Showing Materials for the Secondary MIDI Lab

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Showing Materials for the Optional MIDI Lab. Thomas Rudolph, Ed. D. School Region of Haverford Township 1801 Darby Street Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083 (6 0) 853-5900, expansion 5452 email: Supported by SoundTree 800-963-8733.

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´╗┐Showing Materials for the Secondary MIDI Lab Thomas Rudolph, Ed. D. School District of Haverford Township 1801 Darby Road Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083 (6 0) 853-5900, expansion 5452 email: Sponsored by SoundTree 800-963-8733

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Piano Instruction Sources Use a Piano Method (a gathering piano or grown-up strategy) Play Piano Now by Palmer (Alfred) Designed for Middle School & High School levels Electronic Keyboards by Palmer (Alfred) Designed for consoles with auto backup Group Piano for Adults by Lancaster (Alfred) Bastian Adult Method (Kjos) Coming in June, 2007 - the Alfred Music Tech Keyboard technique - Rudolph, et al

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Piano Instruction Practices Learn tunes in an entire gathering way utilizing backups. MIDI records that accompany the strategy (MIDI is ideal) or make your own. MIDI Sequencing Software Band-in-a-Box Create backups Student organization device Notation Software Finale or Sibelius

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Lab Teaching Techniques Whole Group exercises (mirror an outfit practice) Vary the rhythm Feature soloists Provide 10% practice time Use understudy partners

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Enrichment Offer advancement choices Play an Alberti bass part Teach understudies to acknowledge harmony images Play a percussion backup Teacher makes a section utilizing documentation programming

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Enrichment Activities Group execution - Duets, Trios, Quartets Melody Accompaniment Percussion Enrichment

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Notation Sources Sibelius Notes Sibelius 4 (Worksheets) Coming in June, 2006: Alfred Music Tech Notation Series

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Sequencing Sources Teaching Music with Reason SoundTree General Music Curriculum Coming in June, 2007 - The Alfred Music Tech Series: MIDI Sequencing

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Funding a MIDI Lab SoundTree's production: Finding Funds for Music Technology Write a proposition Focus on cost per understudy School innovation objectives Grants - state, government, neighborhood Vendors: adaptable buy terms; preparing Budget (contact SoundTree) Keyboards; earphones; instructor controller; intensification; furniture; links

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Further Study Join TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) 30 day free trial shape Take a Summer TI:ME Workshop Book: Teaching Music With Technology second Edition by Tom Rudolph (GIA Publications)