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SGH-Z107 Specialized Preparing - S/W session-. Nov. 2004 Kumi, Korea Yushin, Kim ( SW Lab 2, Research and development Gathering 5 Portable Correspondence Div. SAMSUNG Hardware Co., Ltd. Substance. Diagram of Z107 What is changed contrasted with Z105 IrDA Key strings with recall Production line Reset

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SGH-Z107 Technical Training - S/W session-Nov. 2004 Kumi, Korea Yushin, Kim ( SW Lab 2, R&D Group 5 Mobile Communication Div. SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Contents Overview of Z107 What is changed contrasted with Z105 IrDA Key strings with recollect Factory Reset Connection amongst UE and PC Downloading Binary Files Test Mode Log Trace for Debugging Internet Access Easy Studio IMEI Writing Q & A SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Overview of Z107 UMTS outline S/W structure SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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UMTS diagram Z107 comprises of the beneath band GSM900 , DCS1800 , WCDMA(2.1GHz) WCDMA Feature Video communication Video Streaming(VOD..) PS data(Wap, MMS, SMS, E-mail) 2Mbps(Indoor) 384kbps(D/L), 64kbps(U/L) Clear voice No TDMA commotion, No handover clamor Multi-Rab Simultaneous CS+PS bi-directional correspondence. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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SW structure All design appeared on LCD are could be called as application program. Application program utilizes modem keeping in mind the end goal to make voice call/wap get to/mms/camera and so on.. Application or UI Modem chipset Modem program is connected with modem chipset, HW driver and viewed as convention stack(GSM/GPRS/WCDMA) and firmware program(Keypad, LCD, camera driver … ). SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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What is changed contrasted and Z105? Outside light IrDA SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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External light (1) The light flashes when you are in an administration territory and when you switch your telephone on. what's more, when there is an approaching/active call. Ext. light has five hues Green/Sky blue/Blue/Violet/Red and can be changed at " Menu SettingPhoneExt Light " . It likewise works as a blaze when you take photographs. Allude to the following page SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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External light (2) External light can be flashed when taking photograph Automatic/manual blaze mode can be chosen at the underneath menu. Menu ApplicationCameraOptionscamera settingsFlash mode. Programmed : Flash will work when you takes photograph. Manual : to switch the camera streak on or off, You need to press the Up key in the Navigation enter in catch mode. The blaze goes on. When You have taken a photo streak goes out. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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IrDA Activate IrDA on Z107 PS Data correspondence V-protest exchange EasyStudio through IrDA SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Activate IrDA on Z107 Menu Tree : Main Menu Settings Phone Infrared Off : deactivates the infrared component on the telephone. On : initiates the infrared component on the telephone. : Appears when the Infrared port is actived. : Appears when you interface the telephone to a PC by the Infrared port. On the off chance that there is no correspondence between your telephone and an Infrared-agreeable gadget inside 1minute of initiating the component, it is consequently deactivated. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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PS information communication(1) TE Configuration Steps for the PS dialup setup for IrDA 1. Right Click on "My Network Places" symbol on the desktop 2. Click "Properties" 3. Right tap on the "Dial-up Connection" symbol 4. On general tab, check "Standard Modem over IR Link" to choose IrDA Modem. 5. Click Configure. Guarantee the "equipment stream control", "Modem Error control" and "Modem Compression" are altogether DISABLED . Set greatest speed to 115200 bps. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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PS information communication(2) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Menu Contact Search Contact Select one among contact list Select alternative Send name card Via infrared V-protest exchange Note) Z107 just backings Vcard exchange between mobiles. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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EasyStudio through IrDA Activate IrDA of Z107, then PC will identify Z107 by means of PC IrDA port. (menu settingPhoneInfrared) Internet wizard Easy Studio SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Key Strings of Z107 Key strings give particular data and access to particular menu in Z107. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Key Strings to recollect (1) Test mode : During inert mode, press the accompanying: *#0011# IMEI number check : *#06# Vibrator: *#0842# S/W adaptation check : *#1234# S/W, H/W, Call form: *#742695# Pre-arrangement : It's distinctive as per Service supplier. You can choose this one in the "Administrator setting  Pre-config ": Next page Internals: Next page Ciphering Enable/Disable: *#32489# Integrity Enable/Disable: *#1235789#  "Figuring & Integrity" must be empowered for UMTS benefit in the live air.  