Starting a Catholic School Board

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´╗┐Starting a Catholic School Board Here's what it takes:

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Some inquiries: Why Boards? What makes them Catholic? How would they work? What do they do? What don't they do? What relationship do they need to different gatherings and people? How would we begin?

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Why Boards? Vatican II: idea of lay service Vatican II: ideas of collegiality and subsidiarity State of Catholic Schools and realness and responsibility.

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How are they Catholic? Reason: Evangelization Gospel values Mission of Jesus Charity and equity in all things

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Leadership Membership Committed Concerned Refreshed consistently Willing to take a shot at panels Present Respectful Committees: Ad hoc: as required Standing: Finance Plant & grounds Student life Membership Development How would they work?

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Formulate and suggest approach; Formulate, prescribe, and screen spending Assist the minister and foremost Do vital arranging Advance the mission of the school; Maintain quality Catholic training Ensure great PR Give solid counsel What do Boards do?

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Micromanage; that is, run everyday operations; Manage grievances; Discipline Design educational modules Require particular materials; Control the overseer; Evaluate instructors; Hire, fire; Override the minister. What don't Boards do?

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What about connections? Minister: replaces the religious administrator; Administrator: enlisted by the minister; Teachers: under the supervision of the manager; Parents: accomplices with the board, however have different capacities; Parish: claims the school.

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Now, what? Assemble intrigued people Inform Ask for a pledge Draw up a mission Steal a constitution and by-laws Set up advisory groups Ask for basic issues Do it

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Some Caveats: Clearly depict distinction from state funded school board; Clearly characterize terms of responsibility; Clearly characterize parts Keep lines of correspondence open

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What else?? What different inquiries do you have??