Solaris A Solar Powered Stirling Engine

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Solaris A Solar Powered Stirling Engine Sponsor: Dr. A. Krothapalli For Energy and Propulsion Research Laboratory Dustin Harrelson Chris Newton Asegun Henry Hunter Ashmore

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Outline Requirements Design Dish Heat Containment Stirling Engine/Generator Tracking System Frame Future Work

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Requirements Solar Heat Powered Generate an ideal electrical yield Track the sun Reset itself naturally during the evening Funding of $5000

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Design 10ft allegorical dish Covered in aluminized mylar Heat regulation, following framework, stirling motor and generator situated at point of convergence Frame/Support System Needs to bolster weight of dish alongside warmth control, stirling motor, generator, and following framework Be ready to move dish along azimuth and height edges

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Design Stirling motor, generator, warm regulation and following framework at point of convergence

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Dish 10 foot illustrative dish Old C-Band Dish Donated Converted to Solar Reflector

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Dish Closer investigation of Screen Mesh ¼ Section of Dish

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Dish Completed area of dish Covering dish with aluminized mylar

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Dish totally secured in aluminized mylar Ready for testing

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Dish Preliminary Testing of Dish Reached greatest temperature of 720 ºF Average Temperature of 500ºF

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Heat Containment

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Stirling Engine

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Tracking System Requirements Follow sun as it travels through sky Enough opportunity of movement to point at sun at any part of the sky Sensor framework to identify suns position Actuator framework to adjust dish to sun Integrated with edge

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Tracking System Have 2-hub movement 90 º of elevation travel 240º of azimuth travel Altitude Angle (  s ) – precise separation above skyline Azimuth Agle (  s ) – rakish separation measured along the skyline in a clockwise heading

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Tracking System Quadrant Photodiode Amplification Module 4-component cluster Silicon Photodiodes Produces an ebb and flow which is relative to the light falling on it Module made arrangements for utilize Phresh Photonics' SiQu50-M

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Future Work Confirmation of: Stirling Engine/Generator Frame Heat Containment Tracking System Energy Output of Dish Begin Construction of "Solaris" Location of where to develop