Shared Land Rights Act CLaRA ACT No. 11 of 2004

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Foundation. Unequal land accessRacially based systemInsecure tenureLack of improvement. Objects of the Act. Legitimately secure tenureComparable redressDemocratic land administrationCo-operation on civil functionsLand Rights BoardsRepeal/change different laws. Definitions. CommunityCommunal landDeed of Communal Land RightsOld request rightNew request right.

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´╗┐Common Land Rights Act (CLaRA) ACT No. 11 of 2004 Who it influences, where it applies and how it functions.

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Background Unequal land get to Racially based framework Insecure residency Lack of improvement

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Objects of the Act Legally secure residency Comparable review Democratic land organization Co-operation on city capacities Land Rights Boards Repeal/correct different laws

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Definitions Community Communal land Deed of Communal Land Rights Old request right New request right

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Application Land under KZN ITA of 1994 State arrive Former self-overseeing regions Land recorded under Act 1913 and Act 1936 Community arrive Land as far as 25(5) of the Constitution

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Transfer and enrollment Community applies Minister starts Land Rights Enquirer selected

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Determination by the Minister Ito sec 18 Extent and area Forms of land proprietorship

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Registration Communal General Plan enlisted Transfer of individual rights

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Subsequent exchanges Registered ito CLaRA and Deeds Registries Act Conversion by group endorsement Register transformations No exchange costs 1 st time Thereafter costs relevant

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Comparable change Minister's assurance Different structures

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Land Administration Community rules Administration Prescribed matters Any matters vital

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Land Administration Land Administration Committee Traditional Council may = LAC Traditional Council = sec 22(4) and (5)

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Land Rights Board Minister delegates Area of purview Disestablish it

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General Provisions Laws in the calendar Extent of nullification and revision

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For more data Provincial workplaces District workplaces Toll free number: 0800 00 70 95 END