Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. Hostile to harassing Resource All exercises are taken from the auxiliary SEAL

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Social and Enthusiastic Parts of Learning. Hostile to tormenting Asset All exercises are taken from the optional SEAL asset at: . SEAL small lessons for coach time . Hostile to Tormenting Unit . This unit urges understudies to:-

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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. Hostile to tormenting Resource All exercises are taken from the auxiliary SEAL asset at: SEAL smaller than normal lessons for coach time Denise Dyer

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Anti-Bullying Unit This unit urges understudies to:- Understand how sentiments and activities are associated – that conduct influences others feelings in both positive and negative ways. Express a scope of feelings suitably and securely Build a scope of connections, separating positive and negative connections, Develop earnest reactions to others, indicating regard for differences and knowing how and when to offer support. See how to function admirably in gatherings, and resolve clashes Understand the effect of tormenting, partiality and segregation Denise Dyer

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Anti-harassing 6 SEAL smaller than normal lessons for coach time. Session 1 Alone again Session 2 Me, myself and I Session 3 Bullying begins with P section 1 Session 4 Bullying begins with P section 2 Session 5 Better when we're as one section 1 Session 6 Better when we're as one section 2 Denise Dyer

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1. Alone Again SEAL learning results:- 1,31, 36 Display the photo on slide 5. Request that the understudies portray what they see and show some engaging words-to incorporate what is occurring and how the lady is feeling. Suggest the conversation starter – is the lady alone? Is it accurate to say that she is forlorn? What is the distinction? Partition the class up – one half to think of proclamations about being distant from everyone else and the other about being forlorn. Put the announcements up and analyze them. Request that understudies consider how tormenting can make individuals feel alone and forlorn, and segregated. Request thoughts regarding how they would react to the circumstance. Would they converse with the lady? Would they overlook her? Denise Dyer

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"Automat" by Edward Hopper Denise Dyer

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2.Me, myself and I SEAL learning results:- 5,10,33, 36 Read the concentrate (Slide 7 Feather Boy) Ask for commitments about how the concentrate made them feel, note down the inclination words. Ask understudies in gatherings (utilize extensive paper) to draw a basic portray of the 2 characters. Share the photos and examine – what qualities check Norbert as a casualty and Niker as a domineering jerk? Are there any generalizations of spooks or casualties in their portrayals? In gatherings ask the class examine at least 1 of these:- Is it simple to illustrate a casualty or spook? Do you think everybody is equipped for tormenting conduct? Is everybody powerless against tormenting? Take criticism from the gatherings . Denise Dyer

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"Norbert is the class squirt. He's thin and lanky, his arms and legs like white string inexactly tied at the elbows and knees. His head is too enormous for his body and, where other individuals have hair, he has this yellow, cushy ducks' down. His eyes are blue, however its hard to see that through the thick glass of his scenes. On the off chance that you take his specs off him, and individuals do, he looks startled. Bare. His genuine name isn't Norbert, it's Robert. Robert Nobel. Yet, I don't believe anybody's at any point called him that. In Kindergarten, when his hair was considerably more yellow than it is presently, they called him "Chick" or 'Chickie'. Indeed, even Mrs Morgan. In any case, since Niker landed in school it's been Norbert. Norbert No-Bel. Norbert No-Brain. Norbert No-Bottle. I don't assume Johnny Niker, who has dull wavy hair, green eyes and a liquid, athletic body, has ever envisioned what it resembles to watch out at the world through Norbert No-Bottle's scenes. Be that as it may, I have. Since I am Norbert No-Bottle." ( Feather Boy by Nicky Singer) Denise Dyer

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3.Bullying begins with P SEAL learning results:- 31,36, 41, 45 Use the concentrate from Willy and Hugh – slide 9 Ask understudies to take a gander at the concentrate Willy and Hugh and request that they give proposals in the matter of what is happening in each concentrate Divide the class into gatherings request that they talk about:- How Willy is feeling in the main picture. What the second picture educates them concerning Willy's involvement of building connections and about his mindfulness. What the third picture uncovers about tormenting. Get criticism and now ask the class whether they think Willy is a casualty of harassing? Presently in gatherings request that they distinguish which SEAL aptitudes would help Willy – you can utilize the SEAL symbols. Ask each gathering to input. Denise Dyer

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1 2 3 Willy and Hugh (1992) by A. Browne

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4.Bullying begins with P pt. 2 SEAL learning result:- 31,36, 41, 45 Ask understudies to take a gander at the 3 rd picture from Willy & Hugh again and request that they select 5 words from the network on slide 11, that abridges the tormenting conduct. Presently request that students share and look at their words. Examine any significant contrasts. Draw out that our impression of what is going on is critical in harassing. Presently in gatherings request that understudies investigate the announcement "On the off chance that I feel harassed, then I am tormented" And consider in the event that They concur with the announcement What prove they have for their view Does anybody have an alternate view? Why? Take criticism from the gatherings. Again stress that our discernments are essential by they way we see and translate others conduct Denise Dyer

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Denise Dyer

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5.Better when we are as one pt 1 SEAL Learning results:- 36,41 Ask the understudies to look in sets at the Bullying Quiz (slide 13) and to reply with yes/no. Presently request that the understudies backpedal to all the yes reactions and recognize which included a more extensive gathering in the harassing Now ask the students:- - Who is driving the tormenting conduct? - And who is supporting the tormenting conduct? Take input from the sets. Stress that in tormenting circumstances there are normally those supporting the harassing conduct and it is this that they will investigate in the following session. Denise Dyer

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Bullying Quiz 1. Jenny discloses to Tony that on the off chance that he doesn't give her his supper cash she will pummel him. 2. Dena continues advising Susan to wear antiperspirant. 3. Holly and Jasmine have dropped out over a sweetheart and Jasmine declines to address Holly. 4. Each time Ramon strolls into a class a gathering of understudies laugh and whisper to each other. 5. Terry spits into a container of cola and says he will make Jake drink it. 6. Tania and Susan won't let Rachel play with them. 7. Joel and Dean have had a contention. Joel kicks Dean's pack over the floor. 8. Diminish blames Rashid for taking his amusement and they have a battle in the hall. 9. John has an incapacity which implies that he can't generally control his developments. When he gets energized his hands snap up. A gathering of young men mirror him at whatever point he tries to participate in the football game. 10. Dignitary's folks have part up. Stamp tells every other person in the class. Denise Dyer

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6.Better When we are as one Pt 2 SEAL Learning results:- 36,41 In gatherings of 6 understudies ought to concur the parts inverse (slide 15) – push that these are parts and not identity sorts Ask the gathering to think about a situation where every one of the 6 parts would be spoken to and exhibit it as a smaller than expected pretend. Following 5 minutes each gathering ought to introduce their situation to the class Select one situation and request commitments from students as to an option consummation, where the power is detracted from the domineering jerk by somebody's activities. Push that the harassers power can be undermined by other individuals responding in an unexpected way. Denise Dyer

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Bullying parts Denise Dyer

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SEAL hostile to harassing asset These 6 SEAL smaller than expected lessons are taken from the counter tormenting asset and are implied as thoughts to kick you off. For more assets go to: Denise Dyer