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Applying promoting Principles to the advertising of a

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Sports Marketing Standard 1.2 Marketing Of & Through Sports

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What IS Sports Marketing Sports Marketing is the use of marketin standards to games properties and to non-sports items utilizing sports. Basically: Sports Marketing is the Marketing of Sports Marketing will be Marketing Through Sports

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Marketing OF Sports Applying advertising Principles to the showcasing of a "Games Property" Sports Properties: League Team Athlete Stadium Arena Program Event Meet Competition Contest

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"Playas" In Mktg OF Sports Teams Leagues Venues Athletes Agents Intermediaries WHAT IS THEIR JOB?

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4 P's – Marketing OF Sport Planning Products Services Pricing Promotions Distribution (Place)

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Marketing OF SPORTS

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Marketing THROUGH Sports Marketing of Non-Sports items or administrations utilizing sports as a media Using a group or occasion for showcasing

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Borrowed Equity Corporate Marketing Through Sports Utilize the draw of the occasion for advancement Within Audience & Through Broadcast Increase Sales Increase Awareness Be More Competitive Reach the Target Market Build Relationships Develop a Corporate Image

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4 P's – Marketing Thru Sports Planning Products Services Pricing Promotions Distribution (Place)

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What is Marketed at Sports Events? Support items or administrations Traded items or administrations Public Service Announcements (Ideas) Other???

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Event Triangle The model for considering the trades created in Sports Marketing is designed as an Event Triangle. The Event Triangle accentuates the connections amongst makers and buyers in the games advertising model.

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Event Triangle Components of the Triangle: EVENT SPONSOR FAN A C B

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The "Occasion" The Event is the brandishing occasion which will draw members, onlookers and supporters. The Event can be beginner or expert. The Event may give stimulation. The Event may give a chance to introduction for patrons.

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Examples of Events Superbowl NCAA "Walk Maddness" World Series UHSAA State Playoffs Junior Jazz Championship Tournament Your High School's Homecoming

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The "Support" The Sponsor can utilize the Event to achieve critical shoppers for the organization. The Sponsors can use the attract of the Event to market its items or administrations. The Sponsor can influence its relationship to further business openings. "Acquired Equity"

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The "Fan" The Fan regularly goes to the Event as a wellspring of stimulation. The Fan more often than not pays to go to the Event. The Fan might be presented to advancements for the occasion and occasion supports.

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FAN EVENT trade SPONSOR Exchanges in the Triangle 1 Event  ��  Fan Exchanges Fan: cash Event: amusement, stock, …

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FAN EVENT trade SPONSOR Exchanges in the Triangle 2 Event  ��  Sponsor Exchanges Sponsor: cash, items, administrations,… Event: introduction, advancement, deals openings,

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FAN EVENT trade SPONSOR Exchanges in the Triangle 3 Sponsor  ��  Fan Exchanges Fan: cash Sponsor: items or administrations

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Event Marketing Concerns Draw Promotion Sales Opportunities Ambush Tactics

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The Fan's Role in Sports Fan = "Devotee" Someone who is intrigued, included and occupied with the occasion. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf Chess, Darts, Shuffleboard, Curling Fan is the explanation behind Sports Marketing IS the power behind accomplishment of games IS the monetary compel SHAPES the diversion with consideration

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Effects of Media Broadcasting on the Event Triangle Expansion of the Target Market Expansion of advertising openings Expansion of dispersion & utilization of the occasion and subordinate occasions. Cases: Cable, Satellite, Pay-Per-View

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COLORADO 21 Standard One Projects Fantasy Team Organization Team City/Region Research CITY/REGION DRAFT—In Class Team Name Research TEAM COLOR DRAFT—In Class Team Poster– Pennant Team Player Draft Find Examples of Mktg OF Sport Find Examples of Mktg THRU Sport Diagram Event Triangle & Exchanges for an Event