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What to search for in a Sign and Lighting Maintenance Provider ... A quality upkeep project can expect blackouts, track issues and patterns by ...

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Sign & Lighting Maintenance Programs John Noonan ImageCare Maintenance Services

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Presentation Outline Sign Maintenance : Sign & Lighting Programs What to search for in a Sign & Lighting Maintenance Provider LED versus Neon: Discuss the known Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Technology Discuss the specialized side of Neon versus Driven, with cases

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> Why would it be a good idea for you to keep up signs and lighting? Your sign recognizes your image, its condition (great/awful) depicts your picture! The ILE state; "Great lighting advances a sentiment security and prosperity; awful lighting kills individuals, places and occupations." National Crime Prevention Council keeps up that appropriate lighting can lessen wrongdoing by up to 20%. - Performing consistently planned upkeep on your sign will guarantee it has a long life and anticipates wrongdoing for the whole deal", says NCPC Director of Research and Evaluation, Jean O'Neil. A quality upkeep program can expect blackouts, track issues and patterns by area, and repair flawed or reviewed gear before the need ever emerges.

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> Maintenance Program Types On Call Program: Simple and adaptable method for submitting administration demands Pre-concurred timetable of rates for work, gear & material Planned and Preventative Program: 24 or 36 month assention Scheduled cleaning, review, and re-lighting administration Complete and aggregate upkeep arrangement

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> Maintenance Program Types Planned and Preventative Program: Scheduled cleaning, investigation, and re-lighting (or LED Retrofit) administrations Use a "drain course" framework to acquire efficiencies and cost reserve funds Why not perform other esteem included administrations? Weight Washing Sign face substitution or new "Repair" framework Painting

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ImageCare Renew System

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> Maintenance Value Added Services Value-Added Services Cost Analysis: Average retail sign support call = $650 to $1,050 Travel & least work = $200 to $350 Parts and materials = $250 to $400 Additional on location work time or gear = $200 to $300 Thus, Average Travel, Labor & Equipment = $400 to $650 Or 60% to 70% of charge Example: Additional 2 work hours and $100 material for added benefit increases call 30% to 40% or approx. $300 As a different call include travel and gear = $500 to $650 thus, investment funds can be 40% to 45%+ if performed with accessible if the need arises

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> Management Resources Provider ought to supplement your administration assets. They ought to oversee, actualize and execute all administration demands. Give client benefit frameworks, methods and valuing. Evening study watch National calamity recuperation preparation

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> Centralized Documentation Can Track Trends & Costs On-line reporting and examination Centralized documentation tracks issues and patterns by area, by sign Information ought to be kept up for future use in lessening sign repair and upkeep costs

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> Highly Trained Service & Electrical Technicians Provider ought to have a system of administration professionals in your general vicinity to guarantee your signage and parcel lights will be repaired: Promptly Efficiently With Minimum Downtime Without Customer Business Interruption Must be prepared and have finish sign learning (not simply light changers) Licensed electrical experts can be accommodated any broad electrical necessities

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> Experts in New Technology & Special Projects LED repair and retrofitting EMU/EMB upkeep and repair Banner establishment, repair and expulsion Pressure washing of signs, drive-through segments, coverings, walkways, and so on Sign face "Restoration" frameworks

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> Web Access can make the procedure more productive Provide simple web access for: Reporting administration demands Tracking administration demands Storing administration work performed at every area Customized reports Photographs of signs and lighting components at every area Information open electronically to enlisted clients

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> Signage Maintenance Issues Ballast/Transformer Failure Neon Gas Leakage Lamp Replacement Wiring Degradation (shortcircuits) Dirt, Mold and Water Stains On and Behind Sign Faces Chipped, Faded or Oxidized Paint Rusted Support Columns, Anchors or potentially Sign Retainers Sign Face Discoloration Lighting Hot Spots and Dead Spots Flex Face Tension Control Moisture Accumulation Disaster as well as Storm Damage

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> Summary of Provider Requirements Should be signage specialists with completely prepared staff (don't simply change lights) National administration supplier or nearby to address zone issues Maintain an online extranet reporting framework or rearranged following framework Dedicated call focus or snappy reaction correspondence framework Provide included esteem through: Image conservation Investment security Predictable support cost A solitary source or territorial arrangement

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Identifying Components in a Typical Sign Channel Letter Raceway Sign Face Neon Housings Transformers GTO Wire

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Understanding The Circuit One Component Fails, Entire Circuit Goes Out Transformers (Ground Fault Protection) UL2161

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What Causes These Components To Fail Moisture Transformers Over and Under Performing Poor Connections Spacing of GTO Wires Poorly Processed Neon

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Common Concerns w/LED's from Retailer's Perspective I have been utilizing Neon for quite a long time. Why change?

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Common Concerns w/LED's from Retailer's Perspective If Led's are so incredible why are sign organizations as yet utilizing neon?

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Trained Service Techs and Product Availability Ok I'll switch, what now more issues with finding prepared administration tech, and shouldn't something be said about substitution LED's who conveys them is this going to wind up a bad dream.

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Energy Savings Truth About LED's Is the vitality sparing truly there, or is this a smoke appear with minimal genuine investment funds and huge amounts of delicate (maintained a strategic distance from cost reserve funds)

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Light Output of LED's – Are We There Yet? I'm listening to that the white LED is still years away on satisfactory lumen yield, is this valid, and how affects the cost with required more LED's to accomplish sufficient light yield.

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NEON VS. Driven VS.

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Advantages Common to All LED's Fast field establishment Less shop work LED modules require less administration Increased promoting esteem with LED's Longer life Less protection chance Fewer essential electrical circuits are required Increased representative efficiency Less harm to divider Safer to utilize Fewer guarantee calls Longer producers guarantees

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Variables that influence format of LED's Depth of letter Interior reflectivity Shape of letter Projection edge of LEDs Color of plex Translucence of plex Wave length coordinating

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What is the real defense for purchasing white LED's? Appearance: More light after some time. More prominent consistency. Chilly climate appearance. Less blackouts.

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LED Retrofits in Channel Letters Long Life – Comparable to Neon 10 to 25 year life to half lumen devaluation (relies on upon LED shading) Reduced Maintenance Cost Fewer framework repairs upkeep benefit finished nearby Longer guarantee 2 to 5 Years versus 90 days to 1 year (Neon Industry) Energy Efficient – Reduced Energy utilization - Energy investment funds up to 85% (Magnetic loop), 60% (Electronic transformers) Tetra watts per ft. (1 to 2 watts contingent upon shading)

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LED Retrofits in Channel Letters (cont'd) Low Voltage Light Source UL/CE 3V to 24V low voltage control supplies (Reduced danger of flame) No committed line required (2161 ground blame) Reduction in # of 20 amp circuit breakers required (LED - .34 - .9 amps) Solid State Technology - Durable/Robust Less transporting harms (No glass or fiber breakage) Low temperature & wind (vibration) solidness (working reach – 40C to +85C) No transfer costs (drained of mercury) Europe ROHC consistent (Lead free) Less weight, lessen auxiliary material cost in the letters (shipping charges)

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