St. Cyril of Jerusalem Customary Church Capital Crusade 2010

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Denominational Affiliations: Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America ... Amid Holy Week 2010, 8 new individuals were purified through water or Chrismated ...

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St. Cyril of Jerusalem Orthodox Church Capital Campaign 2010

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Parish Overview Founding Parish was established in November 2004 Denominational Affiliations: Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America Parish Diversity Our more than 20 families speak to a blend of both "Support Orthodox" and additionally late changes over to the Orthodox Faith Our area incorporates American, Greek, Palestinian, Romanian & Russian Orthodox Parish Growth From a seed gathering of parishioners, the ward has seen exceptional development as of late Despite not having a full time minister from June 1 to Sept 30, 2009, the area proceeded with Sunday peruser administrations and participation really developed The confidence of the general population gave the area quality through this period Since we have been honored with a full time cleric in October 2009, the area has continued its development direction and at present stands at around 20 part families During Holy Week 2010, 8 new individuals were absolved or Chrismated 42 They committed themselves to the missionaries' instructing and to the association, to the eating and to petition. 43 Everyone was loaded with stunningness, and numerous marvels and marvelous signs were finished by the witnesses. 44 All the adherents were as one and had everything in like manner. 45 Selling their belonging and merchandise, they provided for anybody as he had require. 46 Every day they kept on getting together in the sanctuary courts. They ate in their homes and ate together with happy and true hearts, 47 lauding God and getting a charge out of the support of the considerable number of individuals. What's more, the Lord added to their number every day the individuals who were being spared. Cooperation of the Believers Acts 2:42-47

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Our Spiritual Leader – Reverend Father Samuel Gantt Reverend Father Samuel Gantt Became appointed Orthodox Christian in 1988 – has been cleric in control at St. Cyril since October, 2009 Ed.D., Doctoral work (ABD), Pepperdine University M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary, B.A., University of North Carolina/North Carolina State U.S. Armed force veteran; served in Vietnam, decent release with unique excellence Father Gantt has distributed a few books, articles and CDs, including: Introducing New Testament Greek: Preparing to Use the Greek New Testament in Ministry, 1994 (course reading, intuitive DVD arrangement and intelligent Audio CD arrangement "Another English Bible Translation? Why Bother!" "Does the Bible Really Say What It Says?" "Antiquated Writings, Modern Tongue" "What We Learned from the King James Version" The sites and were planned by Father Gantt Rev. Gantt was the 1987 beneficiary of the Everett F. Harrison Scholarship Award for Doctoral study in New Testament Father Gantt is focused on a long haul plan to help our area develop in Christ – and we express gratitude toward him for that dedication

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Parish Council Ken Nickolas President, Parish Warden Parish Warden at St. Cyril since 2007; Woodlands inhabitant since 1993 B.A. , University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin (Finance) Employed in Financial Services/Insurance industry since 1985 Past President of CCA Montgomery County (6 years), Board Member/Concessions Chair for The Woodlands High School Band Kathleen Giusti Treasurer at St. Cyril since 2007 M.S., University of Houston; B.S., Lamar University; B.A., East Carolina University Software build at NASA Constantin Ardeleanu Asst. Treasurer and Parliamentarian Assistant Treasurer and Parliamentarian at St. Cyril since 2004 One of the establishing individuals from the ward of St. Cyril B.S., Indiana University Northwest Inventory control/frameworks examiner, Spec's Family Partners, Inc. Basil Karampelas Capital Campaign Parishioner at St. Cyril since 2008; Woodlands occupant since 2008 MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business; B.A., Stanford University Consultant to support stock investments; Involved in vitality fund segment since 1991

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We see the foundation of a changeless haven as a consistent next stride in our Church's development Move to HopePoint Facility 2010 Establish perpetual Sanctuary on TX-242 Move into customer facing facade space [YEAR] Parish Founding 2004 The focal center of St. Cyril's area is and will remain our kin, and their love, peaceful care, and Orthodox Christian instruction. We celebrate and laud God for this. We put stock in God's arrangement for our ward

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Stages in our Capital Campaign Planning Development Solicitation Execution Establish Campaign Committee Identify reasonable land for Church Estimate capital needs Consult with Diocese and different areas Prepare showcasing materials Identify potential benefactors Begin exchanges with landowner Consultation with Diocese and different areas Initial gatherings with potential contributors Provide extra data and line up Consultation with see Consult and request different areas Assess consequences of battle versus require Discussions with potential loan specialists Structure financing for land buy/Church development Consultation with see Road to a lasting Sanctuary We are seeking after a sensible, time-sequenced activity arrange

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Uses of Proceeds from Capital Campaign Land Acquisition Purchase of 5 section of land bundle on TX-242 in The Woodlands $500,000 Building of Sanctuary Construction of Church, Chapel and related site upgrades $1,200,000 Contingency 10% of asylum building and site change cost $120,000 Total Capital Raise For land, enhancements, building and possibility $1,820,000

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