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Three Components of Security. Staff SecurityPhysical SecurityInformation Security. . Work force Security. . PhysicalSecurity. . InformationSecurity. Work force Security. Includes those measures taken to shield a company\'s representatives and those going to a position of business either for business reasons or as a guests.Can further incorporate access control frameworks that control access all through sp

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Staff Security Mike Mason, CPP, CFE, CPS Security Manager Lyondell/Equistar Chemical Companies

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Three Components of Security Personnel Security Physical Security Information Security Personnel Security Physical Security Information Security

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Personnel Security Involves those measures taken to protect an organization's representatives and those going to a position of business either for business reasons or as a visitors. Can additionally incorporate get to control frameworks that control access all through particular premises.

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Personnel Security Various distinguishing proof card frameworks, passes, and allows utilized by com-panies are considered faculty control. Likely the latest concerns arranged under faculty security are official assurance and back-ground examinations.

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Interaction of Security Components Alarms & Hardware Reinforcement Utilization Response Protective (Security) Components Security Personnel Employee Support Safeguards Controls Enforcement Compliance Security Policy & Procedures

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Success Important Points for Success A Security program must turn into an essential piece of both the operations and administration frameworks of an association. Not at all like most different segments of an association, security specifically influences each other segment and subsequently should be phenomenally worry with the far reaching nature of the projects it offers. Achievement

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The Human Factor FBI measurements show that 72% of all burglaries, misrepresentation, harm, and mishaps are brought about by an organization's own particular representatives. Another 15 to 20% originates from contractual workers and experts. Just around 5%to 8% is outside individuals. FOR MORE INFO REFER TO CURRENT FBI STATISICS

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Personnel Customers Visitors Employees Executives Contractors & Consultants Unauthorized people

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Customers and Visitors "Due industriousness" is the dependable guideline with regards to ensuring individuals who go to your premises. History of security episodes where individuals have been the objective. Endeavors to give sufficient security can avert or lessen risk. Work environment viciousness anticipation arrange.

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Employees Human elements, presumably the best single wellspring of hazard, including both human blunder and disappointment. An association's representatives are currently viewed as a corporate asset and resource, requiring steady care and administration.

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Employee Liability Issues A co. can be held at risk for disregarding their endorsed obligations when harm or misfortune could come about. A co. can experience the ill effects of its carelessness in not sufficiently giving security. A co. is liable to risk for careless employing and inability to prepare staff.

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Employee Liability Issues (cont.) A co. is subject for careless activities of their representatives. A co. can be held vicariously obligated for criminal demonstrations of representatives. Released workers are qualified for view reports of examination that brought on end. Cross examination is not a coercive activity.

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Employee Liability Issues (cont.) A worker can be fired for declining to collaborate in polygraph test Results of a polygraph exam are acceptable if both sides concur. Workers have a commitment to aid examination and report misfortune. Workers committed to conform to strategies as state of business.

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Importance Personnel Practices An organization's presence could rely on upon the uprightness of its workers. Without security forms set up, an association's notoriety could be wrecked. The new worker's moral viewpoint is obscure to the organization.

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Importance Personnel Practices New representatives may have admittance to a great degree delicate and secret data. Unapproved arrival of touchy data could crush the enterprise's notoriety or harm it monetarily.

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Importance Personnel Practices A worker, who has recently acknowledged a position with a noteworthy contender, may have entry to competitive innovations that are the establishment of the organization's prosperity.

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Hiring Practices Corporations must take uncommon care amid the meeting to decide every competitor's level of individual and expert uprightness. The delicate nature and estimation of the advantages that workers will hand require an inside and out screening process.

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Hiring Practices (Cont.) at any rate, the screening procedure ought to incorporate a progression of comprehen-sive meetings that stress respectability and also specialized capabilities. References from previous bosses ought to be analyzed and confirmed. This incorporates previous educators, companions, collaborators, & managers.

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Hiring Practices (Cont.) Former bosses are as a rule in the best position to rate the candidate precisely, giving a genuine survey ment of qualities and shortcomings, individual morals, past income, and so on. Shockingly numerous businesses have turned out to be expanding wary about discharging requiring discharge frames.