Ciphering & Integrity are empowered of course. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Key Strings to recollect (2) Z107 Vodafone Admin: *#3695147*# Preconfig: *#83301*# Z107 Tmobile Admin: *#6854123*# Preconfig: *#86203*# Z107 Generic Admin: *#1546792*# Preconfig: *#81230*# SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Factory Reset (1) Formatting record frameworks – Application side production line reset Power on a versatile with squeezing key3 and 4, Then portable will begin industrial facility reset mode. Key0+key4+power on File framework organizing takes 5 sec. Document framework organizing Restoring Factory setting takes 30sec. Document framework reestablishing After effectively reestablished record framework, portable ought to be restarted. At that point Factory reset method is done. Restart versatile As " record framework design " highlight delete all setting data, for example, wap, mms, and so forth.. Along these lines, arrangement data ought to be supplanted by setting " pre-setup " menu. Setup pre-design SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Factory Reset (2) Power on a versatile with squeezing key3 and 7, Then portable will begin NV Rebuild. Key0+key7+power on " NV Rebuild " message can be found on the cover LCD and it takes one moment. NV Rebuild NV Finish If NV reconstruct is done, " NV Finish " message can be found on the cover LCD. RF Calibration As all NV qualities are eradicated including RF cal information RF alignment must be finished. IMEI composing IMEI likewise ought to be re-composed. Alert " NV Rebuild " does not bolster reestablishing highlight like " Restoring document framework " in the application side. On the off chance that " NV Rebuild " played out, all adjustment information will be eradicated. In this manner you need to do " RF Calibration " with a specific end goal to reestablish NV Value. " NV Rebuild " should be attempted just if portable does not work at all with respect to call related component. For instance portable can't make voice call. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Useful Icon of S/W (1) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Useful Icon of S/W (2) SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC (1) There is two approach to interface UE to PC One is utilizing USB and the other is utilizing UART (Serial port) UART association (Serial port) For setting UE and following investigating log Usually, Z107 sends two signs through UART port. One is modem-sided log (for troubleshooting convention stack) The other is mocha-sided log (for investigating application S/W) You need to set up an information link outfitted with USB and UART for following log by UART Without changing introductory setting of Z107, UART1 : modem log, setting will be done by means of this port UART2 : mocha log SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC (2) USB association For information correspondence, at times for following log Initially, Z107 is set to send logging data by means of UART. It is important to change the setting for following log by means of USB. PC gets and sends information to UE utilizing USB in PC perusing In Z107, Internet Access is utilized for this capacity. For USB association, a particular gadget driver is required. Samsung USB driver must be introduced for USB association. It can be found in the site Actually, UE give two sorts of gadget driver. Samsung USB and Qualcomm USB Initially UE is set as Samsung USB SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (1) Unzip the packed record to some particular organizer Before putting in new driver, please uninstall the past one Execute setup.exe 1. Execute "setup.exe" document. 2. Click "Introduce" Button. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (2) There is no need changing any setting amid it and a large portion of time, you may overlook the alert from windows. You can see the accompanying message window effortlessly. Presently, interface the information link to Z107 and USB port of PC. Plug & play capacity will consequently discover another equipment. You just need to choose "suggested" choice gived by new equipment identifying wizard a few circumstances. SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Connection Between UE and PC - LAB (3) If the past methodology are done appropriately, you can see the Samsung CDMA mode in the control board. Control board - > framework properties - > equipment - >Device Manager - > Modem SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Downloading Binary Files SAMSUNG Confidential Proprietary

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Downloading Binary Files (1) Z107 firmware is made out of 6 records Usurf.BIN : Modem paired for correspondence work W1kMc.BIN : Mocha twofold for UI and different application Fontout8.bin : Font information document Rsrc.cnt : Files requirement for every application Rsrc2.cnt : Power on/off activity FactoryFS.bin : Default record framework to be placed into in beginning creation Downloading program (MultiLoader_b21g.exe) S/W for downloading firmware (parallel pictures) to the Z107 No compelling reason to introduce the S/W. Simply unfasten the packed document or duplicate it. In the wake of duplicating one record, conceivable to download firmware to the portable Totally 8 mobiles can be downloaded in the meantime (For this, normally USB center point is required) SAMSUNG Con