions,, and as of now have the Updated DST data and don't require any patches • Note: Upcoming gadget programming discharges (i.e. v4.2.1 and past) will likewise have the upgraded DST data All other BlackBerry Devices running v4.0.0 or later programming will require a fix to overhaul the DST data Deployment Options Via USB Connections Wirelessly by User at Wirelessly by IT Administrator from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with "Fix Manager" accessible at Verification for Patch End User – can check the Options �� 2007 DST Patch Administrator – DST2007Query.exe figures out which gadgets/clients have the fix connected accurately

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Impact to BlackBerry Desktop Software Intellisync (Synchronize) USB Calendar Synchronization If the right fix has been connected to the Microsoft Windows Operating System then date-book synchronization ought to keep on functioning typically, paying little respect to whether any patches have been connected to the BlackBerry® gadget (for instance, if the client decides to physically change the time). Intellisync (Synchronize) USB Time/Date Synchronization If the right fix has been connected to the Microsoft Windows Operating System then BlackBerry Desktop Software v4.2 Service Pack 1 is required to appropriately synchronize the time. In the event that prior renditions of BlackBerry Desktop Software are utilized then the wrong time zone data will be sent. For instance, 1:00pm Central Standard Time (M