Social and Political Issues Part 13

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Who-says what-on which channel-to whom-with what impact? Bartolomiej ... Halle Berry. Carlos Alvarez/Getty pictures. Multiculturalism and the Mass Media. Media moderate to ...

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Social and Political Issues Chapter 13 Jodi Hallsten I'm Your Teacher 

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2 Types of Media Research Media Effects Research Analyzes individuals' utilization of media Content Analysis Examines media content

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Early Media Effects Studies "Enchantment Bullet Theory" "Hypodermic needle" hypothesis Media thoughts straightforwardly influence individuals' conduct Proven untrue "Direct Effects" Media Model The Cantril Study 1939, Studied "War of the Worlds" Contradicted Payne discoveries The Laswell Model Who-says what-on which channel-to whom-with what impact? Bartolomiej Stroinski/stock.xchnge

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Media Effects Studies The Cantril Study 1939, Studied "War of the Worlds" Contradicted Payne discoveries "Individuals w/certain identity attributes deciphered the communicate in an unexpected way" "Restricted Effects" Model: Media + Something Else The Laswell Model Who-says what-on which channel-to whom-with what impact? Matias Puga/stock.xchnge

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Television and Children's Behavior TV in the Lives of Children's watch a considerable measure of TV Found distinctive impacts for various individuals Fantasy/Diversion/Instruction TV and Social Behavior Violence and TV: Gerbner Could not demonstrate association between viciousness on TV and rough conduct in kids The Early Window 1988: No one, single reason for any social conduct Bill Aron/Photo Edit

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Children and TV Advertising Television Advertising to Children Average kid sees 20,000 advertisements a year Average tyke sees 3 hours a week of TV promotions Many kids don't recognize promotions and programming Called for prohibition on promotions for youthful youngsters Bill Arun/Photo Edit

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Television & Violence Television and Behavior Direct relationship between's TV savagery and hostility Cannot be anticipated Heavy TV viewers are more frightful "Genius social" programming can prompt to dependable conduct Erik Dungan/stock.xchnge

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The Media & National Politics Franklin D. Roosevelt Fireside Chats, 1933 The People's Choice Media enact individuals to vote and strengthen officially held sentiments "Conclusion pioneers" shape other's assessments Obtain data from media and impart it to loved ones "2-stage stream" model of correspondence Media ��  Opinion Leaders ��  Everyone Political promoting influences swing voters Library of Congress Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Mass Media and Cultural Values "Winding of Silence" Elisabeth Noelle Newman Media shapes an accord Opposing perspectives get to be less "Vocal Minority – Silent Majority" No Sense of Place 1985, Joshua Meyerwitz Television separates qualifications Between men and ladies Between tyke and grown-up Loss of adolescence Tim Spence/stock.xchnge

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Mass Media and Cultural Values Television and school execution Students who observed more TV scored bring down Carlos Alvarez/Getty pictures Halle Berry

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Multiculturalism & the Mass Media ease back to reflect developing multiculturalism NY Times content investigation, 1934-1994 Nonwhites unmistakable "in impressions" Minorities "outside" American Society Content examination of system TV, 1994-1995 Only 2% of prime time characters Latino Vince Bucci/Getty Images Brad Pitt

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Diverse ways of life and American media 1993 For Better or For Worse funny cartoon presented gay character 1996 New Yorker Men kissing on the cover L.A. Law 1991; Ellen 1997 Lesbian kisses on TV Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 2003 Possible signs of more extensive resilience Gender Issues & the Mass Media Hector Mata/AFP/Getty Images

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Review Questions The "Enchantment Bullet Theory" of media impacts has gotten much support from late research (True or false?) Research on the impacts of TV on kids tends to see the impact as negative, yet is not convincing (True or false?) American media keep on struggling with issues of multiculturalism (True or false?) (See "Notes Page" under the View Menu for the answers)