Showcasing Your Healthcare Organization Is it truly for YOU

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Plan. What is Marketing

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Showcasing Your Healthcare Organization Is it truly for YOU? Dr. Hesham O. Dinana

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Agenda What is Marketing & What it is NOT Is it Ethical to Market Medical Services The Concepts of Marketing – S.T.P. The Tools of Marketing – the 4Ps The Key to Medical Marketing - Service Quality Conclusions

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Egyptian Marketing? Offering Public Relations Advertising Promotion

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What is Marketing? The ID of clients' NEEDS and satisfying them in a gainful way

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(Almost) Anything Can be Marketed Not-For-Profit Marketing Idea, Place, People Marketing Consumer Goods and Services Business-to-Business Marketing

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Major Criticisms of Healthcare Marketing Wastes Money Marketing is Intrusive Marketing is Manipulative Marketing will bring down the nature of social insurance Marketing will bring about human services organization to contend Marketing will make superfluous interest for medicinal services

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Why Marketing is For Everyone "The motivation behind a business is to make a client … Marketing is not a specific movement… it is the entire business seen from… the client's perspective." If you concentrate on the patient and the patient's needs you are working on advertising idea

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What therapeutic promoting can't do Overcome unacceptable or unpalatable encounters in your practice. Defeat poor execution by you and your staff. Make a sudden and extraordinary reaction. Make an interest for administrations where no request exists. Create powerful outcomes if the message is deluding. What medicinal promoting can do Increase mindfulness in your market zone and achieve newcomers. Urge current patients to STAY. Create restoration and referral patients. Increment persistent volume for specific administrations and projects. Bolster volume at moderate circumstances of the year. Enhance the mentality and spirit of you and your staff. MYTHS & TRUTHS ABOUT MARKETING Every individual from a practice is a  promoting master each day, regardless of whether deliberately or unwittingly

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"Life is too short to commit every one of the errors yourself"

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Marketing Concepts The Three Questions: 1. Who are we? 2. What difference does it make? 3. How would we get our message out?

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Tools that Are Used Together to Create a Desired Response Among a Set of Defined Customers Marketing Tools: The Marketing Mix Product Good, Service, Idea, Place, Person Price Assignment of Value Place Availability of Product Promotion Activities to Inform Consumers

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Product Mix length Inpatient Services Ambulatory Services Health Promotion Product line width

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Five Patterns of Market Coverage M1 M2 M3 M1 M2 M3 M1 M2 M3 P1 P2 P3 Product/showcase focus Product specialization Market specialization M1 M2 M3 M1 M2 M3 P1 P2 P3 Selective specialization Full scope

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Resources of Medical Services Technical Quality Physicians' learning Ability to make adjust finding Therapeutic methodology Quality of the restorative hardware Service Quality . The doctors' eagerness and capacity to speak with the patient. A culture of sharing data, and frameworks upgrading a long haul specialist tolerant relationship

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Service Quality is IMPORTANT Business with High Service Quality have: 12% higher profit for deals 6% quicker development rate 10% value premium

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Patients as Consumers The dominant part of your patients seem to be (or will be) modern, examination shopping buyers of social insurance, who are furnished with actualities, thoughts, and worries that they have procured from various media, and from their companions, partners, and family. Your patients will survey your therapeutic practice and contrast it with different practices where they have already been and will assess your practice against norms THEY consider vital. How patients "rate" your practice will impact patients to remain with you regardless of the possibility that there is an issue. Consider precisely what messages you pass on about yourself, your practice, and the significance of your patients to your practice.

