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Lease Agreement Instructions. Directions for Completing the Employee Housing Lease ... For Section 4.1 please make sure to choose the best possible lodging choice (single ...

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State Owned Housing Lease Agreement Instructions

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Instructions for Completing the Employee Housing Lease Please fill in all spaces as showed. For Section 3.2, the last clear might be filled in as "Rented Premises."  For Section 4.1 please make certain to choose the best possible lodging alternative (single family habitation or quarters home) and erase the inapplicable choice. Sign the Lease as showed on the mark page in blue ink . Your mark must be legally approved . As needs be, you should sign the Lease within the sight of a Notary Public or a Commissioner of the Superior Court. Have the Notary Public or Commissioner of the Superior Court finish the affirmation hinder beneath your mark. Sort or print the Notary Public's or Commissioner of the Superior Court's name underneath the mark; and, if the acknowledger is a Notary Public, please have the seal attached over his/her mark. You should sign the Lease before two (2) witnesses . One of the witnesses may by the Notary Public or the Commissioner of the Superior Court. Have the witnesses print or sort their names under their marks. If you don't mind finish append every single pertinent display to the Lease. On the off chance that a show is not pertinent to the Lease, sort "Not Applicable" on the display. It would be ideal if you edit the Lease before it is agreed upon. Ensure that the greater part of the spaces are finished and sections around spaces are evacuated. Try not to indicate followed changes in the last, execution duplicate. If it's not too much trouble forward the marked Lease to Linda Hubeny, DAS/State Employee Housing Program Manager, 18-20 Trinity St., Hartford, CT 06106 for further preparing. On the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to this technique, please contact Linda Hubeny at 860.256.2903 or mailto:Linda.Hubeny@CT.GOV .

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LEASE THIS LEASE (the "Rent") is gone into by and between the STATE OF CONNECTICUT, hereinafter called the "LESSOR," acting thus by _ _____________ , its Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, properly approved, compliant with Section 4b-1 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as updated, and _____________________________ , hereinafter called the "Occupant." WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, the RESIDENT is a worker of the State of Connecticut Department of ______________ (the "Office"); and WHEREAS, it is alluring to both the RESIDENT and the LESSOR that the RESIDENT dwell in the Leased Premises (as hereinafter characterized). Presently, THEREFORE, for important thought and other common guarantees contained in this, the gatherings hereto concur as takes after: DPW will finish Employee Name Agency Name

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Street Address City/Town Date marked by Agency and Resident

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Biweekly rate times (X) 26.1 Found on Cert. Shape % for living on State Institutional Grounds If clear, sort in "Rented Premises" and evacuate sections

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Select appropriate lodging alternative and erase inapplicable choice Town/City where property is found

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List tenants

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Lessor in charge of all Utilities EXCEPT ones checked, if pertinent If relevant, both sides need to starting each"check stamp" Both sides introductory, if material

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Resident is in charge of all Utilities EXCEPT the ones checked, if relevant If material, both sides need to beginning each"check check" Both sides starting, if pertinent

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DPW will require a duplicate of the approach after the rent is completely executed

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Two Witnesses Signatures Resident's mark and date marked City, County, and Date Name of Resident Notary Seal must be utilized Notary Signature

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Agency Name Signature of approved Agency Designee Name and title of individual marking

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If Exhibit is not Applicable to Lease sort "Not Applicable" on the Exhibit.

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Fill in all data Place a "check stamp" on all that apply Both sides must introductory

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Date of Inspection Agency Name and mark of approved designee Resident name and Signature

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Use a "check stamp" on all that apply

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Initial all that apply Authorized organization designee and occupant marks and date marked

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Any ??? Contact Linda Hubeny Phone: 860.713-5147 Email: Linda.Hubeny@CT.GOV