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Hiring Practices (Cont.) Use of a reference approval and hold-safe understanding as a rule gives the fundamental data. Make certain reference approvals have: mark of candidate, discharges previous & forthcoming businesses, and plainly determines the sort of data that might be disclosed.

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Hiring Practices (Cont.) What to Look For? A Straw individual Perhaps? Instruction Training Experience Stable Work History Professional Certifications Clear Criminal Record Fiscal Responsibility Background Continuity Physical Fitness

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Sample Security Officer Checklist Responsibility, trustworthiness, faithful ness : being ethically, lawfully, & rationally responsible; being reasonable, objective & direct; being circumspect & proficient in the execution of his/her employment; sympathy toward being to take a shot at time, being of such good character as to keep away from contribution in burglary, join, pay off, or other exploitative exercises.

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Sample Security Officer Checklist Concern for ensuring private data; individual worry about maintaining a strategic distance from non-appearance; sympathy toward the wellbeing of others; sympathy toward revealing entire truth, and just reality, about any episode including workers; regard for the privileges of others; and sympathy toward appearance, manner and individual cleanliness.

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Sample Security Officer Checklist Reading & Writing Communicative Skills : Ability to compose a reasonable and succinct episode report; impart in an unmistakable and compact way; perusing capacity at a twelfth grade level. Initiative Skills - practicing respon-sible expert over individuals & property: capacity & readiness to release obligation without getting excessively near worker;

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Sample Security Officer Checklist (i.e. without getting candidly or per-sonally included to the point of becom-ing inadequate; capacity to make a move unequivocally when essential in emergen-cies, and settling on right choices; capacity to perceive the improvement of a conceivably perilous or developing circumstance; ownership of ready personality… ..

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Screening Techniques Application or resume confirmation. Genuineness or honesty testing. Physical and physical deftness tests. Identity testing. Historical verifications. Polygraph examination (when approved)

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Security Awareness Programs Initial introduction preparing for everybody when at first utilized. Yearly security mindfulness preparing. Preparing Documentation Requirements: Curriculum Attendance move Evaluation of perception Instructor(s) capabilities

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Personnel Disciplinary Action Only for obviously characterized and legitimately archived occurrences. Must take after the organization's disciplinary strategy - subject to seriousness: Verbal cautioning Written cautioning Decision-production leave Termination

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Personnel Disciplinary Action When a worker leaves, regardless of the possibility that on brilliant terms, certain safety measures with respect to business terms basically: Return all reports, records, and other data paying little mind to media. Amid post employment survey, terms of unique business understanding inspected (i.e. non-contend, wrongful revelation, and so forth

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Executive Protection The risk to officials originates from psychological oppressors who execute prisoner seizing occurrences these reasons: Worldwide acknowledgment & exposure. Underline association's helplessness. Esteem effective mental effect. Get advantage for cause (i.e. reserves, arrival of kindred fear based oppressors, and so on)

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Company's Duty To Protect Manage circumstances through readiness. Representatives furnished with the best hazard data about different abroad situations where they are doled out. Representatives ought to be exhorted on the most proficient method to ensure his/herself through arranging and arrangement. Builds up an arrangement to rapidly react to an episode and viably work to recuperate a hijacked individual.

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Executive Protection Management Program Implement a province particular, expert dynamic arrangement that recognizes nitty gritty exercises to be proficient. Risk circumstance systems set up. Representatives preparing to avert or to survive being seized. Feasible, continuous hazard appraisal exercises.

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Specific Activities in Plan Crisis administration group arrangement. Game plans for strategic support. Order & control choices (i.e. who will partake/deal with the exertion. Settle on choices in regards to ransoms. Lead chance evaluation to decide requirement for hijack protection. Send reaction group to be with family.

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Specific Activities in Plan Address exposure issues. Build up government relations (U.S. State Dept. & nation of event). Figure out who will arrange. Detail casualty recuperation handle. Make plans for casualty post occasion taking care of.

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Vulnerability Assessment WHEN SELECTING A TARGET, TERRORISTS EVALUATE FOR SUCCESS: Accessibility – make moves to harde