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How to build up your restorative advertising arrangement Define your intended interest group Research your administration territories Know your rivals Define your Goal Develop your arrangement Implement your arrangement Follow up your arrangement

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Who are your Target gathering of people Any gathering or person that influence the income and benefit of your practice. Patients - your present income base and significant wellspring of referrals. Overall population - particularly the individuals who don't have a specialist and might require your practice sometime in the not so distant future. Alluding doctors - send your practice patients requiring your administrations. Exceptional gatherings - focused for future administrations, for example, HMO individuals (oversaw mind). Media contacts - need to realize what is newsworthy about your practice. Territory Employers - pay for health care coverage gets ready for patients, likewise have representatives with word related wounds, or have candidates requiring pre-work wellbeing evaluations (deterrent AND modern prescription administrations). Government/administrative organizations - their choices impact your business. Staff individuals - whose execution enormously decides quiet fulfillment and practice profitability Providers - exceptionally imperative to your business, for example, research facilities, drug stores, healing centers, municipal gatherings, sales representatives/merchants, and so forth

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Researching your Service Areas what number individuals live in your administration region? How is the populace appropriated? Age conveyance : has the birth rate expanded or diminished amid the most recent ten years? Where are specific ages generally common? (for instance: youthful families moved in more up to date subdivisions, and more seasoned individuals in built up, more seasoned neighborhoods) Composition of families : Singles, wedded couples with and without kids, single parent families, and so forth.) Population anticipated that would develop or change?  New industry or new lodging expected in your general vicinity soon? Middle salary of those living in your administration zone Percentage of the populace is utilized:   rate of desk/hands on Industries: sorts most common, significant businesses Stability of the group and the economy (old and built up region VS upwardly versatile living incidentally here Physicians: Dr. to patient populace proportion, area of specialists, populated territories around the doctor areas

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Know your Competitors It is essential to know: HOW MANY doctors of your claim to fame are there in your group or administration territory, where they are found, and in what fixation. WHAT SERVICES your immediate rivals give; along these lines you might have the capacity to give required administrations. WHAT VOLUME these specialists have; tolerating new patients or would they say they are "closed' to new patients? (OPPORTUNITY!)

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Key to Patient faithfulness " feeling for staff and patients that PATIENTS ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is the main way specialists can ensure they keep their patients by developing associations with them. " The activities of the whole staff can represent the moment of truth a practice . A phenomenal specialist with fair staff won't thrive. How well the workplace does is up to both the doctor and the staff. You have joint authority of your practice's patients. Regard your patients .  Go out of your approach to accomplish something pleasant for each one.  Memorize names.  Jot down on sticky paper and place in the graph any individual information you might want to recollect, (for example, another grandchild, likes to garden, child in school, plays tennis, and so forth ) People love to hear another person recall things about themselves. Center your consideration around the patient , as much as you are able.  Avoid doing three things on the double while you are conversing with the patient.  Wait until they are done conversing with speak.  Be a decent audience. Indicate sympathy . How might YOU feel on the off chance that you were experiencing a similar circumstance?

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Keeping your present patient "On a normal, each cheerful patient can bring you six upbeat referrals. Also, on the other hand, on a normal, each displeased patient will transfer his or her pessimistic message to 26 other individuals " WHY PATIENTS LEAVE THEIR PHYSICIANS Doctor unclear and shifty Poor or no bedside way (doctor) Chronically not seen on calendar No determination given Doctor demoralizes second feeling Doctor does not regard classification Unpleasant office staff

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Some thoughts on keeping your patient Small evaluation cards to be filled by the patient on what he preferred most about the administration and thoughts to enhance it Reminder calls or cards for their next arrangements Birthday cards Reminder notes to yourself that would get some information about individual stuff your patient thinks about

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PRINTED MATERIALS AS A MARKETING TOOL Printed materials are can be a viable picture creator and a positive promoting instrument, if your decisions are made with care. The printed materials that you present to your patients and different contacts are a reflection on the quality and picture of your office. Things you should be uniquely printed: Letterheads - letterheads ought to be of letterhead-weight paper, with a great look and surface Business cards - business cards in like manner ought to be of heavier weight with immaculate typesetting. Keep in mind that these cards are passed on to others, particularly potential patients and referrals. Tolerant handouts - Appointment cards - Prescription Direct mailing pamphlets . . Cards : birthday cards, arrangement update postcards, deterrent care update cards, expresses gratitude toward you cards for advertising purposes and for follow-up coherence.

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PRINTED MATERIALS AS A MARKETING TOOL PRINTED EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION MATERIALS Many sorts of patient data materials can be gotten free from pharmaceutical providers. Data sheets can likewise be made in your offic